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Reiji Arisu (有栖零児 arisu reiji?) was a member of Shinra, a Japanese organization devoted to preeventing the opening of interdimensional gateaways.


An agent of "Shinra," a special unit directly affiliated with the government and created to deal with supernatural phenomena, monsters, and such. A practitioner of "Gogyo Sword Drawing," which involves the rapid drawing and then sheathing again of his swords, he fights using the flaming Japanese sword "Karin," the lightning-calling sword "Chirai," a shotgun called "Hollywood" and a magnum called "Gold." From this latest case onward, he has also started to use the ice blade "Sorin," previously used by his father. While both serious and collected, he is also strong-willed and passionate on the inside. Despite his vigilant and no-nonsense personality, Reiji is by no means unfriendly or unapproachable. The scar on his forehead was caused by Saya during the battle in which he lost his father. Afterwards, he occasionally grows frustrated and annoyed by Xiaomu's Happy-Go-Lucky attitude and threatens to spank or pinch her if her distasteful jokes gets way out of hand sometimes.

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