"A tool used to load mixed material into an empty bullet. It is used to combine with the Gun Powder."
— Item examination - English
"空の弾薬に調台材料をはめこむツールセットだガンパウダーと組み台わせて使用する "
— Item examination - Japanese

The Reloading Tool (リロードツール rirōdo tsūru?) is a feature exclusive to Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. Using Gun Powder and the various types of grenade rounds, the player is able to produce ammunition for most of the weapons in the game. Unlike other games in the series, this lets the player dictate what ammunition would be provided for them.


It is automatically provided in Jill Valentine's inventory when you start the game. The tool can create ammunition for the Handgun, Shotgun, grenade launcher and the magnum as long as is provided. To create ammunition simply select either the reloading tool or the gunpowder combination then select "combine".

For a list of gunpowder combinations click here: Gun Powder.

Enhanced Ammunition

Enhanced Ammunition are special types of rounds made with the reloading tool, they are significantly more powerful than normal ammunition. These rounds can only be created, never found anywhere in the main game. The minigame Operation: Mad Jackal provides it already made. They also produce a much larger recoil than normal ammunition [to the extent of the shotgun actually pushing Jill back a bit when fired. After combining Gun Powder A with the reloading tool on several occasions, you will be prompted whether to make Enhanced Ammunition each time you combine Powder A with the tool afterward. Likewise, after combining Gun Powder B with the tool several separate times, you get the option to make the Enhanced Shotgun Ammunition each time you combine Powder B with the tool again. It is up to the player to either make enhanced or regular ammunition, the amount made will ultimately depend on the type of powder combination, however less bullets will be made than with regular ammunition to compensate the boosted firepower.

The only 2 rounds created are only for the Handgun (Samurai Edge and the SIG Pro SP2009) and for Shotgun (Benelli M3S). With Enhanced Handgun Ammunition, you can stun Nemesis momentarily as it runs towards you, making the Handgun with this ammunition a great way to stop Nemesis. Note that not all handguns and shotguns can load these rounds and only the ones mentioned can chamber them, also to load this ammo the weapon must be empty; you cannot load normal and enhanced at the same time you must manually combine them with the weapon to be used.




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