The Remote Bomb is a weapon found in Resident Evil 6. It only appears in Leon and Jake's campaigns, acting as a replacement for the Proximity Bomb that was introduced in Resident Evil 5.

Gameplay Edit

Similar to the Proximity Bomb, the player is required to place the Remote Bomb on the ground by pressing the Ready Weapon button, however the player needs to detonate it manually. To detonate it, the player has to hold the Ready Weapon button and then press the Attack button afterwards. Unlike the Hand Grenade, the player needs to plan before using this explosive, such as luring groups of enemies to the bomb.

The explosion created by this bomb is very powerful and has a large radius when detonated, often decimating enemies those who are within range of the explosion. Due to its large explosion radius, the player is recommended to clear up some distance before detonating it, otherwise it can heavily damage the player if he/she is caught in the blast.

One notable trick when utilizing Remote Bombs is to perform a slide; if you quickly set it down right when the animation begins, you can set the bomb where you want and get enough of a head start to move away a reasonable distance to detonate it. This is especially useful against enemies whom don't give many openings to set bombs normally.

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