Report 090213

The report.

Report 090213 was a Level 06 report sent to the BSAA Remote Desktop at 18:30 on February 13, 2009.


Report 909213 continues the assessment of the situation in Kijuju. Reynard Fisher begins to suspect bioterrorism is somehow involved in the strange events going on in the area. He compares the situation to Raccoon City, making reference to the murder of a woman a few months ago, and suggests there are multiple men or vicious animals at work. Reynard cites a blog by Adam which describes a dog with tentacles on its face, offering a link to the Plagas mentioned by Leon S. Kennedy. Finally, he considers arranging for the BSAA West Africa branch to send in more operatives to continue the investigation.


2009.02.13(Fri) 18:30 Level.06

As a follow-up of the incidents that I was in charge of, I have continued to monitor the African "Kijuju Autonomous Zone".
As has been reported, chaos has continued since the regime changed in this country.
It can also be said of the xenophobic movements on one end, but I do not think it is the only cause of the situation in the Kijuju Autonomous Zone.
It's only information by heresay, but signs that are common in bioterrorism can be sporadically in this case.

For example, the body of a dog without a neck in Adam's blog.
And burned corpses packed in jute bags.
It is a well-known fact, but symptoms of the Raccoon City tragedy began to appear a few months ago in the form of a woman's murdered body.
Corpses are not considered unusual: humans infected with bioweapons such as viruses, or there are many cases caused by animals.

If this is a single person, or if there is an animal at work, there should be some pattern but it has not been observed.
That is, events are happening in Kijuju; it is natural to think several persons or animals are involved.

And, Adam's blog is up today; I was able for the first time to verify concrete signs of bioterrorism.

>The weirdest thing I've laid my eyes upon recently has to be the dog I saw with some leeches or tentacles on its face.
 (The weirdest thing I've laid my eyes upon recently has to be the dog I saw with some leeches or tentacles on its face.)

The "leeches and several tentacles"; it is probably inferred to be the tentacles of "Plaga".
It's that "Plaga" that was in that "Leon report".

In regards to this, increase the level of monitoring of the Kijuju Autonomous Zone and consider if there should be a full-level investigation.
And, when sufficient evidence has been gathered, the jurisdiction branch reported to will be the West Africa Branch and will be requested to execute an operation.

However, there is still insufficient meterial on it.
First of all, request cooperation with the West Africa branch and ask them to introduce local operatives.

Note that the case is likely to be approved as a formal operation later.
For the record, it has been decided to leave the matter to the logbook from today.

2009.02.13(Fri) 18:30 Level.06


よく知られた事実だが、 ラクーン市の悲劇の兆候、女性の惨殺体という形で数ヶ月前から現れ始めた。

つまり、 キジュジュで起こっている出来事は、 複数の人間、 もしくは動物が関与していると考える方が自然なのだ。


>The weirdest thing I've laid my eyes upon recently has to be the dog I saw with some leeches or tentacles on its face.




なお、 本件は、 後日正式な作戦として承認される可能性が高い。

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