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Researcher's private room cutscene (tentative) is a cutscene in the Resident Evil remake.


The original script is based on as it appeared in the 2002 GameCube title.[1] Any changes made in the 2015 Japanese dub will be listed separately.

Barry Burton: Jill!
Jill Valentine: Barry, I didn't mean to get you that excited.
Barry: Right. Anyway, you should read this.
Barry: What do you make of it?
Jill: Well, I guess we were right
about this mansion being quite unnatural.
Barry: You have a way with understatements.
Jill: Where's the part that's torn off?
Barry: Well, my only guess is that
it was the most important part,
and somebody didn't want anyone to see it.
Let's continue our investigation.

Barry Burton: ジルか!
Jill Valentine: どうしたの?
Barry: これを見てくれ
Barry: どう思う?
Jill: この館は普通じゃないと
Barry: 確かに怪しいところは
Jill: ねえ この破れた部分は?
Barry: それなんだ


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