Resident Evil, Vol. 3: The Marhawa Desire - known in Japan as BIOHAZARD marhawa desire 3 - is the third volume of the Resident Evil: The Marhawa Desire manga series written by Naoki Serizawa. Containing the sixteenth to twenty-third chapters for Shōnen Champion, it was published by Akita Shōten as a tankōbon in January 2013. An English version was released by Viz in March 2015.


"Missing and presumed dead in an accident three months ago, Marhawa Academy student Nanan Yoshihara has returned but is now horribly transformed! Ricky, shocked by the grotesque creature she has become, has no choice but to defend himself. The mysterious hooded woman overwatching everything makes her report—“Test subject C-16, engaged.” The truth is revealed and Ricky fights for his life, but the monsters the students have become may overwhelm him…"
— Viz description


No. English title Japanese title First publication
16 My Friend "My friend" (わたしのともだち Watashi no tomo-tachi?) Shōnen Champion Issue #42
17 Girls' Rebellion The young girls' rebellion (少女たちの反乱 Shōjo-tachi no hanran?) Shōnen Champion Issue #43
18 Prelude to Destruction "Prelude to Destruction" (破滅の序曲?) Shōnen Champion Issue #44
19 Time's Up "Time Over" (タイムオーバー Taimu ōbā?) Shōnen Champion Issue #45
20 Judgment Day "Judgement Day" (裁きの日 Sabaki no hi?) Shōnen Champion Issue #46
21 Pandemic "Pandemic" (パンデミック Pandemikku?) Shōnen Champion Issue #48
22 Devil's Smile "The Devil's Smile" (悪魔の微笑み Akuma no hohoemi?) Shōnen Champion Issue #49
23 At the End of Despair "The Ends of Despair" (絶望の果てに・・・ Zetsubō no hate ni…?) Shōnen Champion Issue #50

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