Resident Evil, Vol. 3: The Marhawa Desire - known in Japan as BIOHAZARD marhawa desire 3 - is the third volume of the Resident Evil: The Marhawa Desire manga series written by Naoki Serizawa. Containing the sixteenth to twenty-third chapters for Shōnen Champion, it was published by Akita Shōten as a tankōbon in January 2013. An English version was released by Viz in March 2015.

Official summary

"Missing and presumed dead in an accident three months ago, Marhawa Academy student Nanan Yoshihara has returned but is now horribly transformed! Ricky, shocked by the grotesque creature she has become, has no choice but to defend himself. The mysterious hooded woman overwatching everything makes her report—“Test subject C-16, engaged.” The truth is revealed and Ricky fights for his life, but the monsters the students have become may overwhelm him…"
— Viz description


Nanan Yoshihara has severed Tahir Kapoor's right arm during a fight on a rooftop. Ricky Tozawa's gunshots are ineffective, and she approaches him further and breaths a C-Virus fog down his lungs before escaping. Tozawa is begged by Kapoor to kill him, but cannot do it until he has already become a Zombie. As Mother Gracia Delenikas and her staff head upstairs to find Kapoor dead and Dr. Doug Wright seriously injured, Tozawa heads downstairs to room 305, Bindi Bergara's room, suspecting she knows more about what is going on than she previously claimed.

In her room, Bergara welcomes back Yoshihara. Their relationship and how Yoshihara came to be a mutant is explained in flashback. Due to her father losing a great deal of money, Yoshihara became the only poor child at the boarding school, and suffered constant bullying by students, even on the school council, with only Bergara being her friend. After the bullying became physical, Bergara lost faith in Mother Gracia, who refused to discipline those responsible. After two months, the two decided to escape into the forest, flag down the next delivery truck and expose the internal corruption within the school. They wreck the security staff cars on the way out to buy themselves more time, but are soon caught by the emergency backup vehicles from the underground garage. The two girls run further into the forest, but Yoshihara trips and slams her head into a rock. Mother Gracia decides to again cover-up the incident, and Bergara decides revenge is necessary. Met by Dr. Carla Radames, who had been observing the girls, she is given samples of C-Virus, and injects the comatose Yoshihara in the infirmary, turning her into a mutant similar to a Lepotica. Over the next three months, Yoshihara hides in the underground, occasionally taken into the school by Bergara to mutate those she hates, like Lana and Alisa Lin.

Back in the present, Bergara has infected herself with the C-Virus. She retains her human body, but has enhanced strength. When Tozawa points his gun at her, now knowing she is responsible, she throws him against the wall and knocks him out. Heading outside, she brings Yoshihara with her, and the C-Virus is released as a fog, turning many students into Zombies.

Over the next few hours as night falls, Yoshihara has spread the virus around the school, turning more and more students into Zombies. Few unmutated students are left, and are torn apart by the hungry mobs. Students take their experience of it differently: some hang themselves to avoid being eaten or mutating, some throw their friends at the Zombies to give themselves more time, and some are willing to die with their Zombie friends. The backup vehicles in the garage have been destroyed; as this was a secret revealed only to Bergara, Mother Gracia also realises who is responsible. In all this chaos, only a handful are left. Nguyen Thi Quan and Yang Tai Ming search for the faculty office, and are forced into the vents to avoid the Zombies. Tai Ming drops down a hatch and its eaten alive, and Quan enters the office to find only one teacher is left alive. He sacrifices herself to bid her time, but she is bitten in the ankle by another Zombie. Saved by Tozawa, who was just awoken, they check out the board room on the way to the fifth floor infirmary he believes Dr. Doug Wright to be in.

Bergara kills everyone in the board room except for Mother Gracia. She takes out a gun and shoots Bergara in the eye, but she quickly regenerates new flesh over the eye. Shot in the left arm, she mutates to grow a Ruka-Hvatanje arm. She stretches the arm out and crushes Mother Gracia's head against the floor. Tozawa enters the room and finds Mother Gracia bleeding heavily from the head. She apologises to her father for failing to protect his legacy and dies. Quan bashes Bergara repeatedly with a baseball bat, but is instead picked up by the neck and choked. Bergara then tosses her out through a window for her to be eaten by Zombies. Tozawa jumps out, but is too late. Heading back inside, he turns a gun on himself, but is rescued by Cpt. Chris Redfield, the BSAA having turned up just recently but not having encountered survivors.


No. English title Japanese title First publication
16 My Friend "My friend" (わたしのともだち Watashi no tomo-tachi?) Shōnen Champion Issue #42
17 Girls' Rebellion The young girls' rebellion (少女たちの反乱 Shōjo-tachi no hanran?) Shōnen Champion Issue #43
18 Prelude to Destruction "Prelude to Destruction" (破滅の序曲?) Shōnen Champion Issue #44
19 Time's Up "Time Over" (タイムオーバー Taimu ōbā?) Shōnen Champion Issue #45
20 Judgment Day "Judgement Day" (裁きの日 Sabaki no hi?) Shōnen Champion Issue #46
21 Pandemic "Pandemic" (パンデミック Pandemikku?) Shōnen Champion Issue #48
22 Devil's Smile "The Devil's Smile" (悪魔の微笑み Akuma no hohoemi?) Shōnen Champion Issue #49
23 At the End of Despair "The Ends of Despair" (絶望の果てに・・・ Zetsubō no hate ni…?) Shōnen Champion Issue #50

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