Resident Evil, Vol. 4: The Marhawa Desire - known in Japan as BIOHAZARD marhawa desire 4 - is the fourth volume of the Resident Evil: The Marhawa Desire manga series written by Naoki Serizawa. Containing the twenty fourth to thirty-second chapters for Shōnen Champion, it was published by Akita Shōten as a tankōbon in May 2013.

Plot Summary

"Overrun by zombies, Marhawa Academy has been transformed into an image of hell by Nanan now a bio-organic weapon, an her gas spray. These member of the Biohazard Security Assessment Alliance - Chris, Piers and Merah - finally arrive on the scene of the pandemic. But what should have been a ray of hope for Ricky quickly turns again to despair..."
— Official Viz description


No. English title Japanese title First publication
24 Decision 決断 Issue 6
25 Letter Left Behind 残された手紙 Issue 7
26 Immortal Woman 死なない女 Issue 8
27 Pupa サナギ Issue 9
28 Complete Mutation 完全変異 Issue 10
29 Ace of the Far East 極東のエース Issue 11
30 Piers Nivens ピアーズ・ニヴァンス Issue 12
31 Chris vs. Nanan クリスVSナナン Issue 13
32 Ricky's Battle リッキーの戦い Issue 14


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