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Resident Evil is the 2002 remake of the original 1996 video game of the same name featuring various improvements and gameplay overhaul.

Changes from the original[]

REmake screen2

The GameCube remake displaying the updated graphic quality

Resident Evil difference

A photo comparing the graphics of the original game to the one of the remake. The remake has better graphics and 3D text.

The remake features all-new graphics and sound, and also incorporates gameplay elements from the earlier installments, such as the use of body language and the 180-degree turn. While the overall plot remained mostly unchanged, with the exception of adding the George Trevor diaries and, in the case of the Barry Lives ending, the implication that Wesker managed to escape into the night, several new areas and rooms were added to the game, including a graveyard and a cabin in the woods. In addition, some areas were condensed, such as the room where the Tyrant and Wesker were in, which were originally two separate rooms, but were combined in the REmake.

The original live-action FMV segments were replaced by CG versions, and the voice acting was completely re-recorded with new actors. Chris and Jill are still the only two selectable characters. However, if Chris gets poisoned by Yawn, you have to play as Rebecca Chambers to get serum for Chris, and there are also some other occasions when you have to play as Rebecca.

Most of the puzzles have been changed, and the player's character is now equipped with a defensive weapon that can be used while being grabbed by the enemy. Both characters have access to a dagger, which can be retrieved from the ground if the player decapitates the attacked enemy. Jill's exclusive defense item is a stun gun, a weapon that temporarily floors enemies if they were at full health (with the exception of chimeras and tyrant), and Chris' defense item is a flash grenade, which can instantly decapitate most enemies.

It is necessary in this game to decapitate or burn zombies using a lighter (Chris starts his scenario with one, while Jill has to find one in the mansion) and fuel canteen together to prevent them from regenerating later in the game as the fast and deadly "Crimson Head". Note that you'll find the fuel canteen empty and have to load it from gasoline tanks, which have 4 uses (6 on easy and very easy plus fuel canteen can be loaded with max 2 liters at a time).

The four crests from the original (sun, moon, wind, and star) used to unlock the door to the courtyard are still present, but instead, are used to obtain the Colt Python (magnum) in the graveyard. Another change in the game was the environment: several picture display cases were seen shattered, implied to be either from Albert Wesker himself or Barry Burton under Wesker's influence in order to cover up Wesker's involvement in Umbrella. In the original game, the picture display cases were not shattered.

Another change is that players can perform critical headshots on zombies using a handgun at any time. Chris has a better chance than Jill due to his better aim. Shotgun and magnum can no longer guarantee a 100% decapitation rate on zombies. The only weapon that has a 100% decapitation rate is Chris' flash grenade. The monsters' health also doesn't change depending on the character that was chosen.

The game also features many additional modes, secrets, and various endings compared to the original. It restores the George Trevor sub-plot from the pre-release versions of the original game, while also adding his daughter Lisa into the game as a transformed monster and the source of the G-Virus. Other additions include Umbrella researcher William Birkin and Alexia Ashford, which help make links between the games more clear and numerous.

For the HD Remaster, a new controller scheme was implemented for those who prefer not to use the classic controls. The new analog controls allow the player to use the analog stick to indicate the direction they would like to go, rather than up always moving the character in the direction they are facing. Players can switch between the two control schemes on the fly with the press of a button.[1]

Alongside the game, an internet campaign called Raccoon City Contagion was released, in which players used social media to spread a virus throughout Raccoon City. Capcom stated that if fans were able to infect 100% of the city, they would release free content for Resident Evil Remaster. On September 26, this goal was reached, and Jill and Chris's BSAA outfits were added to the game.[2]

According to Shinji Mikami, the remake differs from the original by 70%.