Further notes
  • "Afterlife" was once the working title planned to be used in the previous (and third) film before it became known as "Extinction".
  • This is the first live-action movie based on a video game to be in 3D.
  • Many plot and aesthetic elements featured in this movie are taken from or similar to material from Resident Evil 5, easily more than any other game in the series. Several examples of these are listed in the section below.
  • The plot of the movie comes to center around three protagonists, two being Chris and Claire Redfield, with Wesker as the main villain. This is very similar to what happens in Resident Evil CODE:Veronica.
  • Chris Redfield makes his first appearance in movie franchise.
  • This is the first Resident Evil film Paul W.S. Anderson has both written and directed since Resident Evil.
  • Claire Redfield wears a red vest, her primary outfit from her game appearances.
  • Alice and her comrades escape the building through the sewers, just like how Leon Kennedy, Ada Wong, Claire Redfield and Sherry Birkin did in Resident Evil 2 out of the Raccoon City Police Department.
  • In past Resident Evil movies Alice has blonde hair, but in this movie, Alice's hair is entirely brown.
    Prison yard

    Alice fighting zombies in Afterlife

  • This is the first movie in the series to not feature the Anti-Virus, the cure to the T-Virus.
  • The first zombie seen in the film (in Tokyo at the beginning of the outbreak) is played by famous Japanese pop star, Mika Nakashima.
  • With a gross of around $300 million worldwide, the film is the highest-grossing Canadian film and highest-grossing entry in the Resident Evil film series.
  • The plane Alice flies is a Russian-built Yakovlev Yak-52.
  • Wentworth Miller jokingly admits he was nervous about his character Chris Redfield being similar to Michael Scoffield from Prison Break when his first lines were in a prison and his first lines are "I know a way out of here".
  • The opening scene in the movie is quite symbolic - all people are carrying umbrellas in the rain except the zombie girl. "Umbrella" is also the name of the corporation who is responsible for the creation and spread of the T-Virus, on which the main plot of the Resident Evil series is based.
  • In the shower scene you can see the water in one shot but in another you can't, but can hear the water.
  • The scene of Wesker and two Alice clones falling through a window is reminiscent of Wesker and Sergei's Ivan soldiers in the Dark Legacy chapter of Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles.
  • There is a rather large plot hole in that none of the characters in the film ever seem to reload their weapons yet manage to fire seemingly unlimited ammunition.
  • The fourth numbered game entry, Resident Evil 4, was the first of the games in introduce Las Plagas. This is the fourth film and the first film to reference Las Plagas in any way; Las Plagas Undead and Axeman.

Plot similarities and callbacks to Resident Evil 5

  • In the battle of Chris and Claire against Wesker, many of Wesker and Chris's movements are similar to those in the fight Wesker has against Chris and Sheva Alomar near the end of Resident Evil 5, including the way Wesker throws his glasses to distract Chris.
  • Jill Valentine returns for a brief cameo in a scene that plays during the end credits, where it is revealed that she has not only survived throughout all of the events of the third film, Resident Evil: Extinction, but also that she, unfortunately, has since become an antagonist, due to a mind control device worn on her chest. This is very similar to what happens to her in Resident Evil 5.
  • Wesker's second outfit in this movie, after his Umbrella Chronicles tuxedo (also seen in Resident Evil 4), is his Resident Evil 5 midnight outfit.
  • The large creature holding a large axe, known as the Axeman in this film, appears in Resident Evil 5, where he is called the Executioner.
  • Due to its purpose in the story as Wesker's base, the Arcadia is most likely a reference to the Tricell tanker from Resident Evil 5.
  • The tentacles that spew out of Wesker's mouth are similar to Las Plagas from both Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 5.
  • There are thousands of survivors being held in capsules for experiments, just like in a large elevator chamber where the wall is full of capsules with people being used for experiments in Resident Evil 5.
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