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The film opens with an outbreak of the T-virus in Shibuya, Tokyo, taking place concurrently with the Raccoon City Incident. Four years later, it has since been repurposed as the global headquarters of the Umbrella Corporation taking refuge under it, with snipers positioned on building roofs to keep the Undead from breaching the expansive underground facility. Living up to her threat made in Extinction, Alice and her clones travel to Tokyo to take out Umbrella's chairman, Albert Wesker. They break into the underground base, with one clone dispatching a number of guards in anticipation of the rest of the Alice clones' arrival. The clones storm the facility and kill a large number of Umbrella soldiers. The real Alice goes after Wesker, following him onto a V-22 Osprey as he prepares to detonate the facility. Aware she is behind him thanks to his virus-enhanced nature, Wesker successfully injects Alice with the Anti-Virus, removing the T-virus from her body and taking away her superhuman powers. Though Wesker succeeds in killing the clones by blowing up much of Shibuya, the Osprey is damaged and crashes into Aokigahara Forest, though Alice is able to escape.

Six months after escaping from Tokyo, Alice flies to Alaska in a Fuji T-7, finally willing to join Claire Redfield's convoy survivors. Reaching an aeroplane graveyard, Alice recovers the Arcadia journal from the Umbrella helicopter Claire left in. Alice soon finds Claire Redfield alive, but under the control of a Scarab-shaped device which also causes amnesia. Alice takes Claire with her south to Los Angeles, unaware they are being watched from Umbrella.

The two fly into Los Angeles to find survivors on the roof of the besieged Citadel Correctional Facility, surrounded by ten thousand Undead.[1] Crashing the plane on the roof, they are greeted by the leader, former NBA star Luther West; film producer Bennett Sinclair and his intern Kim Yong; waiter Crystal Waters and former paratrooper Angel Ortiz.[2] The group ask if Alice is from Arcadia, but are disappointed to hear she is not. When asked what they know, they reveal it is not an isolated Alaskan settlement as Alice suspected but a ship that travels along the Pacific coast. The group welcome Alice and Claire to their prison shelter nonetheless and give her a tour. Luther introduces Alice to Wendell, who is on shift to guard a mysterious prisoner named Chris Redfield - sealed in a glass cube, the survivors refuse to release him should be prove to be dangerous, even though he insists his innocence and claims knowledge of a means of escape.

Later, a mutant "Majini Undead" digs a tunnel into the prison. It succeeds in killing Wendell before Alice takes it out. Realising they are no longer safe, Luther reluctantly allows Chris' release. Meeting the others, Chris recognises Claire as his sister; due to her recovering amnesia, she does not recognise him and fights him off when he comes close to her. In order to prove to the others that he is a soldier who was locked inside the cube my escaping inmates, Chris directs the gang to the "Urban Pacification Vehicle", an APC his Army unit planned to use when driving in the Undead-infested streets. With a mutant Axe Man approaching the gates ready to break it open, Luther and Claire try to keep the barricades up.

Angel, Bennett, and Kim race to break the garage open to retrieve the vehicle. When they finally enter, they find that the APC's engine has been removed. Angel estimates that a week's worth of maintenance would be required to get the vehicle up and running. Bennett cannot wait that long to escape, and executed Angel in anger. He and Kim rush upstairs to the roof to steal the Fuji T-7. The Undead succeed in breaking into the prison, despite Luther and Claire's efforts.

Meanwhile, Chris, Alice, and Crystal dive into a flooded compartment in search of the armory, which Chris believes would have been abandoned fully stocked when his Army unit was annihilated. They are followed by a Majini Undead, which drags Crystal back into the water to kill her. Alice and Chris arrive at the armory and stock up what they can. Alice runs upstairs to the roof, chased by Undead, where she finds Bennett trying to escape on the plane. Kim has second thoughts, and so is abandoned. Alice performs a rope-jump to lure Undead off the rooftop before setting off a bomb, killing dozens more; her actions allow Kim to escape to the ground floor to reunite with the survivors.

With the APC out of the question, the group decide to travel through the tunnel in the shower room dug by the Majini Undead that killed Wendell. Kim is reluctant to go down there, and is killed by the Axeman. After a fight with Alice and her sawn-off shotgun it is put down. Alice, Chris, Claire, and Luther go down the tunnel. Luther is dragged away by Majini Undead in the tunnel, which allows the other three to escape to the outside.

The three commandeer a boat which they take across the misty water to the Arcadia. They climb aboard the deck, finding it deserted save for the crashed T-7. A trail of blood proves that at least Bennett is alive on the ship. Accessing a computer, they discover that the ship is an Umbrella vessel which has so far captured 2,000 survivors for use in experimentation. Upon finding this information, the last of Claire's memories are unlocked and she remembers Umbrella agents forcing Scarab onto her convoy to keep them subdued; because she resisted so much, she was left behind.

Moving deeper into the bowels of the ship, the three find capsules containing outbreak survivors. K-Mart is first to be released. Heading into another area, Alice is confronted by an infected and twitchy Albert Wesker, who had managed to survive the plane crash in Tokyo. A sickly Bennett comes up behind Alice and disarms her; Wesker has used the T-virus to heal Bennet's injuries from the plane crash in exchange for his services, but Bennett does not know he is infected.

With the help from Chris and Claire, whom Wesker knows of, Alice is able to retrieve one of her shotguns and kills two Undead dogs used as Wesker's bodyguards. Before Alice can fight him, Wesker succeeds in encapsulating Chris and Claire. Wesker proceeds to mutate in a similar fashion to the Majini Undead and tries to eat Alice. Alice stabs Wesker in the head, which stops him momentarily; K-Mart meanwhile knocks out Bennett and hands Alice back another of her shotguns, which she uses to blast Wesker's head open. Alice releases Chris and Claire from containment, and they begin emptying their handguns on the downed Wesker. The four leave Wesker behind with Bennett, who they seal in the chamber as food for Wesker.

As the gang prepare to release the 2000+ test subjects, it becomes clear that Wesker has regenerated from eating Bennett. They track him down to a hangar bay, where he tries to flee in the same way we did in Tokyo. Unlucky for him, he finds the bomb to be on his own plane and he is seemingly killed in an explosion over the ocean, a parachute falling from the sky goes unnoticed.

Later, the test subjects regain consciousness and congregate on the deck, and Luther is revealed to have escaped from the Undead and made it to the shore. The celebrations are cut short by a squadron of Ospreys commanded by Jill Valentine, also wearing a Scarab, as part of an Umbrella counterattack.


  1. An approximate figure given by Anderson in the DVD commentary.
  2. Though his Paratrooper status is removed in later drafts, his military background remains clear.