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In May 2005, producers mentioned the possibility of following Extinction with a sequel titled Resident Evil: Afterlife, to be shot and set in Tokyo, Japan and Alaska.[1] Despite Resident Evil: Extinction being billed on the official website and elsewhere as the final installment of the Resident Evil film series; on September 23, 2007, Rory Bruer, Sony's head of distribution explained, "It absolutely would not surprise me considering the success of the franchise that they find a way to come up with another. It's a real possibility".[2] Producer Jeremy Bolt also stated that while there was no intention of making a fourth film, that the third had been particularly well done and that Paul Anderson was talking with Sony about the possibility.[3] Whether Anderson was considered automatically or not, Constantin had already filed for copyright over "Resident Evil: Afterlife" in mid-2006.[4]

Nearly a year later, Anderson noted that negotiations were underway with Sony for creating the film.[5] During an interview with IGN in December 2008, Anderson stated that he was working on the script.[6] The following year, it was announced that Sony was aiming to release Resident Evil: Afterlife by August 27, 2010.[7] In a subsequent interview, Anderson stated he would now be directing the film as well, and that 'Afterlife' would be a 3-D film that will start a new Resident Evil film trilogy. He also stated the film had the largest budget in the series thus far and confirmed that Milla Jovovich would be returning to portray Alice. It will also feature new characters taken from the video games.[8]


At the 2009 San Diego Comic-Con, Milla Jovovich confirmed that she would return for the lead role of Alice, and noted that the clones from Extinction would also be returning.[9] On September 22, 2009 it was announced that Ali Larter would indeed reprise her role as Claire Redfield,[10] and on September 30, 2009, it was announced that Shawn Roberts would join the cast as Albert Wesker, with Wentworth Miller joining as Chris Redfield, and Spencer Locke returning as K-Mart. Kim Coates and Boris Kodjoe have also been cast.[11] Kacey Barnfield, Sergio Peris-Mencheta, and Norman Yeung will also make an appearance in the film. At a recent press conference in Japan, it was revealed Sienna Guillory will reprise her role as Jill Valentine.[12]


Principle photography officially began on September 29. 2009 in Toronto, Canada.[13][14]

Release date delaysEdit

In August 2009, it was announced that the film would be released on August 27, 2010.[15] Though, in December, it was set back to January 14, 2011.[16] In January 2010 it was announced that the release date was moved again, this time to September 10, 2010.[17]


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