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Resident Evil: Apocalypse is the novelization of the 2004 action horror film Resident Evil: Apocalypse. It was written by Keith R. A. DeCandido, and was published in 2004. It is 277 pages long. A Japanese translation by Kazuko Tominaga(富永和子) was published by Kadokawa.

The book re-tells the story of Apocalypse from the point of views of Alice Abernathy, Jill Valentine, Lloyd Jefferson Wayne, Carlos Olivera, Timothy Cain and Matt Addison.

Official Summary

Failure of the Hive to contain the Umbrella Corporation's most deadly viral creation has led to an outbreak of apocalyptic proportions. Now the street of Raccoon City swarm with the living dead, compelling Umbrella to deploy another of its bioweapons, a hulking prototype soldier code-named NEMESIS that kills anything in its path.

Jill Valentine of the RCPD and several others are determined to get out of Raccoon alive, but only if they can escape the city's hordes of undead. Umbrella's unleashed creatures, and the relentless pursuit of Nemesis itself. Their one chance is with one of the only survivors of The Hive-a young woman named Alice, who learns a terrifying secret behind her connection to Umbrella.


The novel begins with Timothy Cain leading a team down to the entrance to The Hive, the Umbrella Corporation's leading bio-weapons research facility compromised in Resident Evil: Genesis. The team is quickly destroyed by the infected fleeing from the facility. Cain escapes death, now aware of how serious the situation now is and suspecting Alice Abernathy to be somehow involved in the original outbreak.

Life goes on normally in the morning. Terri Morales performs her Channel 7 weather report on a normal news day. Meanwhile, Umbrella SUVs are sent over Raven Gate's Bridge to pick up high-ranking Umbrella staff. One SUV picks up Dr. Charles Ashford from his home, urging him to leave the city due to the impending catastrophe. With Ashford's daughter already at school, a separate SUV is sent to pick her up. On its way out of the city, it is slammed by a truck and the Umbrella agents killed, leaving Angela stranded in the city.

Later that day, Lloyd Jefferson "L.J." Wayne is arrested hustling and brought to the Raccoon Police Station, despite the excessive cannibalistic violence taking place citywide. He soon realises after being chained to a desk that the station is full of Zomboids, who the police are still attempting to arrest. Meanwhile, recently suspended S.T.A.R.S. officer Jill Valentine sets off from her apartment on her way to the police department, offering advice along the way as to how to kill the Zomboids. Arriving at the police department, she executes several Zomboids, including a zombified prostitute attempting to eat L.J., and suggests the other officers run out of town instead of holding their ground.

As the night approaches, the Umbrella Security Division sends in a number of teams to contain the spread of the infection from the safety of helicopters. One helicopter, commanded by Carlos Olivera, lands soon after they witness an office worker throw herself off a 20-story building.

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