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Resident Evil: Apocalypse is the novelization of the 2004 action horror film Resident Evil: Apocalypse. It was written by Keith R. A. DeCandido, and was published in 2004. It is 277 pages long. A Japanese translation by Kazuko Tominaga(富永和子) was published by Kadokawa. A follow-up novel, titled Resident Evil: Extinction, was published three years later.

The book re-tells the story of Apocalypse from the major point of views of Alice Abernathy, Jill Valentine, Lloyd Jefferson Wayne, Carlos Olivera, Timothy Cain and Matt Addison through 34 chapters with the addition of the point of views from minor side characters such as Angus McKenzie.

Official Summary[]

Failure of the Hive to contain the Umbrella Corporation's most deadly viral creation has led to an outbreak of apocalyptic proportions. Now the street of Raccoon City swarm with the living dead, compelling Umbrella to deploy another of its bioweapons, a hulking prototype soldier code-named NEMESIS that kills anything in its path.

Jill Valentine of the RCPD and several others are determined to get out of Raccoon alive, but only if they can escape the city's hordes of undead. Umbrella's unleashed creatures, and the relentless pursuit of Nemesis itself. Their one chance is with one of the only survivors of The Hive-a young woman named Alice, who learns a terrifying secret behind her connection to Umbrella.


The story is told through the third-person limited point of view of a single character; the book presents the perspective of 15 characters through 34 chapters, detailing the events before Alice's awakening in the Raccoon City facility, during the outbreak

Before Alice's Awakening[]

One - Timonthy Cain I[]

Timonthy Cain, the Vice President in Charge of Operations, had sent a team led by his best security operative to find out what had happened at the HIVE when the facility's sophisticated AI - The Red Queen - had gone silent. Cain took notice of the contigency plan that only happened if the entire team was incapacitated or wiped out. Since then, he had assembled a team of doctors and security personnel as backup. Cain witness the emergence of two survivors from the lab: the head of HIVE's security Alice Abernathy and Matt Addison. Cain overheard the pair's conversation after they had make it out the facility through the security feeds shown on his PDA. Cain recognizes his wounds in his left arm was caused by a licker and tells his men to put him in the Nemesis Programm. With Alice sedated, Cain orders her to be put quarantined and have tests run on her. He then orders the rest to open the HIVE in order to find out the events that transpire below.

Ward, an former Marine who acts as the head of this security detail, leads a squad of seven people which includes Osborne, Schleisinger, Clark, Shannon, Heddle, Perrella and Kassin back to the HIVE. Osborne, the tech member of the squad, is unable to connect with the Red Queen and comes to the conclusion that the computer was fried and destroyed. Ward and Schleisinger - one of the squad member - approach the blash door and opens it, they battle with the hordes of undead workers with Schleisinger having his throat torn. Ward and Clark are overwhelmed and killed by the horde, Shannon was bitten by one of the workers and an panicked Heddle shoots both at Shannon and the attacker, Heddle is then killed by the horde, Perrella, Kassin and Osborne are all killed by the undead workers. Ward's team had fight them long enough for Cain to make it back out, now knowing what happens at the HIVE.

Two - Randall Coleman[]

Randall Coleman was an Raccoon 7's news director, the most-watched local station in Raccoon City. He was one of the few members of the news team to come into work on the morning The Hive was opened because of the heat wave. Terri Morales, one of the members of the news team, has a history of trying to expose the councilman Miller as a corrupted official but fails as her source was turned out to be nothing more than lies hence the footage that she airs fails to achieve her goal. Shortly after, the Raccoon City Times publish an exposé on Councilman Miller the following week which allows Terri to keep her job as a reporter. Terri was assigned to weather duty due to Channel 7 integrity was majorly hit and the fear of another channel competitor demoralizing her.

An Umbrella skin care product using the T Cell formula was then shown on air as it cuts to commercial break.

Three - Jeremy Bottroff[]

Jeremy Bottroff and his brother Greg drives around Raccoon City, to get his brother to crew practice. Back then, he made a successful business along with his partner Mike Jones but when the economic downturn occurred, Mike ran away with the money, leaving his business to get crashed and cause him to relocate back to Raccoon City to live with his parents but he had scored another interview with Umbrella's human resource department and is eagerly looking forward to it.

During their journey, they witnes several helicopters and black SUV's driving by them. Jeremy noted that the license plate had the umbrella logo and were driving to the heart of the town on a high speed.

Four - Mike Friedberger[]

Mike Friedberger and his partner Peterson are navigating through the streets of Raccoon City in a black SUV. They manage to locate the house of Dr Charles Ashford through the use of GPS which transmitted a map of the area from an Umbrella satellite in orbit. Ashford was a Level 6 employee of the Science Division and his extraction was taken priority. Mike informs of Ashford of the accident in HIVE and asks him to come with them. Ashford tells the pair that his daughter had already left for school but they assured him that her extraction has been taking care of.

Five - Angela Ashford I[]

Angela Ashford had overheard the conversation of her dad with the employees from the company about the perversion of his research about the T-virus and its true purpose of eradicating disease worldwide. During her class, Angela is taken out of the homeroom by Umbrella's escorts with her questioning of her father's wellbeing. During the trip, while the two escort were busy arguing with one another, an sped up truck showing no signs of stopping crashed into their vehicle.

Six - Lloyd Jefferson Wayne I[]

Lloyd Jefferson “L.J.” Wayne was an known convicted man, who had been arrested for many involved crimes. On this day, he is brought up to the RCPD again for an misdemeanor crime where he met Dwayne, an punk that he has acquainted to, shows signs of T-Virus infection when his skin color turns to an gray tone. He had witnessed several excessive cannibalistic violence taking place citywide. LJ witness the shambling chaos of the RCPD when several more of the arrested individuals have symtomps similar to Dwayne's. One of the officer named Cooper is bitten by an arrestee. Seeing this, An RCPD officer named Quinn chained LJ to a bench and rush to help the pair of detaining Cooper's attacker. LJ's prostitute friend Rashonda, who had been cuffed next to him, risen up and tries to attack LJ.

Seven - Jill Valentine I[]

Jill Valentine is an officer who had been investigating the Arklay Mountains. Her partner was killed by creatures lurking in the mountains and she had barely escaped it with her own life. She had filed a report about it but has her career suspended instead due to her outlandish claims. In her room, she witness Sherry Mansfield reporting the grisly crimes happening all over the city with Jill wondering if Umbrella is covering up the incident. Jill decides to leave her apartment and drive to the station to retireve some supplies. During the trip, she witness chaos happening over the city and saves bystanders whenever she can.

She eventually arrives at the RCPD's main HQ to grab some of the few things. On her way to the desk, she saves her fellow officers from the undead including Quinn and Cooper. Captain Henderson is irritated with Jill's presence in the building and tells her that she is still on suspension. She disregards the comment and tells him to shoot the undead in the head, she cleans out her desk. She walks over to Quinn and tells him to get out of the city and suggests all the remaining officers to do the same. While leaving, she kills the zombified Rashonda and frees LJ from his cuffs.

Eight - Carlos Olivera I[]

Carlos Oliveria is an air force pilot, who transfers to Umbrella's Security Division when they offer him better rewards. He had been relaxing in a cabin in the woods during his vaccation when two of the drones inform him that he needs to assemble his team. He initially denies to participate when One's and Ward's team are available but is eventually relents when he is informed of their deaths. Carlos assembles his team which includes Nicholai Sokolov, his second in command, J.P. Askegren, an Virginia ex cop, Jack Carter, Sam O’Neill, the recruits from the USAF, Yuri Loginov, a former KGB operative, and Jessica Halprin, an retired member of Navy Medical Corp . Together they aboard the Darkwing helicopters, overseeing the chaos of Raccoon City from above. Their top objective was to contain the damage from spreading any further.

When Carlos saw civilians needed help in an office building rooftop. He leapts from the side door and towards the roof, he clears out the pursuers and tries to help the woman, who is now standing near the edge of the rooftop and infected with bites in forearm and wrist. Carlos tries to reason the woman but she ended up jumping to her death to prevent reanimation. His team then lands safely on the rooftop and they get a move on.

Nine - Alice Abernathy I[]

After Alice Abernathy and Matt Addison manage to get out of the HIVE, Matt was taken away by men in hazmat suits and Alice was quarantined in Raccoon City facility, where she awakens. By this time, she had remember every events and activities that happened beneath the Arklay mansion. She examines her surroundings and use one of the wires that was attached to her, she disrupts the circuits which cause the door to open. Alice exits the facility and witness the bloody ravaged environment but no bodies. She reads the newspaper which details the DEAD WALK headline, and knows that Cain and his goons have reopend the facility. She grabs a shotgun located inside one of the RCPD cars and prepares herself for what is to come.

During The Raccoon City Outbreak[]

Ten - Jill Valentine II[]

Jill drives to the Raven's Gate Bridge where many of Raccoon City citizens try to leave the city and its chaotic events. The civilians are then checked if there is any traces of T-Virus infection in an checkpoint erected by Umbrella. She found her supervisor Peyton Wells to be amongst the crowd and runs to him, plowing through the crowd. During the process of evacuation, the elderly civlian had a heart attack and reanimated as an undead. He bites Peyton in the leg which triggers an massive frenzied chaos. During the chaos, an Umbrella soldier dropped an earpiece to which Jill picked up, inteding to return it to the former. But she overhears from the other end that the infection had reach the gates and the commander orders them to be shut. Jill bandages Peytons's wound with Umbrella soldiers telling them that this is now a biohazard quarantined area and orders citizens to stay in their homes. This decision is met with backlashes from the people, which forces them to threaten an shoot out.

Eleven - Timonthy Cain II[]

Cain along with his squad manage to secure the Raven's Gate Bridge checkpoint but had lost contact with two other squads. This triggers the decision to activate Nemesis Program as allowed by Cain's superior boss. Cain meets up with Charles Ashford, who had been evacuated early in the morning before the outbreak as his position of Umbrella's top scientist. Ashford tells Cain that he will not leave the city without his daughter Angela, who had failed to arrive as planned and still trapped in the city. Ashford is then taken to Work Area D as his stubbornness of standing by his decision and Cain resumes his duty.

Twelve - Alice Abernathy II[]

Walking through the broken streets of Raccoon City, Alice sensed that Umbrella must have done something to her during her time in RC hospital facility as her senses have now heightened. She reaches to the restaurant Che Buono, where she and Lisa had eat with each other. The insides of the restaurant have been turned upside down and the staffs inside have all been turned to undead, Alice kills the zombified owners and leaves with tears in her eyes.

She stopped by on one of army/navy stores to gear herself up. Suddenly, she is hit by inexplicable pain as the cut on her arm healed and the patches of hair that had been shaved off to allow the leads to be placed on her head now grows back, the zombies passed by her with no interest. She questions of the things that Umbrella had did to her when she was unconscious. Shortly after, Alice witness the Harvey bike crash through the window along with its zombified driver. She kills the driver and takes the motorbike, driving around the city in search for more gears to arm herself.

Thirteen - Jill Valentine III[]

When Umbrella soldiers threaten an shoot out, Jill calls everyone to run from the gunshots. She runs down the streets of RC accompanied with Peyton and the reporter Terri Morales, who Jill had seen in the site of Raven's Gate Bridge checkpoint. The trio headed for Dilmore Place, which led to a run-down residential area as to avoid detection by Undeads when most citizens head for Route 22 and Western Boulevard. They head for a church to seek sanctuary but is met with hostility by an man. Terri manages to force their way in, letting all three of them inside the church.

Jill and Terri converse with one another with Terri claiming to have cover some of her cases shortly before her suspension. Jill takes a notice to the handheld camera that Terri has been holding all the way with her claiming that this footage will get her famous and recognition to her career back. When they heard a strange sound coming from the church, Jill decides to investigate and looks into the room behind the altar. She spots the priest's wife and notices that she has become an Undead, Jill tries to kill the zombified woman but is stopped by the priest. The woman's right hand eventually breaks free of the restraints and attacks the Priest, who she bites on the neck. Jill kills both of them and the shot is echoed throughout the sanction.

Fourteen - Angus McKenzie[]

Angus McKenzie is an Scottish telemarketer, who travels to the US for more opportunity chances. Angus and his co-worker Marla manage to avoid the zombie up until the rooftop. He locks the door in front of Marla for his own safety and climbs down from the top using an escape ladder. Angus then witness Marla jumping to her own death to escape the reanimation process. Angus manages to fled to the church and hides there. When the trio entered the church, he had been thinking of a way to get them to leave the area.

When something moved across the ceiling, Peyton uses the torch to shine on arched stone ceiling to search for the source of the sound. Eventually they discover it was an Licker that was running throughout the ceiling of the church. Angus runs to the back of the church for safety despite Jill's protests. Angus is eventually confronted by the licker with his neck sequeezed by its tongue and torn to pieces with its claws.

Fifteen - Jill Valentine IV[]

Jill hears the dripping sound coming from the room where Angus had hid himself in and notices his bloody corpse. Peyton, Terri and her were eventually boxed in by additional lickers but an Harley-Davidson motorcycle come crashing through the window, attracting the lickers attention. Alice uses the bike to ram straight to one of the lickers and blows it up by shooting at the gas tank, kills another licker by unloading bullets on it as it leapts from the ceiling and finally ends the remaining licker with an shotgun. After the fight, Alice introduces herself to the remaining survivors. They eventually leave the church as the fire spread throughout to the entire area from the motorbike blast.

Sixteen - Alice Abernathy III[]

As Alice drives by the Dilmore Place, she senses the presence of three lickers at a nearby church. After she had save the three from the church, Alice led them to the graveyard in the back where they converse with one another with Valentine telling her side of story just before they end up at the church. Peyton's injury is now starting to become more severe, Alice tries to put him out misery but Jill had drawn hers, telling her that she will shoot him when it comes to it. After their tension conflict, The undead tries to barge through the fence with Terri getting pulled by an undead below the grave. As opposed to attracting more sounds, the group takes them out with melee and combat moves.

Following the attack, the group head to Swann Road. Peyton tries to call for help but Alice tells him that the signal was jammed to prevent any news from coming out. During the way, an phone rang continuously from a nearby burnt out diner, Alice answers to the phone with the other end offered to take them out of the city in exchange of something in return. Alice stealthily points out the surveliance camera over the intersection to Jill, indicating that they are being watched.

Seventeen - Carlos Olivera II[]

Carlos's team had made contact with Raccoon City's ground from the roof with Askargen killed and Carter injured. Loginov is separated from his team when another surge of zombies came out from an alley. Carlos manages to save Loginov from the oncoming hordes and kills the zombified Askargen. The zombified Carter then bites O'Neill in the neck but she snaps his neck soon after. Shortly after, O'Neill commits suicide to avoid being reanimated. Halprin, the medic of team had her neck twisted when the zombified Carter went after to her first.

Carlos leads the rest of his men to an back alley with Loginov drifting in and out and Sokolov tries to radio for help. When an helicopter flew by, Sokolov tries to get their attention but fails, noticing Raccoon City Hospital is the direction that the helicopter is going for. Noticing the packages that they have dropped in the hospital, they decide to retrieve it hoping that it's a radio. When they got to package, they discovered it was an empty weapon case in which something just recently picked up. Following their fail trip, Carlos is bitten on the shoulder by the zombified Loginov with Carlos snapping his neck soon after. Solokov bandages his wounds when Carlos confessed that the helicopter did saw them but his team were expendable assets and now they just have been expended.

Eighteen - Matthew Addision I[]

The Nemesis has been now activated and examines his surroundings. Nemesis hears an voice from the mind claiming not to be a tool of Umbrella and seeking its destruction. The consciousness inside remembers that he is Matt Addison and the events happened in the HIVE, Nemesis continues to disregard his consciousness. Nemesis proceeds to the atrium where he recovers the weapon cases. Its first directive PROCEED THROUGH RACCOON CITY is given, Nemesis continues down the street where he spots a member of S.T.A.R.S standing on the roof of an establishment called Grady's Inn and moves closer to his location. Nemesis detects more heat signatures in a nearby store, where most of them are members of the elite squad. Its second directive SEEK AND DESTROY MEMBERS OF S.T.A.R.S is given, Nemesis uses the rocket launcher to finish off the sniper. It then turns towards to the store.

Nineteen - Karl Johanssen[]

Nemesis's body originally belongs to that of Matt Addision, an fellow HIVE survivor along with Alice. Before Addision subjected to the programm, several prisoners from the Raccoon City Penitentiary who had volunteered on the promise of parole if they lived were test subjects to the programm with many had fatal reactions to the attempted modifications. When Matt was attacked by the licker, he'd responded differently to the modifications. Cain had also learned of Matt's organization along with his allies, he had made sure that all of them were dealt with.

Karl Johanssen was one of the primary tech-heads assigned to the Nemesis Program, who was an former U.S. Marine Corps before working for Umbrella. The head of the NEMESIS Programm was initially going to be run by an man named Sam Isaacs but Cain objects of the idea and assigns to it to Johanssen instead. Johanssen sees the squad inside the store and is ordered by Cain to change the second directive to seek and destroy the remaining members of STARS. The sniper on the roof was identified as Michael Guthrie with the origin from Texas, who was reprimanded 4 times due to excessive force. Johanssen look through the monitor to notice that two people inside were not part of the squad. Shortly after, Guthire is killed by the incoming blast and Nemsis turns to the gun shop.

Twenty - Lloyd Jefferson Wayne II[]

Shortly after Jill had freed him of his cuffs, LJ left the RCPD and head back to his home where he gathers his weapons. Following that, he takes an nearby car and gunned for it. But the car shortly crashed afterwards when he is distracted by zombified prostitutes. LJ makes a run for it and stumbles onto a gunshop filled with STARS members and the other two civilians. One of those members was Captain Henderson, who orders everyone to close the shutter. One of the civlians named Lance Halloran took notice of Nemesis outside, the STARS members witness it killing Gunthire and Nemesis turns its attention towards the gun shop. Henderson along with STARS are all killed by Nemsis, who is wielding an machine gun. Halloran tries to attack Nemesis as retaliation but is quickly killed by the creature. LJ expects himself to be also getting killed but instead only witness Nemesis walking away from the store.

Twenty One - Jill Valentine V[]

After taking the phone call, Alice had led the survivors to an abandoned streetcar in an alley off Swann Road to fill them in on what she'd learned. Alice informs them that the man on the other end was Charles Ashford who runs the Advanced Genetics and Viral Research Division of Umbrella. His offer for them is to find his daughter Angela, who is still trapped in the city in exchange for an way to escape the city. Peyton initially objects to the idea, suggesting that they barricade themselves till its over. But Alice informs him that Umbrella knew that they could not contain the infection hence Raccoon City will be bombed with precision tactical nuclear device—a half-megaton yield, an cover story is already being prepared as a tragic accident in the nuclear power plant happened at the early dawn.

Alice leads the group to the school on Hudson and Robertson where Angela is currently hiding. During their way, Alice senses an nearby presence and Peyton is killed when multiple bullet rounds tore into him. Nemsis shows up with Alice urging the others to go immediately. Jill ran out of the alley where she saw a pickup truck. Terri and Jill board the truck when Jill is attacked by the reanimated corpse of Peyton. Jill shoots the zombified Peyton and prepares to go when a figure leapt in front of the truck.

Twenty Two - Alice Abernathy IV[]

Alice finds herself confronted by the Nemesis and the two battled with each other. Following the battle, Alice finds herself to be getting chased by Nemesis through every corner. She manages to escape the creature through an metal chute and begins to work her way into saving Angela.

Twenty Three - Jill Valentine VI[]

While driving to the school, Jill is encountered by LJ who jumps in front of the truck and waves for rescue. After checking him for any signs of infection, she allows him to board on the vehicle. Jill informs LJ of their escape plan and LJ tells her of the eradication of STARS members by Nemesis. They all make their way towards the school which is the only building that still had any lights on. Jill suggests that they separate themselves to search for the girl with LJ heading east, Terri heading West and her searching in the basement.

Twenty Four - Lloyd Jefferson Wayne III[]

LJ first searches the science lab and is attacked by an zombifeid teacher but Carlos is able to dispatch it easily and saves his life. Carlos reveals that he had also received an phone call about saving the girl. They formed an partnership and continues their search.

Twenty Five - Terri Morales[]

Terri continues her search in the west wing while repeating the instructions gave out by Jill, she starts to reminiscent of her time in exposing councilman Miller and the fault lying behind the failure in doing so. Suddenly, Terri founds a little girl cowering in the corner and assumes the girl to be Angela Ashford. She is then boxed in by the other dead kids, who devoured her. The camera is then left lying on one of the desk at an odd angle, still recording.

Twenty Six - Angela Ashford II[]

Angela awakens from the crash with the impact killing both of her escorts immediately. She also witnes that the driver of the truck was zombified and is following her back into the school. Angela goes back to her school only to witness that the driver bites into the vice principal Rosenthal and Principal Armin. The zombified principal walks into Angela's homeroom class and also bites Strunk and Bobby Bernstein. The remaining kids tried to run into the basement but is met with other zombified workers and is soon turn into one. During the entire chaos, all the undead have not taken any interest in her. An truck belonged to Raccoon City Police Department's Canine Unit soon comes crashing into the school with all of the dogs infected.

After the chaos, Angela realizes that whatever her dad had injected into her was also responsible for the outbreak and is sure on this possibility. Angela witness Carlos and Sokolov, Jill, Terri and LJ have enter the school and decides to go downstairs to see if they could help her. Angela is unable to save Terri but manages to meet Jill, who had came in the room after Terri had been devoured. Jill picked up the camera and leaves with Angela with Jill telling her that she was sent because of her father. Angela is relief to hear of the news. They head for the cafeteria where they are confronted by zombie dogs, Jill is tackled by one of them but is saved by Carlos and Sokolov. Shortly after, Sokolov is killed by other zombie dogs. Angela led Jill through the cafeteria where they are chased by other creatures, Jill turn on on each of the stoves and lits a match, throwing it behind her. But the match had went out before it hits the gas. Alice throws a cigarette onto the room and protects them from the explosion. Alice opens up Angela's lunch box which reveals the four syringes containing the anti-virus.

Angela tearfully tells them that the treatment was made for her as she was sick when Ashford wanted to stop the process, preventing her from suffering the same status as her father. The men at Umbrella had took away his invention and that he had never meant for the outbreak to happen. Carlos and LJ meets up with the women with Alice be able to administer the cure to Carlos, who had been bitten prior to 2 hours. They all head for the truck with Jill telling LJ that Terri is dead and that her camera is her legacy now.

Twenty Seven - Charles Ashford[]

Ashford had invented the T-Virus with the intention of curing all diseases in the world and Angela gets to lead a normal life. Ashford knows that something was wrong when they moved his research into the HIVE and appointed two young, impulsive and easily manipulated scientists Anna Bolt and Mariano Rodriguez. With Raccoon City fallen to the outbreak, Ashford concentrates on saving his daughter and contacts the survivors via the satellite phone which connects to the pay-phone network throughout the city. From the security cameras, he manages to spot his daughter along with fellow survivors and is relief at the site but also took notice the death of Terri Morales and Nicholai Sokolov.

Ashford contacts them, informing them that there is a helicopter being prepared and will be taken off in 47 minutes and is the last transport to be leaving Raccoon City. He informs Alice of its different purpose and will be lightly guarded with the evac site would be located at City Hall. His monitor is then disrupted by Cain, who had known about his operation and informs him that the action that he is doing is punishable by death. Cain wheels him out of the area, intending to teach a lesson.

Twenty Eight - Alice Abernathy V[]

On the truck, Alice administers Carlos with the cure and explains about the T-Virus including its usage on Angela and why she never mutates any further with Alice adding the fact that none of the creatures had attacked her during the whole way. Angie questions that if Alice is infected, why she does not have to take the medicine which Alice has no answer of. Jill hands Alice the camera, indicating that she wants the testimony and the confession to which only Alice could provide. Alice starts to record about her testimony about her employers, her role in HIVE, HIVE mission incident and her pleading to the people not to far for Umbrella's cover story.

The group finally arrives at the City Hall with Carlos scouting the area, noticing that the odds are low for them. Alice volunteers to go with Carlos and Jill following behind and LJ guarding the vehicle and Angela. Alice manages to take out the snipers on the roof and clear a path for them. They all made their way to the helicopter, where she knows that its purpose was to get her and Nemesis out of the city. The group takes notice of Nemesis's presence, Alice sneaks into the cockpit and orders the pilot to take off but she is met with no response. Alice and Cain finally confronted each other with Cain holding Angela hostage and Umbrella's securities holding the others hostage. Angela and her father reunites with one another and they embrace each other.

Cain presents to Alice the Nemesis as he reveals that he wants the two of them have a relationship akin that to brother and sister. Cain orders the nemesis to kill Alice and Alice to do same but she refuses, believing the creature to be as much of a victim as she was. Cain orders for her to fight him or the survivors die. Alice tries to bluff her way but this results in Cain shooting Ashford dead. This action forces Alice to fight the nemesis and the two battle each other once again with nemesis impaled by a ten-foot piece metal. Alice then realizes the blue eyes as that of Matt.

Twenty Nine - Matthew Addison II[]

Over the hours, Matt had tried to gain dominance over the nemesis consciousness but every attempts had resulted in failure. This time, Matt tries to use his memories to enforce it onto the nemesis mind. After sometime, Matt got through with Nemesis now being weakened from being stabbed by Alice. Cain orders her to finish him off but Alice refuses. Cain reminds Alice of her successful bonding with T-Virus and the importance that she helds. Cain tells her to kill the nemesis and takes nemesis's place by his side. Alice tries to shoot Cain using the GLOCK that he had given to her but finds out that it has no ammo. Matt ignores Cain's command to kill Alice as he picks up the rail gun and starts to fire onto the troops with Jill and Carlos manage to regain their weapons and shoots onto the troops. Cain orders the missile strike proceedings to be effecitve immediately. Matt grabs the rocket launcher and fires at the helicopter. The crash pummented towards them which kills Matt.

Thirty - Timonthy Cain III[]

Cain knows that it is time to retreat and go over the Nemesis Programm with the addition of explaining to his superiors why Charles Ashford does not make out of Raccoon City alive. He climbs aboard the copter, ordering the pilot Montgomery to get them to airborne. Only that pilot turns out to be LJ and knocks Cain to the floor. Cain is confronted by the survivors, he tries to struck a deal with the survivor but is thrown out from the cargo hold instead. The helicopter take off with Cain left behind to the hordes of undead that manages to past through the barrier. Cain tries to commit suicide but the gun runs out of ammo, he was devoured by the reanimated corpse of Charles Ashford and some of his own troops.

Thirty One - Alice Abernathy VI[]

Alice witness Cain's death from afar. She is injured from the blast which remnants of shards impailing her in the chest. As they are leaving Raccoon City, she witness several contrails of the missiles as they came closer and closer to the city. The helicopter had gotten beyond the city limits but still in the range of the blast. Carlos yells everyone to hang on to something and they witness an nuclear strike devastating the entirety of Raccoon City. The copter then tumbled through the air to which a piece of the helicopter rip off and is going to fall towards Angela, until Alice shields the girl with her own body, now impaled by another sharp piece of metal. Shortly after, the helicopter appears to have crash.

Thirty Two - Sam Isaacs[]

Sam Issacs oversees the wreckage of the Umbrella helicopter that had crashed in the Arklay mountains shortly after Raccoon City's Destruction. Hearing from the reports of Ian Montgomery who had died impact in the crash, Cain was now dead and Alice had died from the impalement but no signs of Jill, Carlos, LJ or Angela. Isaacs watched as the medical team approached and began pulling Alice'ss body from the wreckage.

Jill Valentine VII[]

Elsewhere, Jill looks down on the wreckage from her vantage point atop one of the mountains. Jill along with the other survivors have been spending hours climbing this mountain, getting as far from the wreckage as they could. Jill records the crash with Terri's camera, vowing to take revenge against Umbrella for the lost of their friends, allies and loved ones. Afterwards, Angela speaks up that Alice is still not dead to which the group is surprised at.

Thirty Three -Aftermath of Raccoon City[]

Terri's footage video was eventually submitted to the press but is disregarded as fake evidence by the press after new evidence presented. The cover story for Raccoon City eventually gains the trust of the public, naming it as the worst atomic disaster since Chernobyl Incident. Following that, Umbrella lends a hand to the humanitarian assistance to overcome the city's tragedy despite their losses. Following the reports of the hoax of the footage, Jill Valentine and Carlos Oliveira are now being sought for questioned by the FBI with the most likeliest possibility being Jill's suspension was related to the hoax perpretration with Oliveira's grudges against his former employer and they worked together with Terri Morales as their unwitting fall guy.

Thirty Four - Alice Abernathy VII[]

Alice wakes up inside a tube with no memories of the former incidents. She notices the pair of scientist conversing with one another with the woman explaining that her regenartion properties was spontaneous. She is then removed from the tube and explores around the room with the man in charge wanting her to be put under 24 hour observation complete with blood work and chemical and electrolyte analysis. Alice eventually regains memories from her time at the HIVE, HIVE's infiltration mission and the Raccoon City incident. She remembers Issacs as the man who had experimented on both her and Matt and begins to attack him with her breaking his arm and throw him into the tube. She exits the facility, which is now located in San Francisco. Alice is greeted with her fellow Raccoon City survivors, who manages to picked her up due to Angela being able to sense her presence.

From then on, Alice's determination grows more in taking out the Umbrella Corporation for their crimes with the world still believing that they are still a benevolent corporation.

Plot Differences[]

Opening Sequence

  • In the movie, 10 technicians and security division members investigates the HIVE with the first thing that attacks the group is a Licker
  • In the novel, 9 technicians and security division members including Cain investigates the HIVE with the first thing that attacks the group is hordes of undeads.

Angela's crashed vehicle

  • In the movie, it is unknown the reason why the truck smashes into Angela's evacuation vehicle.
  • In the novel, The truck crashes headon to the vehicle because the driver was infected.


  • In the movie, Jill walks towards the RCPD and enters the office through the entrance.
  • In the novel, Jill drives to RCPD with her porsche and enters the office through the parking garage.
  • In the movie, it is unclear why LJ was brought to the RCPD.
  • In the novel, LJ was brought to RCPD because he was charged with a misdemeanor crime.

Carlos's introdcution

  • In the movie, Alice wakes up before Carlos's team rescues the workers on the rooftop
  • In the novel, Alice wakes up after Carlos's team attempts to rescue civilians on the roof.
  • In the movie, Carlos leads an squad of 5
  • In the novel, Carlos leads an 7 people squad.
  • In the movie, Carlos's squad received orders of assisting the Special Tactics And Rescue Squad and the R.P.D. officers at an extraction point located in the heart of Raccoon City
  • In the novel, Carlos's squad fights alone on the streets with no mentions of STARS or RCPD officiers fighting alongside them.
  • In the movie, Carlos tries to radio for help after the fight.
  • In the novel. Nikolai tries to radio for help after the fight.

Raven's Gate Church

  • In the movie, Peyton, Terri and the man witness the creature jumping around the center of church with the man running to the back of the church without anyone pursuing after him.
  • In the novel. Peyton, Terri, Jill and the man witness the creature jumping around the center of church which causes the man to run to the back of the church and Jill voluntarily goes after to retrieve the man.

Nemesis's introduction

  • In the movie, there are no civilians besides LJ and the remaining STARS members in the gunshop.
  • In the novel, there are two civilians holding up in the gunshop alongside LJ and the STARS members.

Raccoon City Junior School

  • In the movie, Jill tells LJ to search for the 1st floor while Terri searches the 2nd floor of the school
  • In the novel, Jill tells LJ to search the east wing of the building while Terri searches for the west wing.
  • In the movie, Nikolai manages to hold off one zombie dog until the other appears and they both kill him.
  • In the novel, Nikolai is killed immediately by the zombie dogs.

Helicopter crash

  • In the movie, it's unknown where Jill, Carlos, LJ and Angie went after the crash
  • In the novel, Jill, Carlos, LJ and Angie witness the wreckage far away from one of the nearby mountains.

San Francisco Facility

  • In the movie, Alice remembers Issacs experimenting on her and the events of Raccoon City
  • In the novel, Alice remembers various points in her life leading up to the present including her meeting with Lisa, The HIVE outbreak, the events of Raccoon City,...
  • In the movie, Alice exits the San Francisco facility building only to be met with multiple hostility from Umbrella Security Guards until Jill, Carlos and LJ rescues her, posing as Umbrella agents with Angie tagging them for the ride.
  • In the novel, Alice faces no resistance outside when she exits the San Francisco facility and meets up with Jill, Carlos and Angie at the parking lot.

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