Resident Evil: Apocalypse (Music From And Inspired By The Motion Picture) the second various artists soundtrack in the Resident Evil franchise, released August 31, 2004.[1] The soundtrack features music from popular artists as Slpknot, A Perfect Circle, Rammstein and The Cure.[2]

Track Listings

Track listing
No. TitleWriter(s) Length
1. "Vermilion"  Slipknot 4:14
2. "Just a Little"  The Used 3:28
3. "Us or Them"  The Cure 4:10
4. "Swamped"  Lacuna Coil 4:00
5. "The Outsider (Castle Renholdër Apocalypse Mix)"  A Perfect Circle 5:27
6. "The End of Heartache (Resident Evil Version)" (The end credits song and main theme of the film)Killswitch Engage 4:05
7. "Mein Teil"  Rammstein 4:23
8. "Digging Up the Corpses"  DevilDriver 3:52
9. "Nymphetamine"  Cradle of Filth 5:01
10. "Escape from Hellview"  CKY 3:43
11. "The Chauffeur" (Duran Duran cover)Deftones 5:24
12. "Join Me in Death"  HIM 3:37
13. "My Heartstrings Come Undone" (Replaced with "Nemo" (by Nightwish) in European release)Demon Hunter 4:39
14. "Under a Killing Moon"  Thrice 2:42
15. "Bloodwork"  36 Crazyfists 3:13
16. "End of the World (Acoustic)"  Cold 3:37
17. "Girl on Fire (Castle Renholdër Apocalypse Mix)"  Rob Zombie 5:11
18. "Future Proof"  Massive Attack 5:40
19. "Cracker!!" (Japanese release only)The Mad Capsule Markets 3:48

Further notes

  • In the European release of the soundtrack, HIM was replaced by Nightwish's "Nemo".[3]
  • The Outsider (Castle Renholdër Apocalypse Mix) would later be used in the film and promotion of Resident Evil: Afterlife.


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