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Resident Evil: Collection One is a paperback comic anthology of stories set in the Resident Evil universe. It contains specially-selected stories from Resident Evil: The Official Comic Magazine. Based on copyright documents, the book was published on 29 October 1999.[1]


  1. "S.T.A.R.S. Files" (Issue #1)
  2. "Who Are These Guys?" (Issue #1)
  3. "Dangerous Secrets" (Issue #1)
  4. "Raccoon City--RIP" (Issue #1)
  5. "New Chapter of Evil" (Issue #2)
  6. "Mutant Menagerie" (Issue #2)
  7. "Lock Down" (Issue #2)
  8. "Wolf Hunt" (Issue #3)
  9. "Danger Island" (Issue #3)
  10. "Night Stalkers" (Issue #4)
  11. "Special Delivery" (Issue #4)


Due to Issue #5 not having been released yet, its stories were not published. And, as Ted Adam's post-Resident Evil anthology was to conclude in Issue #5, the two earlier parts in the story were removed. These were Issue #3's "Dead Air" and Issue #4's "Zombies Abroad".


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