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Resident Evil: Dead Aim, known as Gun Survivor 4 Biohazard Heroes Never Die (ガンサバイバー4 バイオハザード ヒーローズ・ネバー・ダイ Gan Sabaibā Fō Baiohazādo Hīrōzu Nebā Dai?) in Japan, is the fourth game in the Gun Survivor series. Unlike its predecessors, which involved first-person gameplay, Dead Aim includes third person movement, something more familiar to veterans of the Resident Evil series. At the time of Dead Aim's creation Nintendo held exclusive rights to Capcom's mainstream Resident Evil games. Because of this limitation, Capcom made several spin-off titles, one of which was Dead Aim.

Characters Edit

  • Bruce McGivern - A member of US STRATCOM (US Strategic Command Forces). Has a tendency of going in guns blazing before thinking about the consequences. This has often left him in many hostile situations, but in the end he always comes out on top, and its usually on top of bodies no less.
  • Fong Ling - An agent for the Chinese Ministry of State Security.
  • Morpheus D. Duvall - Former Umbrella R&D (Research and Development) employee, who was fired for the blame of the t-Virus outbreak in the Arklay mountains. He has a dream of creating a perfect beautiful world, doing this of course means destroying the existing world. Seeing himself as the portrait of beauty he's undergone plastic surgery to maintain his youthful looks. His group was responsible for the theft of the t-Virus and the hijacking of the Spencer Rain.

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