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Resident Evil: Extinction is the novelization of the Anderson film of the same name. Written by Keith R. A. DeCandido, it is the last novel in his series based on the franchise. Uncommon for novelizations, it was published on July 31, 2007, 2 months before the theatrical release of the film. A Japanese translation by Kazuko Tominaga(富永和子) was published by Kadokawa.

The novel is divided into two parts: "Before and After", and "Fight for Survival". The first seventeen chapters alternate between telling the events immediately after Apocalypse and the beginning of the Extinction film (alternating via odd and even-numbered chapters). The second half of the book describes the events of the later parts of the film. The novel tells the stories through the third-person limited point of view of a single character with the exception of few chapters which contains points of view from 2 or 3 different characters . the book presents the perspective of eleven characters through thirty chapters. The story is told through the eyes of five recurring POV characters Alice Abernathy, Claire Redfield, Sam Isaacs, Lloyd Jefferson Wayne and Carlos Olivera with an few minor character POV chapters Andy Timson, Peanut and Tom Hoyt.


Part One: Before and After[]


ONE - Jim Kimble[]

In the evacuation of Raccoon City, Dr. Jim Kimble is assigned by the Umbrella Corporation to test blood samples for viral infection. He hears rumours that the virus was created by Umbrella, themselves, and that it led to the deaths of all 500 Hive employees under Raccoon City. He is becoming tired from having to process so many evacuees throughout the day; all what keeps him at ease is that the test is designed to make false-negatives impossible, guaranteeing the infection cannot spread. Absentmindedness sets in and he cuts himself on one of the test tubes; he only notices he is bleeding some time after when a Security Division soldier gives him a Band-Aid. Before he can run the test on the sample, an old man collapses outside while awaiting his blood sample to be screened. Kimble has Sergeant Wells move the man's daughter away from him; the old man reanimates as a zombie and bites Wells before officer Jill Valentine kills him. Anderson, the head of security, drags Kimble through the gate to safety; Anderson bluetoothes in to a man named Giddings, ordering the termination of the evacuation. Kimble is then led away by a woman named Zoll, but drops and breaks the old man's test tube. As Major Cain orders the Security Division to shoot at the civilians to get them away from Raven's Gate Bridge, Kimble notices that his bandage fell off when he smashed the beaker.

THREE - Sam Issacs I[]

It has been three weeks since the destruction of Raccoon City with only an few had escaped the city including Alice. Issacs along with his crew encounters the wreckage site of the helicopter and finds the pilot Ian Montgomery dead and Alice impaled by an large slice of metal. They brought Alice to the San Francisco facility and have her suspended in an water tube. Dr Kayanan notes that she is not taking any sorts of nutrients, her incredible regenerative ability, her powers—both physical and mental developed at a geometric rate. Issacs starts to commune with Alice and begins the purging process, Issacs questions her of the ability to recall previous events to which she answers temporarily no. But overtime, Alice recalls everything that had happened to her this far. Alice begins to fight her way out of the facility but Issacs had intentionally let her escape and think that she was free. Alice along with her fellow survivors left the facility with Issacs activating Programm Alice. Issacs orders the staff to purge the San Francisco facility and relocate to the Detroit Facility to keep an track on Alice.

FIVE - Jill Valentine I[]

After Jill Valentine had escape the city along with her fellow survivors, she submits Terri's video footage to the news outlets hoping it would exposed Umbrella but the effects had backfired with her and Carlos Olivera now being wanted fugitives with Umbrella using her suspension and Terri's history of faking footages to get a story, specifically that of an councilman taking bribes.

Carlos had used forge documentary papers to get Alice out of San Francisco as per Angela Ashford's request but the rest of the group had to get out of California as fast as possible when his forgery could not keep the façade long. The group winds up in an unknown location in Idaho and checks in one of the motels. Hiding out at a motel, the fugitives discuss what they can do to prove Umbrella's guilt, given Terri's footage being censured and the news of Raccoon City is covered up with an nuclear power explosion. Alice suggests providing the Treasury Department with the evidence proving Umbrella nuked Raccoon City; since only the President can authorise the use of nuclear weapons, Umbrella would pose a direct threat to the President and thus the United States. Meanwhile, Angie uses her father's computer programming to upload the camera footage to the Internet without it being traced back to the motel much to the group's relief.

LJ switches the channel with an news report of a viral outbreak in San Francisco, California. The gang realise the T-virus managed to escape quarantine in Raccoon City, or otherwise Umbrella failed a second time at containment. They conclude they can take advantage of the situation to persuade the federal agents hunting them that they were telling the truth. After the debate, Jill volunteers to head out and get everyone some food. During her trip, she realizes that she was being followed by three suspicious men. Jill manages to avoid detection and calmly heads back to the motel room where she informs the rest of the group that they might have been followed and offers to stall them while the others escapes. The Federal Agents then arrives at their room only to find Jill with no sign of the others.

SEVEN - Jaime Cerota[]

Dr Jaime Cerota informs of Sam Issacs about Jim Kimble, who is one of the infected people and had spread the infection towards Mission Hill District in San Francisco. Issacs elaborated that he has been tested negative when crossing over the Raven's Gate bridge with Jaime answering that the test itself could give out false results and that the virus could have been transitioned into airborne. Dr Yu-Chin of the CDC have also tries to make the connection with the incident here and Raccoon by watching Valentine and Oliveira's video, the sites has since been removed with all copies confiscated but the uploader is still can't be tracked. Issacs orders her to terminate the blood samples, the infected bodies with the governor of California's signature to erase any evidence left. Soon after, three of the zombfied subjects got loose with one of them being Jim, they attack and infect two of the SFPD employees with one being Bousquet. The zombified doctor soon kills Yu-Chin with Jaime killing both of them. The undeads now penetrate through the quarantine area with Jaime being bitten by Kimble in the shoulder, she manages to free herself and shoots the reanimated Kimble. She walks into Issacs and tells him that she has reported the breach as her last duty to the corporation before committing suicide in front of Issacs.

NINE - Jill Valentine II[]

Jill was later taken into the custody by federal agents in Idaho and later remanded to Washington DC. She is put into the interrogation room with the intention of fully cooperating with them and buying the others time. After an hour, she is interrogated by Special Agents Hicks and Graves with her being charged on fraud after her tape submission on various West Coast news station. During the interrogation, Graves and Hicks leave when called by an older man for an matter. The older man steps into the room and continues the interrogation while taking her testimony. After listening, he concludes that she is more experienced in this than theirs and ask her to fly into San Francisco to dealt with the similar outbreak that is occurring there. He leaves the room as he introduces himself as Deputy Director Kirby Johnson.

ELEVEN - Tom Hoyt[]

Tom Hoyt, the Umbrella Corporation's chief liaison to the federal government are sitting in a lobby in the White House to wait for a meeting with the president. An young man named Al Cowan leads him along with virus leading expert Dr Emily Love to the oval office. The president furiously asking them of the contagion that is happening within the country as he has declared an state of emergency, separating California, Oregon and Washington from the rest of the nation. The admiral informs the president of reports of T-Virus outbreaks occurring Oklahoma, Michigan and Baltimore. The President revealing that he knows that Umbrella is responsible of unleasing the outbreaks and destroys Raccoon City with an missile based on the reports from FBI, Secrets Service and his own investigation into the meltdown to which Love is surprised at the fact. Hoyt admitted of the true cause which creates an chaos. During the ensuing chaos, the general suddenly collapses to the ground and reanimates into an zombie. The zombified general sunk his teeth onto chief of staff's ankle and later on Love's shoulder. Shortly afterwards, the White House is quarantined with its entries and exits sealed.

THIRTEEN - Sam Issacs III[]

Following the news reports, the city of Washington DC is now undergoing quarantined with more reports of T-Virus outbreaks occurring in cities and states such as St. Louis, Indianapolis, Brooklyn, New York, Tulsa, Ann Arbor, Baltimore, Chicago, and Atlanta along with an CDC spokesperson warning that all air traffics is to be suspended.

Back in Detroit facility, Wesker calls Issacs with Issacs suggesting to him to prepare underground bunkers as an means of safety to survive the incoming apocalypse with the virus spreading at an appaling rate and mutating unexpectedly. Wesker agrees with the safety measure plans and turns to ask him about Project Alice with Wesker demanding him to bring Alice and Angela under Umbrella's control. After the call, he phones Dr Kayanan, telling the doctor to bring Alice in.

FIFTEEN - Alice Abernathy III[]

Alice along with Carlos, Lj with their strike team consists of an NYC cop Lou Molina, an Marine A.J. Briscoe and a welder Joseph King fight off against horde of undead in an effort to protect an group of students and faculty. Meanwhile, Angela waited in the car alongside an martial art instructor Jisun Burton. During the fight, Alice is suddenly controlled by an unknown entity and walks back to the SUV despite her best attempts of resisting her actions. Alice attacks Jisun but he manages to avoid her attack with them begin to duel each other. During the duel, Angela's scream attracts the attention of other undeads as one bites into Jisun's shoulder, leaving her to the horde as Alice drives off the SUV along with Angela.

The pair eventually make their way to Detroit and they arrive at the checkpoint. Angela pleads for her to turn around but is met with silence by Alice. Carlos and the others eventually gives chase but Alice and Angela have make their way towards the facility and to the underground parking lot. Issacs welcomes her and orders Alice to kill Angela as the form of her T-Virus will not prove anything useful towards their research as it had mutated far beyond her ability. Alice draws out her weapon and points at the young girl.

SEVENTEEN - Alice Abernathy IV[]

Unable to control her action, Alice shoots Angela in the head which prompts her to break free from the controls. Alice starts to chase Issacs around the building. Eventually she catches up with him but is stopped by an single command uttered by Issacs. After hearing that Carlos and his group infiltrated the facility, Issacs orders her to stop them with any means necessary. She arrives at the scene to find that King is dead among the casualties. Alice temporarily breaks free of her controls and informs them of Angela's death and tells them to leave immediately. The group reluctantly complies with her request and starts to head out. Alice starts to ran in the other direction, intending to find an computer terminal to break free of Issac's programm. She eventually reaches an terminal and begins to work of her solution.


TWO - Clone Alice[]

The woman awakens with an disorientated feeling in the shower and looks around her surroundings with hidden cameras recording her every movement, She wanders around only to find the outside view blocked by an concrete wall. She moves over to the dining table only to find that the room is now void of furnatures. The woman then stumples on the laser corridor where she is locked in, she manages to dodge all waves of laser and use the air vent to escape the room, where the camera is still keep an eye on through infrared. She lands on the corridor of what seemingly an abandoned hospital and sees the streets of Raccoon City beyond the hall. Noticing something is unusual, she uses the gurney which activates an trip wire that silces in half, the woman walks carefully around the site but is ultimately killed by the mine with an hole in her chest.

Sam Issacs arrives at the scene and is disappointed at the Alice Abernathy clone unable to pass through the "Cretan Labyrinth" which is named by one of the technicians. Issacs orders the technicians and scientists to take an sample of her blood and dump her corpse outside with him returning to the safety of the observation room.

Andy Timson[]

Andy Timson and his co-worker Brendan Moody retrives the blood sample of the 85th clone of Alice with Brendan running the test with the sample while Andy accompanied by the lone security guard member Paul Gennario topside of the facility. The facility below now acts as an refugee for Umbrella's remaining employees who had survived the Global T-Virus pandemic with its location on Death Valley. The pair then throws the body down onto the trench which also houses the other 84 clone corpses of Alice. Beyond the trench has thousands of T-virus zombies which continuously shambles against the fence with Paul wondering where they had all came from. Andy questions of the original Alice's whereabouts with Paul claiming that Issacs had never try to keep her in Detroit or San Francisco facility.

FOUR - Alice Abernathy I (A)[]

Alice Abernathy rides on the highway nearby the Salt Lake city limits with her having travelled across the country in search for supplies to aid in her survival. As she approached the exit for Foothill Drive, she finds an KLKB building where she had heard an distress call in need of medical help. She inspects the building for any signs of survivors, Alice encounters the woman from the radio, pleading Alice to help her baby. Alice finds out that the baby she was carrying is a doll and is surrounded and captured by 5 other people. One of the member starts to unpack her weapons with Eddie using one of the kukri knives, intending to kill her. But Alice manages to break his neck with an kick to the face which prompts Margie -the woman from before - and their leader Chris Murphy to throw her down to the hole.

Chris Murphy[]

Murphy along with the others throw her down to the hole with them gleefully watching her struggles. Murphy orders two of his group Spiff and Avi to release the five mutated dogs. Alice manages to free of her restraints courtesy of Margie, who had thrown down the keys earlier and puts up a fight against the dogs. Spiff realizes that Alice had used the cables to tie around the supporting pillars and to the three dogs. The ground starts to shuddered with Murphy realizes that the mutated creatures are pulling against the pillars, the floor eventually gives out and collapses which creates an passage between the hole to the ground that they are on. The dogs eventually climbs to the floor and mauls Murphy to death.

Alice Abernathy I (B)[]

Alice reaches to the floor that the captors are on and witness her captors death with Murphy being torn apart, Margie having her arms mauled off with Spiff and Avi killed by them shortly after. She retrieves her equipment, hides herself and cover up any evidences of her ever been there after noticing the countdown to when the Umbrella Satellite is overhead. After it passed, she continues her journey towards inside the Salt Lake City.

SIX - Claire Redfield I[]

Claire Redfield leads an convoy with 30 different survivors which includes LJ and Carlos. Their convoy includes of an ambulance furbished with medical loots, an school bus armed with heavy gear straps to the exterior of the bus, an Enco oil tanker, a news truck, a Humvee and a 8x8 vehicle. Originally having as many as 60 survivors, the numbers slowly became dwindle as they came across undeads and disastrous raids. During the apocalypse, Carlos along with LJ had led an strike team consists of a ragtag group of armed forces and police personnel with Claire having been saved in one of his rescue operations and grew up to be a leader. The convoy eventually pulls up in a nearby billboard with Carlos and LJ climbing up and scouting ahead to which they find a nearby motel accompanied with restaurant, gift shop and gas station.

EIGHT - Sam Issacs II[]

The outbreak on San Francisco was impossible to contain with many of the news outlet sighted the scene as ground zero for the infection. Issacs along with DiGennaro and Humberg reach topside of the facility to see hundreads of undead continues to shuffle against the fence with the possbility of a rudimentary intelligence as they had all gathered here even with no signs of human life. Issac and the pair head up to the guard tower on the other side of the weather station to pick new subjects from the hordes outside by using fresh meat and keep them just above the fray then using the noose to hook them up. They eventually grab one and set out to return. They are met by Alexander Slater the second in command of Umbrella's Science Division and acts as Issac's right hand. Slater informs him of the meeting which has already started earlier. The meeting is held by chairman Albert Wesker with 8 other heads of different regions, Issacs informs them of his research along with the fact that the undead could remain active for decades and the serum he will develop with Alice's antibodies obtained back in Detroit, offering immunity and a partial reversal to the undead with them creating an new world order in their image.

Wesker informs Issacs of Project Alice, and the subject of domestication being the highest priorities and threatens to remove him as head of the science division should he not provide any desirable result in the upcoming week. Unbeknownst to the council, Issacs had secretly conducted an third project with it now being in a state of near completion. Proceeding to his lab, Issacs take out an digital recorder needing Wesker's voice to accomplish his goal.

TEN - Alice Abernathy II[]

Alice had left Salt Lake City when finding that the city had been stripped off of supplies, she eventually spots an Enco gas station on Interstate 80 towards Nevada. Alice kills the zombified worker and heads towards the station. Finding the minimart there, she inspects the building only to find nothing else of value except an red journal which is left by an staff who had hung himself. Unable to stand the rotten stench, Alice leaves the area

TWELVE - Lloyd Jefferson Wayne I[]

LJ along with Carlos head inside the Desert Trail Motel with Carlos taking the right side while he takes on the left. LJ enters room 9 after hearing some noises inside, he is tackled by an undead but manages to shoot him off. LJ is tackled again by another zombie but is killed by Carlos, who had heard the commotion. After the area is deemed safe, the convoy approaches the area with Claire instructing others to find supplies as planned. LJ is attended to by Elizabeth Grier, who checks his wrists and arms upon after his scuffle in the motel. LJ realizes that he has been bitten by one of the zombies and determines to take out as many as he can before turning into one.

FOURTEEN - Sam Issacs IV[]

The AI White Queen, which is an improved version of the former Red Queen who ran operations down in HIVE, informs him of the newly failed experiment of the 86th Alice clone, who had died in the laser grid. Issacs orders the AI to take an sample of the blood and returns to conducting test on the newly captured zombie.

Andy Timson II[]

Andy along with Moody and Issacs conducts the experiment of the captured zombie which includes a digital camera, a cell phone and an kids toy with the newly developed serum had make the zombie seemingly more tamer. At first, it shows signs of residual memories with the corpse knowing how to held an phone and taking pictures but quickly grew vicious as the corpse unable to fit the triangle pieces to its respective hole and throw the toy away. The enhanced zombie quickly rips Moody's head off with Issacs closing the door on Timson, leaving him to be savagely devoured.

SIXTEEN - Claire Redfield II[]

Claire wanders around the camp that they had been set around the Desert Trail Motel for the night with her conversing with Chase MacAvoy about the lack of fuel in the gas station, Otto Walenski about the distribution of food among the people and the lack of food in scavenge, Michael Faerber with his attempts to call onto any survivors out there, Carlos and Mikey about setting the perimeter up. Claire comforts inside Carlos about their ability to go on any further with the lack of supplies with recent raids, Carlos tellsher never to give up to which she is greatly appreiciated. Following the conversation, Claire heads back and sleeps for the duration of the night.

Carlos Oliveira I[]

Carlos begins to lament his inability to save his people with them dying cause of his desire to save lives which prompts him to switch the leadership role to Claire. After receiving no answers from their transmission call, Mikey starts to wonder if they were the last people on earth but Carlos still clings on the hope that somebody is out there in West Coast.

Part Two: Fight for Survival[]

EIGHTEEN - Alice Abernathy V[]

Alice reads the journal to find an transimission broadcast from Arcadia, Alaska, promising food and shelter with no traces of the Undead. Eventually she drifts off to sleep, recalling all her moments up until the present with the most traumatic one being the moment she kills Angela. She jolts up to find her surrounding destroyed from her burst of telekinetic ability. She dials the radio on the frequency where she hears an convoy attempting to call for any survivors with her hope now being able to meet Carlos again

Sam Issacs V[]

The White Queen informs Issacs of her detection of psionic activity occurring outside of the complex 15 minutes ago, Issacs immediately tells her to form the coordinates of the activity.

NINETEEN - Lloyd Jefferson Wayne II (A)[]

LJ checks on his bitten wound, now seeing that it starts to worsen heavily. He hides his wound from the rest of the group and starts to converse with Elizabeth Grier, the nurse of the group, who he shares an romantic night with

Dahlia Julia Mancini[]

Before the apocalypse, Dahlia along with staffs and civlians of Athens holed up in an Kmart until an elderly citizen had an heart attack and reanimates as an Undead. The zombified man starts to attack and killed the others with the exception of her and 4 others, who quickly die from diseases without treatment. This leaves her to fend for herself for the upcoming years before Claire's convoy found her. Seeing this chance of a new beginning, Dahlia abandons her birth name and adopts the name Kmart.

Kmart suddenly encounters an infected crow before seeing hundreads of mutated crows landing nearby at the motel. Kmart awakes Claire who informs Carlos of the sighting. Carlos and Claire order the others to stay in their trucks and keep quiet. One of the crow lands on Otto's hood of the vehicle, where it starts to take interested in. After sometime of waiting, the crows keep circling around the area with them showing no sign of leaving. Claire then orders everyone to start up their engine to quickly leave the premise.

Lloyd Jefferson Wayne II (B)[]

LJ and Elizabeth are unable to start up the ambulance truck upon hearing Claire's order. The pair decides to run Otto's school bus which is the nearest vehicle to their location. The crows starts to chase after them but the pair aboard the bus on time, the crows now starts to break the windshields and side windows of the vehicle. The windshield is eventually cracked with Elizabeth and the others holding in back. Some of the crows breaks in through the side windows and starts to attack the kids but LJ defends them to his best ability. One of the survivors, Jared Peters tries to panically run back to the motel but is swarmed and killed by crows.

Claire tells Carlos that they have to evac the bus and transported them to the remaining vehicles. They eventually evacuate the children to the news truck while simultaneously holding back the crows which results in the deaths of Dillon Matthews, Jason Williams, Otto, Fred An-dreassi, E. Richard Price, Blair Manfredi, Monique Lang, Kenneth Mi-naya and Elizabeth as she closes the door and sacrficied herself to the group once evacutation is completed.

Carlos Oliveira II[]

After Kenneth had lose control of the flame thrower due to the crows, an arc of it heads straight to Carlos but is stopped in mid air and starts to spiral around the area, killing the crows with the fire redirected by Alice's telekinetic ability. Following the attack, Alice loses consciousness with the school bus damaged beyond repair and 10 of their convoy members died.

TWENTY - Sam Issacs VI[]

The White Queen informs of him of the recent psionic activity again with Issacs once again order the AI to locate the coordinate of the activity. Slater confronts Issacs of his recent unauthorized trips to recover new specimen for his project which in turn cause many more deaths of his team. Issacs shows Slater of his work with 14 more enhanced undeads and with Alice 87th clone passes through the laser grid and into the Cretan labyrinth, making much further progress than the last clones until she is eviscerated by the enhanced undead. This footage horrifies Slater as he realizes that Issacs is building an army for himself and charges him with sedition. Issacs returns to his work, thinking a way to take care of Slater.

TWENTY ONE - Alice Abernathy VI[]

After using psionic abilities to save the survivors from the crows, Alice loses consciousness and wakes up in a motel bed with Kmart and several other children surrounding her. They both attend the funeral of the recently lost members of the attack where Carlos introduces her to the leader of the convoy and him questioning Alice of her decision to leave the group after Detroit incident to which Alice reveals that she had to left to protect them from her and that she retrieved satellite trajectories from the terminal to stay off the grid. Following their conversation, Claire talks with Alice along with her revealing the information about a possible sanction in Alaska.

TWENTY TWO - Sam Issacs VII[]

After two separate incident of strong psionic activities, the White Queen had been able to pinpoint the location along the Western region of the US with Issacs finding out the 20 person convoy with Alice among the group. Before any sort of retrieval operation commenced, Issacs contacts Wesker to get his permission and have a strike team with their objective but is rejected by Wesker who wants an absolute confirmation that it's Alice and warns him not to take any actions until the information is discussed in the next meeting. During the private meeting, Issacs had recorded of their conversation with his digital recorder and starts to run the program which carves out Wesker's voice and makes out that the committee had authorize the operation and under commands of Issacs.

TWENTY FOUR - Claire Redfield III[]

After Alice telling her and the group about the transmission signal in Alaska, the group had mix reactions about the matter with Claire concerning that nobody might be left alive there after an six-month period but Carlos manages to convince her to follow the lead with the convoy's current status. Claire puts it up to an vote to which the majority agrees to follow the Alaska trail. Carlos informs Claire of the fuel tank almost empty with the gas siphoned from other vehicles not enough to make it to the whole trip. Carlos lays out the map of Nevada and suggests locations to raid with most of which Alice had been to and find it empty, Claire suggests that they head for Vegas to look for supplies which got an mixed reaction with some but eventually relents to go through with the plan.

Lloyd Jefferson Wayne III[]

Sometime after the attack, LJ's wound and symtomps starts to worsen with him thinking that he should have left the group sometime ago to keep them safe but elects to stay and help out the group.

Alice Abernathy VII[]

Alice boards the vehicle with Kmart and Carlos with the three conversing along the way with Carlos believing that the humans should not belong to Undead's new world to which Alice firmly remains against the new world order and believes that there is an end to it.

TWENTY FIVE - Alice Abernathy VIII[]

The convoy eventually arrives at Vegas only to find the city now covered with sand dunes with bits and pieces of Vegas monuments atop of the surface but no signs of the Undead. Claire suddenly orders the group to stop to which the convoy is now being blocked with metal freight containers, Claire sends Chase to be the lookout situated up on the Eiffel Tower. Alice checks the front of the container to which she finds no handle or lock as if it's a sealed box with her hearing movements inside the container before an bolt flies off the containers to which the group is cautious at. The enhanced undeads run out of the container and starts to pursue the survivor with Alice ordering everyone to run back to their vehicles. During the chase, Morgan Hertweck got ripped in half, Pablo Villanueva has his chest thrusted by the undeads, Cliff Nadaner beat to death by two of them with LJ and Kmart manage to retreat to their vehilce on time. Alice distracts the undead from targeting Peter-Michael Sullivan and Joel and starts to attack them.

Carlos Oliveira III[]

During the rising chaos, Carlos fires his weapons and manages to buy time for Claire and Mikey to go back to their vehicle with Peter and Joel manage to head back to the ambulance but see no signs of Erica Simone or Dorian and Chase still shooting the undeads from the lookout point. Carlos fends himself of the undead but one manages to ambush him and heads to bite him.

Sam Issacs VII[]

Meanwhile, Issacs and his workers witness the chaos from their tents with the helicopter parking nearby, ready to evacuate in case things got out of hand. Issacs watches the mointor from Alice's direct view with the implant he had placed back in San Francisco as she fights the Super Undead. After seeing enough performance, Issacs orders his technician to shut Alice down with the use of satellite. From then, Alice stops moving and stands still.

Mikey Faebrer[]

As Carlos covers for Mikey's retreat back into the news truck, Mikey finds himself to be alone on the vehicle and tries to move it but is stopped by multiple super undeads who had torn both doors and a side panel out from the vehicle. Mikey shoots the undeads and makes a run for it but is jumped by an female super undead, Claire manages to shoot the zombified woman with Mikey running towards the Hummer but fails as he is overwhelmed by other undeads as he is torn apart.

Dahlia Julia Mancini II[]

As she watches other Undeads killing Mikey, she fails to notice that LJ has turned and tries to bite her but Carlos manages to put her out of harms way and kill the zombified LJ but gets bitten in the shoulder doing so.

TWENTY SIX - Alice Abernathy X (A)[]

As she stands motionless, she witness Mikey's death, Peter having his head ripped off from the creatures when they attacked the ambulance, Dorian and Erica making their way towards the Eiffel Tower with Erica dying during the process. Alice begins to fight her way from the inside.

Sam Issacs VIII (A)[]

Issacs witness of Alice's attempts of regaining control of her body with Issacs ordering the technician to boost the control signal. Their attempts failed as the satellite malfunctions and Issac ordering another to be in the place. Issac watches tensely as six minutes go by with no new feeds from the Alice monitor

Alice Abernathy X (B)[]

Alice begins to feel free movements from her body again as she concentrates on the Umbrella satellite that was monitoring them and burn out one microchip and starts to resume her fight with the Super Undead

Chase McAvoy[]

Chase witness Erica and Dorian running all over the Strip with Erica dying and 7 more of the Super Undead climb pursuing Dorian up onto the tower. Unable to properly aim at the pursuers, Alice drops 4 pursuers to the ground and climbs up after them. One of them starts to grab for his legs and yanks him hard enough for him to lose the grip which causes Chase to fall to his death.

Alice Abernathy X (C)[]

Alice starts to climb faster as Chase fell to his death with her determining to save Dorian. Alice uses the structure to save Dorian from the remaining pursuers with both of them beginning to climb down. Carlos and Claire meet up with the pair soon after with Alice expressing regret for her inability to save Peter, Erica and Chase. After the fight, the news truck is completely destroyed with the Hummer and 8x8 in a bad shape. Alice, Claire, Carlos and Kmart start to head toward the parking garage rooftop where they find the tent and the helicopter. Feeling that they try to regain control, Alice sprints towards the tent and starts killing all tent occupants including DiGennaro. Following her massacre, she hears the whirl of helicopter blades and runs out.

Sam Issacs VIII (B)[]

Noticing that Alice has break her programm several times, he orders them to stop her while he leaves the tent for his escape. He orders the pilot to take them back to the base immediately and has his hand bitten by the last super undead as he tries to close the door. He has his staff injects him with the anti-virus.

TWENTY SEVEN - Alice Abernathy XI[]

Alice watched as the helicopter took off with the remaining three caught up afterwards. Alice tells Kmart to check for the helicopters coordinates through the computers in the tent and Claire directs her anger at Alice with the convoy continues to decrease following the attack. Kmart manages to pinpoint that it was heading back to the weather station in the salt flats. Alice intends to head for the station alone but is insisted that Claire's convoy also come to resupply themselves and get to Alaska with their helicopters. They retireve supplies and buries the victims that falls to the attack.

Alexander Slater[]

After Issacs had return from Vegas, Slater had him confined to his lab where Issacs had been injecting himself with multiple vials of the Anti Virus and his condition starting to worsen with the virus from the super undead enhanced the strength of infection. Slater confronts him with his recent unathourized actions and his disregard with human life. Along with it, the facility is now under his authority with written orders from Wesker and Issacs removed from being head of the Science Division. Slater fatally shoots Issacs in the chest for his crimes but to his shock Issacs is unfazed from his bullets and kills Slater with his mutated right hand.

Sam Issacs X[]

After killing Slater, Issacs proceeds to kill all of the labs occupants. Issacs now mutates into an Tyrant with the help of the super undead and the anti virus mixed with the formula he had created.

TWENTY NINE - Carlos Oliveira IV[]

The group eventually arrives at the station, overseeing thousands of undeads swarming around the perimeter. With Carlos's infection progressively getting worse, he formulates the plan with the surviving convoy members involving him setting off the tanker, opening an way for them to get inside and head for Alaska with the helicopter. He executes the plan using the explosives that the group had taken back at the tent with the amount of gas left from the tanker. The density from the amount of undeads forces Carlos to fight for the wheels control which ends up jolted the tanker and skidded on the side of the ground. Carlos lits the fuse and blows the vehicle up, opening the way.

Alice Abernathy XII[]

The remaining vehicles of the convoy drives through the wreckage of the tanker and enters the station. Claire, Kmart, Joel and Dorian immediately herded the kids to the helicopter and aboard it with the exception of Alice, who chose to stay behind and entrust the journal to Kmart. The helicopter departs and Alice starts to head towards the station along with her witnessing the corpses of her clones in the ditch nearby. She enters the underground of the station only to witness bloody corridors with no corpses. The AI White Queen approaches Alice with the information that Issacs had made the Super Undead with an serum derived from her blood with hers being the cure to the infection since her body had bond with the virus. The White Queen tells Alice that the equpments in labs is all needed to synthesize a cure but Issacs is still alive and contained in the lower levels, beyond level 7 which her altered protocols are now restricted to.

Alice descends into the lower levels, stumbling corpses of technicians and lab workers on the way. Alice eventually encounters one of the tanks which contains another of her clone with it eventually bursted and the clone seemingly died from convulsion following Alice's fight with the mutated Issacs. He soon retreats to another room with Alice following in pursuit. Alice finds herself again back in the dining room of the mansion with Issacs ambush her. The two engage in a fight with Alice's attacks seemingly does no damage with his wounds healed immediately. She uses her psionic ability in an attempt to overpower him but gets thrown into the Lazer hallway with his psionic ability outweighs hers. She fights him in the hallway long enough for the laser to be activated. The beams kills Issacs with its diagonal grid but stops before it could reach to Alice with the clone manage to deactivate it on time. With the hundreds of remaining Alice clones in the lab, she begins to enact her revenge against Umbrella.

Jill Valentine subplot[]

TEN - Jill Valentine III[]

Jill now drives through the remained ruins of Baltimore, heading through East in hopes of finding Alice, Carlos and LJ and hearing the secondhand account of Angela's death. During her time in the apocalypse, she had collect an few survivors of her own and hand them over to the convoy that Carlos had set up back in Atlanta but departs of the group after having been betrayed many times beforehand. Jill heads for the Inner Harbor where she had heard of a stable group there where she hopes to share intel and trade supplies but is met with hostility by 2 other armed guards, Jill kills both of them but is forced to retreat once an gun barrage ensues. She eventually stops on the street corner where she meets Andre, she offers to share some food to his group if he gives out info about the people in the convention center.

TWENTY THREE - Jill Valentine IV[]

During her time in Baltimore, Jill had gathered any survivors who was not in the convention center with the amount added up to 100 with most near the brink of death. She walks around the city with the help of Andre who shows her various locations in the city. Jill gathers up all the survivors in an abandoned building on Fayette Street with the exception of an cop named Jasper who everybody avoids. An survivor named Marlo reveals that he is hiding out in an old ARM building which prompts Jill to head to the location only to find the place barricaded with gunsights up on upper-floor windows. Jill converses with Jasper who reveals that he had met Peyton Wells back in an conference in Seatltle, Jill tells him of her plans of infiltrating the center and turns it into an haven which gets Jasper's support.


Peanut, an member of the convention center along with Bee now does sentry duty whereas the last two Motown and Cowboy had been killed by Jill. Andre approached the two of them with an fresh can food and offers to take them to the place where he had found it in exchange for safety. After a month go by with lack of food, Peanut let him inside with the council consists of him, Snoopy, Riot, String and Dog Meat begin to debate whenether to trust his words. They decide to follow the lead with the exception of Riot who is opposed to it. The council send six people to accompany him to the location which includes Dog Meat, Riot, Peanut, Robbie, Tish, and Omar.

During the trip, Omar heard a voice outside of their own and starts to point his gun around the site which triggers an gun barrage. During the chaos, Jasper holds Riot hostage and Jill holds them at gunpoint. Riot tries to attack the two but gets killed by Jasper which prompts Peanut to drop his weapon and another gun barrage. During the barrage, Jasper and Jill kill Dog Meat and Robbie. Following that, Jill ask Peanut of the remaining amount of members in his group and the infrastructure of their hideout.

Jill Valentine V[]

Following the attack, Jill and Jasper head to the Inner Harbor and approached the convention center from the rear entrance and open a way for the rest of the people. Andre led the rest of the survivors from the row house on Fayette to the convention center with some carrying supplies from the deli. That night, Jill organized a huge feast with Jasper thanking Jill for reminding him the reasons that he became a cop. Jill offers Jasper the leadership of leading the community while she continues her journey but Jasper firecely objects to it, telling her that they need an leader who has been out of the world and can show the people survive. After persuaded by Jasper, Jill takes up the job.


  • Claire Redfield : Claire pilots the helicopter near the Rocky Mountains and over Canada with Kmart reading attentively to the journal with Joel, Dorian and the kids exhausted from their desert ordeals. Heading to Arcadia, Claire had hope for the first time in the longest time.
  • Jill Valentine: The convention center in Baltimore is now changing and adapting overtime to be an sanctuary and trading center for any survivors. With anyone arriving is offered an free night stay but following the night, they had to contribute something to the communityor or be gently turned away. Meanwhile, Andre still continues his effort in tracking down any signal that other communities might gave out with the hopes of finding more people. During her time, Jill has not hear any words from her fellow Raccoon City survivors and with an new group of survivors arriving, she holds the hope that they might still be alive with other people still surviving.
  • Alice Abernathy: Wesker holds an conference in the Tokyo headquarters of Umbrella with the other heads of their respective divisions with notable absent of Issacs and Slater, the former heads of the Science Division which they have lost contact 72 hours ago. Wesker orders that all datas to be transferred into the facility where he will be incharge of the research. Alice interrupts the meeting with her announcing that she will come after him along with the other Alice clones in the facility.


Plot differences[]

Opening Sequence

  • In the movie, The vent is already open with the clone Alice manages to get out of the laser room by lifting her upper body with the laser slicing an layer of the leather boot
  • In the novel, the clone Alice manage to open the vent by kicking it upwards and slid into the vent using her ankles with her head nearly sliced by the diagonal grid beam of light.
  • In the movie, the clone Alice was killed by a bounding mine which is in the form of an fastly spinning gun turret.
  • In the novel, the clone Alice was killed by a bounding mine and thrown across several feet against one of the corridors.

KLKB Fake Rescue

  • In the movie, after the KLKB occupants were killed, Alice resumes her journey on the road.
  • In the novel, after the KLKB occupants were killed, Alice is forced to cover her tracks and avoid the satellite as it flows over her head. After a while, she continues her journey on the roads.

Alice's Nightmare

  • In the movie, Alice had nightmares during her time in Umbrella's San Francisco facility and the events of Raccoon City.
  • In the novel, Alice had different traumatic nightmare segments including her conversation with Lisa Broward in the grave, her time with Percival S. Parks before the outbreak in HIVE, her conversation with Matt Addison after they both make it out the facility, her confrontation with Timothy Cain, the events of Raccoon City, her time back in Umbrella's San Francisco facility,... with the one continuous traumatic memory being that she is forced to kill Angela Ashford against her will by Issacs, who had implant an chip inside of her back in SA facility.

Desert Trail Motel Scouting and Incident

  • In the movie, LJ was bitten on the upper right side of his chest
  • In the novel, LJ was bitten on the arm.
  • In the movie, the crows manages to kill 9 people from the convoy.
  • In the novel, The incident ended with 10 casualties from the convoy.

Super Undead

  • In the movie, it is unknown how Issacs and his associates manages to get test subjects for his enhanced undead project.
  • In the novel, Issacs and his workers uses an contraption on the guard tower to capture subjects from the hordes of undeads outside the weather station perimeter.
  • In the movie, the 87th clone Alice was bitten on the shoulder and ravaged to death by the enhanced undead
  • In the novel, the 87th clone Alice was brutually eviscerated with bare hands by the enhanced undead

Vegas Attack

  • In the movie, after she frees herself from Issacs control, she immediately heads straight to the parking garage rooftop where she shoots every Secutiy Division members in the tent. Following the attack, Kmart catches up with her and is asked by Alice to search the location that the helicopter is returning to.
  • In the novel, after she frees herself from Issacs control, she is meet up by Claire, Carlos and Kmart with them following her to the parking garage rooftop where she hurls her Kukris at one of the Division member, who sprays his bullet and kills all the tent occupants as he falls. Following the attack, Claire confronts Alice with the Alaska safety transmission information with the ambush meant for her having killed 10 more members of the convoy following the Vegas attack, Carlos manages to defuse the tension and bring some realization to Claire. After the tension, Kmart retrieves the coordination that the helicopter is returning to.
  • In the movie, Chase manages to help an female member of the convoy, climb to safety and kills the pursuers but is eventually overwhelmed and bitten on the shoulder with him voluntarily falls to his death to save the woman.
  • In the novel, Alice breaks free of her controls and goes after to save them. Alice is unable to save Chase as he is yanked hard enough by the enhance undeads to lose his grip and falls to his death whilst Alice climbing the Eiffel Tower. Alice manages to maneuver her surroundings and saves Dorian, an female member of the convoy, from the Super Undeads on the tower.


  • In the movie, from Wesker's perspective he only saw the holographic image of Alice. In the novel, Wesker notices Alice, the clone Alice standing in the background and the numerous tanks filled with other Alice clones.


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