Resident Evil: Extinction: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is the third and final various artist soundtrack in the series, released for the film of the same name. The soundtrack released on September 18, 2007 and features tracks from Charlie Clouser's score, which was released December 18, 2007.

Production History

Promotion for the soundtrack began August 14, 2007[citation needed], Lakeshore Records uploaded previews for music featured on soundtrack on;[1] its final track listing was revealed August 21, 2007,[2] four days after the soundtrack's initial release.

On August 1, 2007, the soundtrack featured group, Emigrate announced and premiered their music video, "My World".[3] Both the Japanese and European releases for Extinction featured bonus tracks. The European soundtrack featured bonus tracks by Overkill and Nightwish, released by Bodog records. Avex Trax released Koda Kumi's "Last Angel". And alongside being featured on the soundtrack, "Last Angel" was utilized in the promotion of the film in Japan.

Track listing

The following is the official US-release track listing as presented on iTunes.
No. TitleMusic Length
1. "Main Title"  Charlie Clouser 0:49
2. "Stupid Crazy"  Shadows Fall 4:40
3. "I'm So Sick (T-Virus Remix)"  Flyleaf 3:21
4. "My World"  Emigrate 4:17
5. "Duality (Project Alice String Remix)"  Bayside 3:01
6. "Losing"  Charlie Clouser 1:19
7. "One Love (Extinction Remix)"  Aiden 4:01
8. "Deathcar"  Fightstar 3:58
9. "I, Suicide"  Throwdown 3:36
10. "White Rabbit (SPC ECO Mix)"  Collide 4:42
11. "Paralyzed"  Chimaira 3:07
12. "Laser Tunnel"  Charlie Clouser 0:27
13. "Asleep On The Frontlines (Appliantz Remix)"  The Bled 5:33
14. "Catch Me"  City Sleeps 3:21
15. "Contagious"  Searchlight 4:18
16. "Scenotaph (DJA Infected Remix)"  Emanuel 4:16
17. "Sixth of June"  It Dies Today 3:04
18. "Wrecking Itself, Taking You with Me"  Poison the Well 3:21
19. "Convoy"  Charlie Clouser 0:43

Bonus Tracks

  1. Devils In the Mist* - Overkill
  2. Amaranth - Nightwish
  3. Last Angel - Koda Kumi (feat. TVXQ)


  • The teaser trailer for Extinction featured the song "I Know It's You" by The Crystal Method.[4]
  • Iron butterfly's "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" by Iron Butterfly is featured and credited in the film.[5]


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