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Film poster for the finished version, which had numerous changes.

For the earlier draft that was thrown out entirely, see Untitled Resident Evil film (2005).

Resident Evil: Extinction entered pre-production in July 2005 under the working title of Resident Evil: Afterlife, with a pitch of it being set in a Mad Max-style near-future after a T-virus apocalypse. While the general outline remained the same throughout production, significant changes were made after the August draft regarding cast and the fates of certain characters.


For the sake of convenience, the synopsis will be divided into sections. "Prelude" will cover the clone fake-out sequence and narration (pages 1–15); "Opening" will cover the introduction of the cast up to their departure from the Motel (pages 15–65); "Las Vegas" will cover the scenes leading up to the battle in Vegas (pages 65–95), and "final act" will cover the climax starting from Isaacs' return to the Complex (pages 95–120).

Prelude (pages 1-15)[]

The story opens with Alice waking up in a recreation of the Looking Glass House, contained within a reinforced concrete bunker. She soon finds herself in the Hive's class corridor, where by instinct she knows to escape a high-power laser and escape through a ceiling vent, coming out in a booby-trapped Raccoon City Hospital. Shocked by setting off a wire-trap, she triggers a second trap and is killed as a mine impacts into her abdomen. Her body is dragged out by an Umbrella haz-mat team led by Dr. J. Isaacs, revealing the Umbrella facility to be beneath a weather station in Death Valley. The body is dumped in a ditch with dozens of other Alice clones, as thousands of Undead stare hungrily on the other side of a 15 ft high fence, revealing the world has fallen to a T-virus pandemic.

Elsewhere Janice Prospero - the real Alice - drives down Nevada's I-10 in a Honda Fireblade carrying her pet dog, Paco. Alice stops at the KNAC TV station to answer an emergency transmission, but finds the caller, Bob Smythee, killed himself with a shotgun some time ago. When Paco is confronted by Undead Dogs outside, Alice takes them out with the shotgun and returns indoors to hide from an Umbrella spy satellite which periodically looks for her.

Alice narrates a flashback explaining how the world ended over a period of months after the Raccoon City incident, as infected sewer rates escaped the destruction and spread the virus across the United States. North American governments were ill-equipped to halt the vast migration of American refugees and fell soon after. The UN was able to put Umbrella's leadership on trial - Dr. Isaacs included - but an Undead attack on The Hague allowed them to flee. Since then, survivors have regressed to a nomadic hunter-gatherer tribal culture, recovering what they can find from the towns but always avoiding the cities.

Opening (pages 15-65)[]

Out in Arizona, an armoured convoy consisting of a variety of vehicles drives by, led by Jill Valentine. This consists of a hummer, a Denver KT7 news van, a fire truck, an Arco oil tanker, a flat bed, an ambulance and a school bus. For some time they have been circling around the Mojave desert, taking supplies from motels and other isolated buildings on the highways. On this particular stretch of road is a scattering of car dealerships where hundreds of Undead have clustered towards. Due to these challenges, the survivors have learnt how to refuel in transit to avoid being caught out.

Back in Death Valley, Dr. Isaacs returns from surface with a captured Undead test-subject. He is greeted by Slater, who drives him to the briefing room. The committee meets by hologram across the world's remaining Umbrella facilities, and is chaired by Commander Okamoto. Asked for his research findings, Isaacs tells them the Undead have no real need for sustenance so could survive for decades unless exposed to extreme temperatures or environment. Isaacs has for a time been working on a 'domestication' project which would allow the Undead to regain a fraction of their humanity, but needs a blood sample from the original Alice to obtain her antibodies, with her clones so far failing to develop immunity.

To hide from the satellite, Alice has hidden herself at a ridge just off the freeway. When the coast is clear, she reconnoitres an Arco gas station and its solitary Undead employee, Stevie; she fires a crossbow at him and he is pinned to a Chevy pick-up trick. With no more threats, she drives down to the station to refuel, but runs out after only half a can.

As night falls, the convoy parks up at a rest stop further down the freeway. As normal, Carlos drives around on a dirt bike rigging up motion sensor cameras called "sentries" around the camp which will alert them of sudden attacks by Undead. Jill walks around the camp as people have their dinner and meets with L.J. to discuss their fuel situation; due to a problem with the gauge they can no longer tell how much fuel they have left until K-Mart can fix it. Another refugee, Sven, inspects the hatch - it is low, but not empty. Elsewhere, Mikey operates the news truck's equipment looking for survivors with radios; they have had no contact with other refugees for weeks.

Nearby, Alice has set up her own camp and though she picks up Mikey's radio call has no interest in coming to them even though he gives out their position. She opens up the red journal she picked up at the TV station, which describes note only the writer's own struggles to survive but them picking up radio transmissions from Alaska, said to be a town called Arcadia. As she sleeps, Alice dreams of her rescue from the Detroit facility at the end of Apocalypse. She recalls the SUV taking her to a warehouse used as basecamp for an anti-Umbrella resistance group in the early weeks of the pandemic. Umbrella commandos have tracked her to the base and begin firing at the group, massacring dozens including Angie who dies in her arms. As her dream continues, Alice begins to exert her psionic abilities in the real world, sending the Fireblade up into the air and scorching the scrubland around her. As she wakes up, her abilities cease and the Fireblade crashes into the ground.

Dr. Isaacs is still awake at The Complex, conducting an experiment on the "Raiders Undead" by exposing him to the anti virus. He is alerted by White Queen that their 86th Alice clone has failed at the laser grid, and orders another clone be prepared. He orders the dead clone's blood be extracted for vaccine synthesis, and continues his experiment.

Alice is walking down the freeway back to the Arco station to take the Chevy, and is amused by Paco's chasing of one of the few remaining jackrabbits in the world. As she drives off, she ignores Stevie's body which is being consumed by two infected crows.

The convoy had been driving all morning and has reached the Desert Trail Motel. Carlos and Sven and Jill and L.J. drive up in the Hummer to search the motel and adjacent gas station for Undead. Jill searches the inside of the gas station, only to find the fly-covered corpse of a refugee who hung himself. At the motel, Sven is checking out Room 9 when he is attacked by an Undead Highway Patrolman. Unable to shake him off, Sven grabs the man's revolver and begins firing, blowing off the kneecap and he is able to free himself and snap the patrolman's neck. While recovering he spots another Undead, but realises too late it is a mirror and is bitten; he is saved by Carlos. With the coast clear, the other trucks in the convoy head up to the motel and make camp. Betty pulls up in the ambulance and gives Sven a shot of morphine.

At the Complex, Isaacs, a scientist and a lab tech observe the Raiders Undead, who has had a positive reaction to the anti virus; rather than attack them on sight, he sits at a chair and plays with a camera given to him. Changing his attention to a children's shape puzzle, he demonstrates limited pattern recognition. The Undead becomes frustrated with the puzzle, and finally enraged; breaking free he kills the Scientist followed by the Lab Tech when Isaacs locks the door on him.

It is now night at Desert Trail, and the refugees enjoy themselves at a nearby drive-in, watching Steven Seagal films, Hard to Kill and Out For a Kill from the comfort of some abandoned cars. Carlos meanwhile heads over to the ambulance to check on Sven who has been secured to a gurney to prevent escape should he become an Undead. Sven takes hold gallows humour, that his situation is still better than working on the women's shoe's aisle of Walmart. Jill heads over to the motel gift shop in search for supplies for the campers - cigarettes, beer and colas - but finds the machines were raided long ago.

As a storm picks up, the sand dunes give way to reveal the truck stop is located next to a boot hill cemetery. The desiccated remains of cowboys are revealed to have been infected, and begin climbing out of their graves. As the cemetery is within the perimeter, the Sentinels fail to alert the refugees.

At the gas station, Hello Kitty stands watch as the Arco tanker is filled up, though is distracted by the Seagal movie. When the pumps unexpectedly cut out, Hello Kitty checks on the stands and is mauled in the neck by an Undead. Weakened, she cannot properly aim her bloodsoaked Uzi and ruptures the Arco gas tanker. With the film playing, the others do not notice the gunfire until one of the Undead walks past the Sentinels. Jill hears the alert and rushes back to the news truck to warn Mikey, only to be attacked by an Undead.

Nearby, Alice arrives in the Chevy, scaring Mikey who thought the alert was coming from a large mutant. With the truck's beams, the Undead are exposed and the refugees finally realise the threat. As many as fifty Undead focus their attention onto Alice, who uses her kukris to slit their spinal columns. Meanwhile, Jill manages to grab her gun and destroys her attacker's jaw, giving her freedom to kill it properly. Back at the camp, Sven hears the commotion outside but is unable to escape the ambulance to help out.

At the drive-in, the gunfire is now getting closer and louder to the point it is clearly not coming from the film. L.J. is with K-Mart, and has her hide while he arms himself with his .45s. Before he can respond, Undead encircle an adjacent car and two people are torn apart..

Back at the camp, Otto locks the door to the school bus and the adults on board arm themselves to protect the children. Carlos and Betty cover each other outside the ambulance, but they are surrounded and an Undead almost tears into her chest when Sven bursts out and stabs the Undead with a scalpel. Carlos shouts out for someone to burn the Undead; Alice overhears and rushes to the Fire Truck but it too is overcrowded by Undead. Alice instead resorts to using her own psionic abilities, and fire begins to spread out from the camp's torches, burning each individual Undead while ignoring the refugees.

Sven spots the fuel leaking out of the tanker and tries to drive away so it isn't destroyed by the flaming Undead. He turns into an Undead just as he turns the engine on, and it fails to move. Though Carlos recognises the same threat, he cannot escape the Undead. When Alice discovers the same threat, she runs to the tanker herself and drives off, with Paco jumping in with her. Sven attacks from behind the cabin seat, but is knocked out of the tanker by Paco and euthanised by Carlos. Alice meanwhile speeds off in the tanker, but the flames keep following the fuel. Just as the tanker escapes the camp, the flames catch up and it explodes. Alice walks out of the flames suffering burns and passes out in Carlos' arms.

It is sunrise at Desert Trail. Much of the convoy's vehicles are derelict, and twelve or so refugees have been buried following the attack. Alice wakes up in the ambulance being attended to by Betty, but refuses her service in spite of a risk of bacterial infection. Noticing her clothes were destroyed in the explosion, Alice heads out and is greeted by the survivors. Jill is alarmed by her arrival and demands to know why she is here; she explains that she has been to Desert Trail and knew from their radio broadcasts there would be trouble.

Jill presses on, and asks why Alice disappeared after the attack on the warehouse. Alice explains she realised she was being tracked so left the group behind to lure Umbrella away from them. She then broke into an Umbrella facility and downloaded files from its computers which revealed the satellite spying on her. It is only then Alice realises her watch was melted in the fire and can no longer determine if the satellite is passing over. She runs into the motel just in time, and though Umbrella's computers identify Jill, they no longer care to have her killed.

Alice stands at the motel entrance, where she meets K-Mart, who jokes with her about her almost mystical reputation in the convoy and how the children make up stories about her. Alice is initially reluctant to talk to her, but opens up to her as she reminds her of Angie. While they talk, the satellite analyses the shadows belonging to the people it cannot see.

Isaacs has an urgent meeting with Commander Okamoto, where he reports the recent satellite reconnaissance. It has determined a 62% chance of Alice being in the convoy, and as she is vital to the domestication project her capture should be made a priority. Okamoto however does not see sense in sacrificing much-needed equipment and manpower on the evidence, and insists Isaacs wait until the Committee discusses it.

Alice and the others discuss her plan to head over to Alaska in search of Arcadia. Having reached hideouts too late to save people before, Jill is concerned the journal is outdated and that Arcadia could have been overrun six months ago. Carlos takes Alice's side; they have lost more than 20 people in the past six months, and heading to Alaska would at least give them something to live for. Jill puts it to a vote, and almost all hands raise for Alaska.

Having secretly recorded his last conversation with Okamoto, Isaacs uploads it to his computer where a program deconstructs it and others into a new sentence: "The Committee authorize immediate action. Release of vehicles and personnel under command of Isaacs, Doctor-".

Planning begins at Desert Trail for their Alaska trip. As the tanks were emptied by the exploded tanker, the only fuel they have left is what's in their vehicles already. Carlos and Alice check out a map for any gas stations neither party has raided yet, but they have been spent. The only solution, Jill offers, is to head into Las Vegas and recover fuel there. As refugee convoys tend to avoid the cities, that would not only be the best place to find fuel but also a replacement tanker. Unbeknownst to Alice, the plan is being intercepted by the Umbrella satellite, which has confirmed her presence and is watching and listening through her eye implant.

Las Vegas (pages 65-95)[]

The remaining vehicles in the convoy head down the freeway bound for Vegas, still over 155 miles away. Carlos drives the Flat Bed Truck with Alice and K-Mart as his passengers. Isaacs and his team set off on two helicopters in pursuit, with one carrying a large black freight container. As the convoy continues, they pass a small town and are spotted by Undead but although they are too slow to be of any danger there are far too many to safely raid the stores for supplies.

The convoy reaches the outskirts of Las Vegas, which has been swallowed by the expanding Mojave Desert. Fast food outlets like Burger King and Taco Bell can only be seen to exist by their street signs alone. On Alice's suggestion they look for the Strip to begin their search. Down one avenue they discover too late they have entered territory controlled by infected crows, who have already picked hundreds of humans or Undead to the bone. The convoy speeds up to escape them, but the school bus is not fast enough. With the windows covered up, Otto crashes into a telegraph poll.

Spotting the crash on the windshield, Alice has the flat bed turned around to rescue them, but the crows have already gotten into the school bus and are attacking the four adults. One manages to get the door open so the half dozen children can escape, but the others are mortally wounded in the process. Though Otto is able to get out, he accomplishes nothing and more and more crows mass on the bus and tear him apart. The flat bed races down the road, driven by K-Mart, and escapes the crow territory with the rest of the convoy.

The convoy soon finds its way onto the Strip, identified by the ruins of its ornate casinos from New York New York to the Bellagio. They drive past a lion that escaped M.G.M. Grand; resorting to scavenging over the years, it is suffering from anorexia and knows not to bother with them. Further down, the convoy comes to a halt against a tanker carrying Canola Oil. L.J. and K-Mart begin draining the oil to make room for petrol while a defensive perimeter is set up like at Desert Trail. L.J. points out a gas pump at the Venetian he remembers from the last time he gabled in Vegas. He and Betty go inside the Venetian to check it out, where L.J. steals $2,000 to make-up for his losses.

As the tanker finishes up, Paco is alerted to something happening nearby - the helicopters have landed. This is soon followed by screams echoing around the Strip. Rather than stick around, the convoy is back on the move. Soon, however they find the Strip is blocked by the collapsed storm drains, and they are forced down a side-street heading around the Venetian. As Alice looks closer at the drains, she realises the metal has not begun to rust, suggesting someone blocked the road recently and deliberately.

Heading down the side-road, the convoy is stopped yet again, this time by a large freight container decorated with the Umbrella logo. Trapped in the city otherwise, the refugees work to move the container out of the way using the news truck, ambulance and flat bed but fail to move it due to its weight. Alice leaves the flat bed to investigate the container, and starts hearing noises coming from inside. Suddenly, the container is opened by explosive bolts and reveals a mass of 36 Super Undead, created from Isaacs' experiments with the anti virus and including the Raiders Undead amongst them.

The survivors flee to their vehicles and their guns. Jill is almost killed by an Undead but saved at the last second by Carlos. She is barely able to get into the flat bed with K-Mart even with the help. Carlos, hiding under the flat bed, becomes the target of their attention instead. Nearby, Betty hurries back to the ambulance only to be tracked to the ground by an Undead. L.J. is able to defeat it with a violent swing of the ambulance doors and rescues her. While Alice fights the Undead with her kukris once more, she is watched from a multi-storey car park by an Umbrella observation team. When she defeats her opponents, Isaacs orders her to be shut down so she can be captured.

Mikey meanwhile drives the news truck into the Venetian's canal, where it begins a sink. A Super Undead in a nurse uniform is first to open the rear door, followed by a second. He barely escapes the pair, though loses a shoe in the process. Jill waits for Mikey in the flat bed, but he is knocked over by another Undead, then swarmed by several more who are as powerful as to render his body unrecognisable in seconds. When Carlos climbs back up from under the truck, Jill rushes to the door to welcome him in instead, but finds he became an Undead after it was surrounded. Carlos bites Jill on the shoulder before turning his attention to a screaming K-Mart. Injured but still conscious, Jill kills him.

Alice remains frozen as a distressed Paco barks wildly. Though she cannot move, Alice instead is able to cause damage to the satellite, sending it swinging out of alignment before shutting down. With Isaacs' control over Alice now broken, she is finally free. Rather than rejoin the battle she instead rushes up a flight of stairs. The observation team re-establishes contact with the satellite and resumes their attempts to restrain Alice, but discover that she has already found their hideout. Before the tech can shut her down for a second time, the Captain is dead before he can grab his sidearm, and his subordinate is impaled into their helicopter's hull by a kukri; as he dies, his machinegun discharges, killing the pilot instantly and fatally wounding the tech. Before the tech himself dies, Alice demands to know where Isaacs is, but she is too late. Isaacs has already boarded the second helicopter free from Alice's revenge; however, in an ironic twist of fate Isaacs is mauled by the Raiders Undead and infected. Isaacs spares Alice's life in favour of getting the anti-virus for himself, and the helicopter departs.

The last of the thirty-six Super Undead are now dead, and Betty begins treating the survivors. L.J. checks the abandoned helicopter's computer for a location of its base before meeting with the others in the convoy. Jill is being bandaged up and flagged as an infection, but is willing to head out with Alice in search of the Umbrella base to recover anti-virus. After Carlos' funeral, the convoy drives out through the desert bound for The Complex.

Final Act (pages 95-120)[]

Isaacs is under arrest following the exposure of his falsifying of orders. Two guards stand outside to prevent him escaping his lab while he injects himself with vial after vial of anti-virus. Dr. Slater arrives and is disgusted by the effects of his reckless behaviour, and under Executive Order 1345 he executes Isaacs for "insubordination and gross misconduct in the field". Demonstrating heightened resilience, Isaacs is not downed by a shot to the heart, and is shot twice more. His "death" lasts a matter of moments, and he gets up once more, now mutating extensively. Returning the favour, Isaacs grows tentacles which stab Slater through the eyes and burrow down into his skull. Isaacs then goes after the guards.

Alice and Jill watch the Weather Station from a ridge, which they have correctly determined is above an underground facility like The Hive was. Spotting the helicopter that departed Las Vegas, Betty reluctantly offers to fly them all out to Alaska, having only picked up theory from her time as an airborne paramedic. Jill meanwhile choses not to be evacuated; having seen the anti-virus' limits before in Raccoon City, she knows she is too far gone. Rather than be euthanised, Jill wants to go out in a way that would help the others. Struggling her way to the tanker, Jill climbs into the cabin surrounded by the 12 remaining survivors from their group of 50. She orders everyone else to make a run for the helicopter, and departs in the tanker carrying explosives in the passenger seat.

At the Weather Station, thousands of Undead continue to mass on the perimeter fence, unable to break in. The tanker crashes the Undead, but before it can reach the fence it drives into a ditch and rolls over. Close enough to the fence, Jill pulls out a pack of cigarettes hiding behind the sun visor, but as the Undead break through the window decides to light the fuse first. Jill enjoys her cigarette briefly before the bomb kills her and a thousand other Undead. A hole has now been formed between the convoy and the perimeter, and the convoy speeds through, into the compound. As the surviving Undead can follow them through the whole, the remaining twelve survivors of the convoy board the helicopter, save for L.J. who chooses to stay behind with Alice and Paco.

The two head down the elevator into The Complex, where they find it a derelict; the lights have been smashed, the walls have bullet holes in them and blood is all over the place, but there are no bodies. As they enter the Briefing Room, they are greeted by White Queen who explains that Alice's blood is a potential cure for the infection, and a preventative treatment for the 1,733,548 uninfected survivors on the Earth. The problem however is Isaacs, who has been contained on the lower levels and must be killed if Alice's blood can be used in the treatment. Having realised her attempts against him, Isaacs has already locked White Queen out of her security systems. Alice leaves Paco with White Queen while she and L.J. go out in search of Isaacs.

The two make their way to level 7 of the Complex, forced to use flashlights to see down its labyrinthine passageways. It is in Isaacs' laboratory that they finally find bodies of the facility's former employees, neatly piled into a pyramid. L.J. takes control of Isaacs' computer where he can remotely use the security system. Spotting something on the CCTV monitors, she heads out in pursuit, putting on an earpiece to remain in contact.

Alice makes her way alone through the facility, finding her way in the storage room for a hundred or so Alice clones, all preserved in tanks. With no lighting, Alice cannot find Isaacs despite knowing he is nearby. Even with L.J.'s warnings, it is not enough and she is quickly disarmed. The two begin fighting, with Isaacs's quickly suffering a dislocated right arm and a slit artery. Alice meanwhile is sent falling into one of the tanks, prematurely awakening a clone who like a newborn baby cannot know to breathe. Isaacs takes this distraction to escape and regenerate. The clone is not as fortunate, and begins convulsing before quickly dying.

Alice heads out in search of Isaacs, tracking him to the clone testing facility and entering a replica of the Looking Glass House. While observing a photograph of Alice and Spence on their "wedding day", Isaacs makes his move but is too slow again. Alice slices him with her kukri repeatedly, but each time he recovers with ease. Isaacs finally responds and backhands Alice, sending her across the room before turning his right arm into a mass of tentacles. Alice finds herself being strangled by the tentacles. She is able to reach her Kukri and slices at the tentacles, but they also regenerate. With physical attacks useless, Alice switches to psionic ones and begins concentrating her mind; a huge shockwave wrecks the room and knocks Isaacs against the wall. Isaacs demonstrates his own psionic abilities, and does the same to Alice with twice the power, sending her flying into the Glass Corridor replica. As Isaacs advances on Alice, she screams out "no" on her radio. L.J., who was watching the entire fight on the CCTV system, activates the laser trap and cuts him to pieces, shutting it down before it hits Alice.

It is three days since the attack on The Complex. Betty succeeds at taking the helicopter all the way to Alaska, spying the snow-capped mountains on her approach. Though they do not yet see Arcadia, they remain hopeful for the future. Meanwhile, in Tokyo, Chairman Okamoto holds another holographic Committee meeting regarding the sudden loss of contact with the Complex, who have now been deemed lost. Alice interrupts the meeting, using the holographic technology in the Complex, where she threatens to come after each of the other representatives. The film ends with the hundred or so Alice clones waking up in their chambers, being prepared to fight Umbrella on her side.


Various characters went through significant re-writes or were replaced altogether. Some plot points were also changed radically, including the final moments and most of the Desert Trail scenes.

  • Alice is partnered with a dog named "Paco" in this version, which is completely absent in the theatrical version.
  • Carlos' early scenes are largely the same until Las Vegas. In the draft, he is infected during the battle and bites Jill; in the theatrical version L.J. instead did this to Carlos after.
  • Jill does not appear in the theatrical version at all, owing to Sienna Guillory backing out of the project. Most of her scenes are given to Ali Larter's character, Claire Redfield. In the draft, she is infected by Carlos and is the one to die in a suicidal tanker explosion.
  • Angie has a small cameo where it is revealed she was gunned down by Umbrella soldiers during a raid on a warehouse in Detroit immediately after Apocalypse. This is how Alice learns she is being tracked. This flashback does not occur in the theatrical version, and Alice's fears of endangering her friends are left more hypothetical.
  • Umbrella's leader is Chairman Okamoto, a reference to Capcom Producer Yoshiki Okamoto. In the theatrical version this became Albert Wesker.
  • L.J. is completely different in the draft. He is the driver of the tanker truck in this version, unlike Carlos, and has apprenticed teens K-Mart and "Hello Kitty" in providing fuel for the other cars. He does not get infected in this version and survives through the end. After Jill's sacrifice, L.J. stays behind and goes with Alice into the underground base, dubbed "The Complex". As White Queen's security system is offline, it is L.J. who saves Alice from Isaacs, activating the laser trap himself after spotting her in trouble on CCTV.
  • Betty also survives to the end, as it is revealed has minor experience of helicopter flying from her time as an airborne paramedic in Chicago. In the theatrical version it is somewhat vague if she is really a trained nurse, and she is using a Raccoon City ambulance instead. She also has no romantic connection with L.J. in this version.
  • A minor character called Sven appears in the draft where he is infected at the Desert Trail in the same way as L.J. in the theatrical version. However, he does not cover this up and becomes an Undead later that night.
  • The events at Desert Trail are completely different in the draft. In this version it is a tourist trap consisting of the motel, a gift shop, a truck stop and a drive-in around a boothill cemetery. At night, Undead cowboys dig their way out and begin attacking the unsuspecting refugees while distracted by a Steven Seagal movie, and are incinerated when Alice arrives with her psionic powers. In the theatrical version Desert Trail is only a motel, and they are attacked by a murder of crows in the morning. A crow attack does take place in the draft, but this is in Las Vegas and is where Otto and other adults die protecting the children when their school bus fortress is lost.
  • Some minor characters in the theatrical version do not yet exist. Chase is wholly original and does not replace anyone else's scenes. The bandits who run the KLKB radio station also do not exist yet, and it is instead a genuine hide-out of a refugee who recently killed himself.


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