Issue #2 of Resident Evil: Fire and Ice was released in February 2001 by the Canadian DC subsidiary, WildStorm Publications.


Rosa Cardenas, the Second Team leader in the current mission, leads her team to Alaska to investigate an Umbrella facility. Meanwhile, Team One (under Falcon) will go to Mexico. Second Team is seen riding on snowmobiles, expecting a few hours of riding ahead of them, with expectations of heavy weather.

Rosa orders Quan to head back to a plateau they passed earlier to set up their third evac zone, in case the weather due to arrive any minute will prevent the completion of the mission. Quan complains that "Chuckles" (Patrick Brady) hasn't been assigned anything; Rosa responds that Quan has been ordered to set up the zone because he is the vehicle specialist. Patrick is then given instructions to assist her in setting up a bivouac once they find a sheltered valley and then radio Quan the coordinates. Quan sets off to the plateau, warned that the team does not know what could be out there - three humanoid animals of various species (the most visible being a wolf) watch the team from a cave.

Meanwhile, the First Team is moving in to Mexico during what appears to be the Día de Muertos festival (November 1–2), soon understandings that the festival goers in make-up are also zombies, and have already started encircling the S.T.A.R.S. team. Raquel heads off the set up explosives, since the three don't have enough ammunition to take out the whole town. On her own in a store, Raquel uncovers her arm to find that the infection has led to her growing a spike several inches long. She takes a kitchen knife and cuts it off.

Back in Alaska, Rosa and Patrick have left their snowmobiles to set up the camp. Rosa is concerned that she sent Quan off too late and he'll be stuck in the storm. Patrick points out that Quan obviously has a crush on her, and would do what he can to get back. Rosa mumbles that she wishes it was Patrick that felt that way, instead. Patrick spies a large, flying beast heading towards them, and the two run back to their snowmobiles where they left their firearms. Five humanoid animals appear before them - a wolf; a bear; a walrus; a penguin (despite being in the Northern Hemisphere) and an orca whale.

In Mexico, Raquel has set the explosives. Jesse notices Raquel bleeding after she has covered her arm. Jesse is told to set off the explosives once Falcon arrives, but he sets them off once Falcon is in sight. He gets to them, narrowly escaping the explosions. Raquel barks at Jesse, who defends himself on the count that the zombies are dead and Falcon is safe. Raquel brings up that she noticed something strange in one of the buildings she was in, and the three set off to investigate it. Investigating a painting of a temple, Falcon notices (note that it shows a doorway that is also a wall - evidence that the inside of this building has been bricked-up) that runes have been written onto the picture in place of a signature. Remembering the S.T.A.R.S. report from the Mansion Incident, in which Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine discovered that Umbrella had used runes as part of code-based puzzles. He reads it as "NFEKT", and searches for the answer in his head. Raquel, meanwhile, states the obvious - just look for the bricked-up arch and the Umbrella facility should be there. The three drive to the temple to investigate.

Back in Alaska, Quan finishes off setting up the helicopter evac site. While doing so he talks to himself about how only Rosa is colder than the weather. An avalanche is set off in a nearby mountainside while Rosa radios in, asking for help, but he does not hear it. The penguin flies above the monsters, ready to attack. Rosa makes a one-liner in response to this "Don't you know penguins can't fly?" (a more accurate one-liner, given that some species can, would be to point out that there are no penguins in Alaska). Patrick congratulates Rosa for taking out the penguin, and subsequently handicaps the bear by shooting through one of its ancles. With no time to reload, Patrick pistol-whips the Orca whale in the face, knocking it down ("Say goodbye, fishbreath!"). Suddenly having ammunition, he shoots it in the head ("That she blows"). The walrus and wolf have now encircled Rosa and are moving in. The former uses its long arms (mutated flippers, evidently) to disarm Rosa. With both ready to slash at her, it is suddenly revealed that the wolf has attacked the walrus, fighting over who gets to kill Rosa. Rosa runs to get her weapon back right as the wolf punches her in the head, sending her flying into the cliff-edge, striking her face. Running to save Rosa, the penguin is revealed to have survived, and grabs Patrick's left foot with its beak as he runs past. Patrick falls over and smashes his head against a rock. With both team members down, the surviving creatures - the wolf; the bear and the penguin - are shot with darts by Mr. Venk, previously involved in the incident at Pine Grove Academy several years prior along with his boss, Klaus. An Umbrella crew cleans up the site, taking the unconscious mutants and S.T.A.R.S. members with them. The boss suspects Rosa and Patrick to be affiliated with S.T.A.R.S.

Fan mail

Welcome back to Resident Evil: Fire and Ice!

Before we get into the mail, we have an exciting announement for all RE fans. In our last issue, we said we didn't have any information on the long-awaited Resident Evil movie...

But that's no longer the case!

It was reported in the Hollywood trade press on October 5 that Paul Anderson ("Mortal Kombat", "Even Horizon") hassigned on to write and direct a forthcoming Resident Evil movie, with a budget of around $40. The movie should be out at Halloween, 2001.

So, it's in the works at last. Look for it next fall.

Now, what did you have to say...?

Hi,</span<   I just got the new Resident Evil comic Fire and Ice #1 and all I can say is, "Holy cr**, that was awesome!" Now I have a couple of questions:</span<

1) When does the next issue come out? I don't get out to the comic shop as much as I would like to so I usually miss the next issues of comics I like.

2) Are you planning on making another comic series after this one? I hope so, because I really liked the Comic Book Magzine and the first issues of this one so far.

Thanks a lot,
Daniel Hill
via e-mail

Well, Daniel, the next issue is out - hey, now! Issue #3 will be on sale at the end of January, so keep an eye out.

Or... maybe that's not the kind of thing one should say in a Resident Evil comic book - who knows what RE fans might do to that eye?

  Dear S.T.A.R.S. Charlie Company: Whooo hooo! I loved Resident Evil: Fire & Ice #1 of 4! Welcome back! Let's talk about the whole story, if you don't mind. The story didn't waste any time, as Agent Fields, with weapon dawn out in the night, thought to herself this is a safe night. All around er are zombies. This reminded me of the scene in the movie "Pitch Black" where the guy is surrounded by these night creatures and blows out a flame from his alcohol-filled mouth and sees all these creatures around him. Those Batavia, Nebraska circus zombies really gave me the heebie jeebies - and just in time for Halloween!

  Absolutely loved the bio info on each member of the S.T.A.R.S. Charlie Company. Anyone jumping on board for the first time wil instantly get to know each member on an intimate basis. Very well done!

  As an animal lover who watches "Crocodile Hunter" on the Animal Planet, I was a little bit upset nowing that Patrick Brady had to kill all those zoo zombie animals. I was really horrified to see him kill a lion who was inected by the G-Virus. Patrick is a valuable team member, as he is able to sense any creature or human that is infected with the G-Virus. Just like the "Dirty Dozen," each member has some problems. From Falcon, a former Army Ranger (now that's an elite group) who has to move onto S.T.A.R.S., to Rosa Cardenas who really loaths the infamous Umbrella group who created the G-Virus, thinking they could create super-soldiers, but instead got zombies! I don't like Rosa one bit. Jesse Alcorn didn't have much of an ultimatum. I would choose joining S.T.A.R.S. over life imprisonment any day.

  What a superior team Charlier Company is! Television's "A-Team" couldn't do better as Charlie Company's line-up consists of a computer expert, a tracker, a communications expert and a vehicle specialist. Since I'm talking about TV shows, the "Mission Impossible" team pales in comparison to S.T.A.R.S.' Charle Company. This team has a strong esprit de corps.

  Man, I feel bad for Agent Fields as she is turning into a zombie. She is keeping this from her teammates and I feel she needs to tell them, before it's too late. Maybe she should hope for the best, perhaps she has a bad case of gangrene, butI doubt it. I know that they have god intentions, but breaking up into two teams so they can hit Alaska and Mexico may not be a good idea. As a full team, they are invincible. The goosebumps started flaring when I saw the Day of the Dead celebrators who are actually zombies! I am now looking forward to that next issue.

The anticiation is going to kill me!
Sincerily yours,
S.T.A.R.S. Special Agent
Paul Dale Roberts
Elk Grove, CA

Thanks for the recap, Paul! Glad you're on board with us. Don't miss next issue - when the action really gets hairy!




  • Kris Oprisko - Writer
  • Ted Adams - Writer
  • Lee Bermejo - Penciller
  • Shawn Crystal - Penciller
  • John Nyberg - Inker
  • Ryan Cline - Letterer
  • Jeff Mariotte - Editor

Further notes

The story switches between calling the protagonists' organization "S.T.A.R.S. Charlie Company" and "Charlie Team", perhaps relating to the story being written by two different authors.

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