Resident Evil: Fire and Ice #4 is a comic published by WildStorm in April 2001. The final part in the Fire and Ice series, Issue #4 settles a story arc started at the end of Resident Evil: The Official Comic Magazine.


Quan Williamson rides through the Alaskan snow in search of his teammates, following Patrick's beacon. Approaching the Umbrella complex, he discovers an upturned and abandoned Umbrella surveillance minicopter. Despite the angle it is resting at in the snow, it has plenty of fuel and working rotors. Quan picks it up, hoping to use it to save Patrick and Rosa.

At the Arctic Research Facility, Dr. Whitlam begins to augment Patrick and Rosa with the X-Virus. They complain of a burning sensation - a side-effect of the virus spreading through their veins. The mutations have already begun, and their complete transformation is expected to be completed in a few hours. Whitlam goes into a generic evil monologue about how Patrick and Rosa's names in history are irrelevant, though being the first X-Virus experimentations is a big enough honor. He also suggests that his experimentation is at least partly to get back at those who tormented him at Pine Grove Academy (whom he had already killed). His agents see the surveillance helicopter and warn him to get down. The helicopter flies through the window and the homing device attached to it explodes next to him. Quan walks through the hole in the wall, admitting to his comrades that it was largely due to happenstance that they were unscathed by the explosion.

Mr. Venk attacks Quan, sending him flying to the ground; he is trying to keep Quan from noticing Klaus, who is bleeding heavily from one of his arms damaged by the explosion. Venk grabs Quan, trying to keep him away once he notices Klaus, but Quan gets the upper hand and throws him into the air and onto Klaus, impaling himself on a wooden object. The two men are left to bleed to death in the facility as Rosa; Patrick and Quan head outside. Patrick does not believe he has much time before the X-Virus takes over him, and Rosa breaks down when reminded, asking Quan to shoot her should she change.

In Mexico, Jesse; Falcon and Raquel discover that a cactus patch they are near has been artificially grown into a pattern. Driving back to one of their helicopter sites, they return in the skies to see exactly what it is. They find it to be in the shape of the international biohazard symbol. The new virus they have discovered Umbrella to be developing happens to be called "Biohazard" (unusual, given that the Mexican facility's computer terminal said "X-Virus"). Spying an extra cactus in the middle of the patch, Falcon concludes that it must be of significance to the antidote. Raquel is lowered down on a rope to the cactus. She severs the top to find a champagne corked-vial embedded within. Returning to the helicopter, Jesse grabs the antidote sample - the cork shoots out and some of the antidote is lost. Putting her microphone and head gear one, Raquel goes into a one-to-one conversation with Falcon - she suspects that he has been deliberately screwing up the mission all along (nearly killing Falcon in the town and blowing up the facility). He is unable to do anything about it when an Umbrella helicopter approaches. Raquel takes a rocket launcher, intending to shoot it down. She misses, giving the Umbrella helicopter the chance to fire back. While the S.T.A.R.S. helicopter's cockpit windows are made of glass, they won't hold out much longer. Raquel states that she does not miss twice, living up to her word by destroying it. With the enemy target destroyed, the team heads off to Alaska to help their comrades.

Back in Alaska, Patrick begins to have convulsions as the virus' mutagenic effects become more noticeable. Quan decides that it is necessary to tie up Patrick and Rosa for the time-being, at least until Falcon gets back. Rosa orders Quan to shoot her, but he refuses. Patrick begins to mutate excessively, forcing Quan to shoot him. Patrick breaks the chains holding him and throws Quan aside, leading to him simply firing into the air. Running to get his gun back, Patrick punches Quan, sending him flying several metres. Suddenly, Falcon's helicopter arrives, and Raquel fires her crossbow at Patrick, knocking him out (despite looking nothing like himself anymore, she instantly recognised him). Quan brings the arrivals up to date on the situation, adding in his theory that Patrick's prior G-Virus infection is making him mutate faster than Rosa. Suddenly, Rosa also mutates into an identical mutant. Both must now be immobilized before the antidote can be given. With the creatures easily able to get out of the way from bullets, it is too hard for them to be taken out. Jesse drives into one of them with a snowmobile (even though snowmobiles are slower than bullets).

Ready to administer the antidote, Jesse reveals himself to be an Umbrella agent, and claims that the X-Virus is too important to their search to cure. Going into yet another generic evil-rant, Jesse fails to see Patrick come up behind him, leading to him being impaled on his claws. Raquel throws a shock grenade at him, letting go of Jesse. He tells Falcon that it is too late to save Patrick - total transformation is complete. Raquel decides to test this out by injecting Patrick. He resists the antidote and gets back up; the team responds by shooting him in the head. Unfortunately for Patrick, the antidote has begun to work on Rosa.

An Umbrella employee watches from a camera-carrying bird, and congratulates Falcon for his work, having eliminated Dr. Whitlam and ended his experimentation - this was actually conducted outside of Umbrella's jurisdiction. He also reveals that Raquel's infection has not been investigated, still and she will simply mutate and kill everyone on the helicopter ride home - "don't you ever learn? Umbrella always wins."



  • Kris Oprisko - writer
  • Ted Adams - writer
  • Shawn Crystal - penciller
  • John Nyberg - inker
  • Ryan Cline - letterer
  • Jeff Mariotte - editor


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