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For the game of the same name, see Resident Evil: Genesis (game).

Resident Evil: Genesis is the second novelization of the first Resident Evil film. It was written by Keith R. A. DeCandido, and published in 2004 as the prequel to Resident Evil: Apocalypse. It is 277 pages long and provides names and backstory for characters who were simply nicknamed in the film, such as Ms. Black (Ella Fontaine and Medic). It also give details on the life of Alice Abernathy, and elaborates on the organization that Matt Addison and his sister Lisa belong to. The novel is written alongside the sequel Resident Evil: Apocalypse (novel)


The Hive: a subterranean genetic research facility owned and operated by Umbrella, an immensely powerful corporation with interests in everything from human longevity to biowarfare. With computerized defenses and heavily armed human backup, the Hive is impregnable and invulnerable. Or so Umbrella believes. But something has gone fatally wrong. The Hive has lost containment of its most lethal and horrific creation: a virus that kills and reanimates human life, reducing the entire facility staff of five hundred men and women to mindless creatures with a single driving force—hunger. And the key to stopping them rests with one young woman who cannot even remember who she is.


The story is told through the third-person limited point of view of a single character; the book presents the perspective of ten characters through 28 chapters, detailing the events before the outbreak, during the outbreak and the HIVE mission

Before The Outbreak[]

One - Aaron Vricella[]

An man named Aaron Vricella, who is in charge of the organization of bringing down Umbrella, meets with an person named Matthew Addison in his office. The two had an debate over whenether to let his sister Lisa Addison, an civlian, to participate in an undercover operation to retrieve info from the HIVE to expose the pharmaceutical company Umbrella Corporation for their shady activities upon hearing the rumours of them developing biological weaponry. Vricella questions of Matt's decision to send Lisa, who has no prior experience in this kind of work. Matt retorts that no matter how good of a cover other person gets, Umbrella will plow through them which runs the risk of exposing the entire operation. He further backs up his decision with Lisa's top field in cybersecurity and her extraordinary résumé. Vricella is concerned with this decision but is eventually persuaded by Matt. He is eventually relents to go through with it and puts Lisa down to the HIVE bound by a 5-year contract.

Two - Lisa Addison I[]

Lisa eventually applies for the position and is interview by an man named Casey Acker, who is a human resources drone conducting a series of interviews with Umbrella. Acker questions her decision to apply for the position now, when they offered her a similar position six years ago. She answers that she was not prepared to leave New York and steady work was getting harder to find while working as a freelancer. Acker tells her that she has passed the background check with flying colors and Lisa is surprised that it was a test. The death of her close friend Mahmoud al-Rashan following his post-surgery complications at the hands of RPC, Caduceus, and Armbruster, all three of which are subsidiaries of Umbrella, has motivated her to follow through with the operation to expose Umbrella. After the interview, Acker welcomed her to the Umbrella family.

Three - Alice Abernathy I[]

Alice Abernathy, who is the head of the security for the Hive, the semi-secret underground facility owned and operated by the Umbrella Corporation. She had to spend the first three months of the job with what was considered either the best or worst assignment in Umbrella's Security Division: mansion duty. As part of the duty, she had to married to Percival S. Parks as a cover, maintaining an image of a couple who live in that old mansion that all the guides to Raccoon cautioned against tourists visiting and its their job to prevent any publc from knowing any more knowledge about the HIVE.

Ever since the mansion was rumoured to house trap doors, secret corridors, and other reflections of the millionaire's obsession with spy thrillers. More visitors had found themselves escorted out of the area by the Foxwood Heights Police Department—or even sometimes the Raccoon City P.D.—for illegal entry. Given the nature of the work Umbrella did in the Hive, the mansion was the first line of defense against everything from reporters to industrial sabotage to outright thievery which makes their work of critical importance to Umbrella's security.

Following 5 years of her assigned to the Treasury Department in the company and Spence's recent arrival to the company. The two of them have to spent their months in a facsimile of wedded bliss and had each been given plain gold wedding bands along an inscription, property of the Umbrella Corporation on the inside, with their wedding photos placed at strategic spots throughout the massive expanse of the mansion's interior. Alice and Spence would spend their time getting to know one another, with her expressing her dissatisfaction with the job and him relishing in the position. They converse with each other, learning more about each another. She relents that this task might not be so boring for her after all.

Four - Lisa Addison II[]

During her two months of staying in HIVE, Lisa had learnt quite well about its computer system with them always first with the newest innovations in both hardware and software. She began to remember her times with its head programmer Simon Barr about her hardwork experiences to impress him and learning more about him. Now she now provides security and makes sure systems remained secure to Umbrella's most advanced AI, The Red Queen. The Red Queen's appearance and personality is modelled after Angela Ashford, the daughter of Charles Ashford. Although she worked with the computer system, Lisa was not a part of the Computer Services staff and is to report to the head of Security Division, an man with the code name "One".

Lisa is later contacted by Alice, who she engages in regular talk and finds her to a comfortable presence. Alice asks Lisa for help about her account, which she cannot get into. She tries several methods and asks Alice if she had read her memo about changing passwords every eight days to which Alice replies that she has not. After helping Alice, she thanked her and asks her out on a lunch on the next Thursday. Lisa manages to get a glimpse on Alice's monitor which contains two graphics and a huge block of text, some of which reveal the T-virus and Anti-virus and fatalities related to it. One of the graphics shows a rabbit being injected with the T-Virus and mutates. Seeing this, she is thrilled that Matt and his organization can use this information to expose the company.

Five- Lisa Addison III[]

On Thursday, Lisa aboarded the train and reached topside Raccoon City, meeting Alice. Together they arrived to an diner called Che Buono and they began to converse with each other with Lisa revealing bits and pieces about her past but nothing detrimental to the operation. During the conversation, Lisa notices the changes in Alice's tone and realizes the conversation that they were having was in fact an interrogation. Shortly after, they aboard a cab back to the mansion but Alice tells the driver to drop them off an few miles from the mansion.

The pair walked from there with Alice revealing that she knew what Lisa was doing and that she had not forgot to change her password. She began to show her an mini DVD-player about the size of a PDA which contains the recordings of her talking to another individual and her peering intently onto the person's montitor before security kicked in. This mistake caused Alice to know of her suspicious activity and prompts her to check on her background file, which caused her to know about Lisa's brother Matt, her friend Mahmoud and her true reason of coming to work for the company.

Alice began to explain about the things that Lisa had seen on her monitor and the T-Virus as well as it's usages and it's effects on a person. She began to offer her help in Lisa getting the virus as she had access to security plans, surveillance codes and such, all in return of Lisa's promise of bringing down the corporation. Lisa reluctantly accepts the proporsal after some thinking and persuasion.

Six - The Figure[]

The figure in the hazmat suit enters the room without the Red Queen noticing any suspicious activity. The figure begins to remove the fourteen vials containing the T-Viurs and the Anti Virus from their respective places using the waldoes. They began to pack it in a duffle bag and throw a t-Virus capsule on the ground. The virus liquidates from its crystalline form and turns into a gas spreading throughout the Hive by the air-conditioning vents.

The Red Queen notices the virus detection in the air and starts to quarantine the entire HIVE. Choosing not to evacuate the 523 employees without the risk of the virus spreading.

During The Outbreak[]

Seven - Mark Torvaldsen[]

Mark Torvaldsen began to work in the HIVE in his first day of the job as his previous company was bought out by Umbrella with the company dissolving and its employees were laid off but Mark was one of the people that was offered a position inside the company. In his first morning, he heads towards to an elevator that would take him to his office in Pharmaceuticals and is collided with another person, who is seemed to be leaving in a hurry.

During the elevator trip, he met with another worker named Ella Fontaine and they converse with each other. Suddenly, the elevator stopped midway with Ella assuming that it's another fire drill and that the elevator was supposed to stop at a nearby floor for them to take the stairs. Ella tries to phone for help but the lines were dead. Growing panic, he starts to pound for the door and heard the scream of people in another elevtor dropping down below. Ella and another worker tries to pry open for the doors and they seen workers laying dead on the floor. Ella volunteers to find help as she squeezes through the narrow gap but is stuck halfway through her shoulders. The brakes started to gave out and the elevators starts to jolt through the third floor but is luckily stopped. Ella urges for the workers to pull her back but the workers were overwhelmed by the gas as they struggled to breathe. As Ella's head still wedged between the floors, the elevators moves upwards and decapitates her. Shortly after, Mark and the rest of the workers were asphyxiated by the virus.

Eight - Anna Bolt[]

Anna Bolt was a biologist assigned in a special lab in The Hive dedicated towards T-virus experimentation along with her two fellow biologists Mariano Rodriguez and Johnny Wayne Carlson. The trio began to converse with one another. Before they can continue to work with their experimentation, the fire alarm went off and the sprinkler goes off, spraying them with cold water. Anna urges her fellow workers to move their experiment, computers and cover them with plastic. Looking up, she saw the security camera and wades over telling The Red Queen that there was not any fire but does not get any responses. The door to their lab sealed off and Johnny uses his axe to bust the window but only a small pebble came out from the attack. He tries again but his efforts are futile as the room begin to fill with water, drowing the three biologists.

Nine - Lisa Addison IV[]

Shortly after the meeting with Alice in the graveyard, this day would be the day that she got the virus as arranged. Lisa had sent an cryptic email to Matt two days before, Matt calls Lisa, informing him that he is now in Raccoon and that Lisa had arranged for Alice, Matt and herself to meet in the mansion. During the phone call, the high buzzing alerts her and she leaves for the area near the elevator bay where she sees an crowd congregating in the hall. The doors were shut, blocking access to the bay. Lisa thoughts of multiple scenarios including the possibility of Alice betraying her or Lisa getting discovered for her underground role. Before she can do anything, Halon gas spreads through the area, suffocating all workers inside including Lisa.

Ten - Timonthy Cain[]

While at his office at Raccoon City, Cain received word from "One", over an emergency line, that The Hive, the top-secret bio-weaponry development facility underground Raccoon, had shut-down and the Red Queen, the artificial-intelligence controlling the bunker, wasn't responding. Concerned for what was going on, Cain gave permission for Shade and his hand-picked commando team to enter the Hive, shut down the Red Queen and retrieve its hard-drive and escape.

Infiltrating The Hive[]

Eleven - Alice Abernathy II[]

Sometime after the outbreak, Alice wakes up in the shower with no recollections of any of her memories. She starts to wander through the entire mansion, remembering little pieces about her memories such as her mother's maiden name, she eventually discovers an unfamiliar handwritten note with the words "today all your dreams come true". Eventually, she is startled by the strong breeze of what seem to be from an helicopter. She investigates the origins of it when she is suddenly grabbed and dragged back by Matt Addision. The pair were then knocked back by men in black tatical gear with an cordite bomb and Matt was apprehended and cuffed.

One of the man grabs her and demands her report to which she cannot answers as she has not regained any of her memories. Another man speak out that the primary defenses have been activated and that she was still suffering from the side effects. The leader of the group ordered that both of them were coming with them and tells the team to prepare entry to the HIVE.

Twelve - Rain Melendez I[]

Prior to her employment with Umbrella, Rain Melendez was a police officer working for Los Angeles Police Department, she later left due to repeated disagreements with the SWAT department about her gender. She was given an offer by Major Timothy Cain to join the force with the promise of higher payment and newest weapons than her former department.

Bartholomew Joseph Kaplan opens the door with Warner taking point, Vance and J.D. right behind him then One and Alice, followed by Danilova the medic, then Rain and Addison, with Kaplan bringing up the rear. They proceeded down to the train station where Alice questions of their whereabouts. Alice demands "One" to inform her of the situation but he will only tell her when the right time is come. He orders Warner, Vance to load the train while J.D sets the timer and Kaplan to get the engine going. JD sets his timer to be 2 hours 48 minutes and 42 seconds, the amount of time needed to investigate the situation in the HIVE. Informed that the train has no power, Rain finds out that all of the plugs junctions were disconnected. Aboarding the train, Rain notices that one of the compartments was blokced off from the inside. When J.D opens it, they find out that Spence was unconscious inside and had also lost his memories. Alice notices that Spence also has the same wedding ring that she has .

The train eventually arrives at the destination and the squads along with the captees moved out. Finding the door locked, she worked along with her members to get the door open . During this process, Alice forcibly demands One again to tell her who they are and what's the situation. He begins to tell her of her role and that they worked for the same employer. Alice then questions about the ring, he replies that it was a fake marriage cover to protect the secrecy of the HIVE. Spence questions of his inability to recall with One answering that The Hive has its own defense mechanisms and a nerve gas was released into the house with its main goal is to induce complete unconsciousness and its side affects are varied including acute memory loss.

After finishing the process, Rain and the rest advances through the HIVE with the main goal of shutting the Red Queen and her chambers down. With the route taking straight through the labs, which all of them have been flooded. Noticing the flood, One directs her and JD to investigate the severity of it while Kaplan and the others advanced through an alternate route.

Thirteen - Alice Abernathy III[]

During the trip, Spence asked the situation that happened here with "One" responding that the Red Queen had went homicidal and killed everyone here five hours before and that once they realized what was happening, his team were sent to dispatch with their main goal of shutting the AI down. When Spence offered Alice something to warm herself, she suddenly remembers the feeling that she had felt when she first woke up along with an ominoius feeling of not to trust Spence or anyone.

Rain and JD returned to inform One that the entire level has been flooded. The squad moved forward with "One" ordering the two to guard Matt and the two and the rest of the squad to look for survivors. Alice starts to wander around with her gaining the memory of Lisa entering the new password onto her monitor while doing so. The entire squad eventually regroup at the room's center with none of the party has found any workers. One orders Rain and JD to kept an eye for Matt while the rest heads towards the Red Queen's CPU.

Fourteen - Alice Abernathy IV[]

The squad eventually arrives at the Red Queen's chambers with Kaplan trying to bypass through her security defenses. Kaplan eventually opens the door leading to the Red Queen's main server room, One, Danilova, Warner and Drew enters the glass corridor with the two latter carrying duffle bags that is going to reboot the AI by force. The operation was going smoothly until the door behind them shuts.

Fifteen - James "One" Shade[]

James "One" Shade was a skillfull soldiers who had participated and survived in three separate military campaigns - the South American jungles; Eastern Europe and the Middle East. Because of his experiences, he was selected by fellow Gulf War veteran Timothy Cain to join Umbrella. He is shown to reveled in the unpredictability and the unforeseen factors such as the HIVE mission.

During their mission, One and his squad are trapped in the glass corridor after the outerdoor behind them and the vault door leading to the mainframe shuts. The dormant defense mechanism has been triggered when they had entered the room, the first wave of laser have sliced through Drew's right hand fingers and decaptiates Danilova, Drew soon starts to go into shock despite One's effort to maintain him conscious and is killed by the second wave of laser. Warner tries to avoid the laser but it had shifted upwards and slice through his torso instead, One manages to avoid it by using the ceiling light fixture to pull himself upwards and avoid the beam. The third wave of laser was launched and had changed to a diagonal grid that takes the entire breadth and height of the corridor. Finding no way to avoid it, One was killed by the incoming laser.

Sixteen - Bart Kaplan I[]

At the age of sixteen, Bart Kaplan realised his impressive computer skills, and sought employment with the Federal Bureau of Investigation as a field agent. Unfortunately for him the FBI wanted him as an office worker providing tech support, and didn't want to risk his skills in the field. Kaplan's weapons and computer skills got the attention of Timothy Cain, who offered him a position in the division and for a chance to actually be in the field.

Relying on his tech's knowledge and expertise, Spence urges him to open the door as the outerdoor of the glass corridor shuts and the level 5 security system activated. Kaplan tries to open the door but fails as he saw his teammates Danilova killed by the laser through a monitor. Eventually he also witness Drew and Warner's death, just as he is about to shut it down, the laser had already killed One through its diagonal grid.

After their deaths, Kaplan tries to convince himself and the others to finish the mission as the Red Queen's defenses are officially down. He picked up the equipments and they head to the main server. He urges the others to attach the EMP to the Red Queen's CPU, the holographic AI then shows up pleading them to get out and stop their activity but Kaplan convinces the others to not listen any word that she says. Eventually they set up the charges and Kaplan press the detonator with the AI's final warning that they are going to die here. Kaplan takes the motherboard and they all head out of the room.

Seventeen - Rain Melendez II[]

During their time of waiting for One and the others to return from the room, Rain asked Matt the reason that he went to the mansion with him claiming that they received a call of disturbance from inside the manor, Rain and JD quickly realizes the façade, telling him that nobody gets calls from the place and that the locals had known about this fact.

The AI's shutting down cause some of the crates to go from environment stable in green to environment unstable in red. Rain hears the metallic clanging to the floor and discovers a woman in a lab coat, Rain tries to help the woman but she ended up biting Rain in the hand instead. JD arrives at the scene, shooting at both of thewoman's knees but she keeps on walking, Rain eventually shoots at the woman several times.

The squad from the Red Queen's room eventually returned and arrived at the shooting site, only to find the woman has now gone. Matt checks the blood that had been left behind only to find it that it had been coagulated, which does not occurred until a person had died. The group is quickly surrounded by undead workers and the woman lunges at Rain once again only for Rain to snap her neck. During the gunfight, one of the tanks containing an experiemntal creature exploded.

Eighteen - Matthew Addsion I[]

During Rain's first struggle with the woman, the keys to the handcuffs had fallen off of her. While Matt was examining the blood, he had picked up the key where it had been dropped at and has been working to free himself, he successfully frees himself despite his struggle with an zombie worker and the key dropped beneath an vent after the explosion of one of the tanks.

Alice grabs him and they both make a run for it with her explaining that the group that was sent to Red Queen's chambers were dead. He eventually slipped away from her and heads to Lisa's desk in the office, he searches for any files related to the biological weaponry and the development of the viruses. Shortly after, Matt is startled and attacked by the zombified Lisa.

Nineteen - Bart Kaplan II[]

Back at the room, Kaplan and JD are still fending off from hordes of undead workers. During the skirmish, they lost sight of Alice and Matt. The squad encountered an room which requires an digit password. JD enters the code with Kaplan's assistance and opens the door, only to meet with hundreads of undead workers. JD is dragged in by the undead with Rain tries to get him out only to be bitten again in the neck, Kaplan and Spence manages to pull her out and lock the door with JD as another casualty.

The group moved back again to the computer room as it was the only the clear path, they lock themselves in the Red Queen's chambers. Kaplan then realizes that he releases the undead workers by shutting down the AI, unlocking the doors that contained them in doing so.

Twenty - Alice Abernathy V[]

Alice wanders around the HIVE corridors, having lost track of the entire team and Matt, she slowly gains more of her lost memories from the areas she passed by. She stumbles by the cages where animals were kept, to find that wire mesh on the cages were covered in blood and ripped open from the inside. An undead Doberman encounters Alice, she runs and lock herself in one of the chemistry labs, an zombie worker named Clarence White ambushes her but she manages to execute a perfect spin-kick that snaps his bones and killed him. The doberman from before crashes through the window but Alice manages to lock it in the room again. Alice is encounterd by seven more infected dobermans but she manages to kill them using Clarence's pistol, the doberman from before leapt out again and Alice kills it with a kick by using the environment surroundings.

Continuing through the corridors, she saw Matt attacked by an undead worker and uses an paperweight to put the worker down. Alice then realizes that the worker was Lisa which prompts her to remember the conversation her and Lisa had at the graveyard not too far from the mansion. Alice asks Matt if there was something that he is hiding about, Matt starts to tell her about the organization that he and his sister was in, the reason that he sent his sister, the contact that Lisa had met, the value of the T-Virus up on the market. From the informations Matt tells her and her memory of the conversation that she and Lisa had, she starts to afraid that she might have been the one to leak the virus.

Twenty-One - Bart Kaplan III[]

Matt and Alice eventually reunites with the squad and they starts to head for the Red Queen's AI room. Spence suggests that they wait for help in the room but Rain informs him that the blast doors that they passed in from the mansion will be shut in under an hour and traps them for good. Alice suggests that they turn the AI as she could be the only way out for them. Kaplan helps Alice with the procedure despite his and others protest in turning her back on. The Red Queen informs them about the T-Virus, its effects on a human body, Umbrella's true purposes of developing the virus, her reason of isloating the HIVE, the potency of T-Virus infection. The AI suggests them to commit suicide as there are slim chances of them making out alive but Alice threatens to fry the AI main drive circuit preaker via remote activation should she refuse to help them find a way out.

The Red Queen directs them to escape through the utility tunnels and a series of trapdoors, which would lead them back to the terminus. The squad opens the trapdoor and heads for the tunnel. After sometime traversing through the tunnels, the zombies starts to push each other towards the erroded frame holding the mesh in place, the group manages to hold onto the mesh shortly before its collapse. They then grab on to the pipes and begin to move out, leaving Rain and him to hold off the hordes. Kaplan is then bitten in the leg during the skirmish.

Twenty-Two - Rain Melendez III[]

Rain quickly shoots the zombie that had bitten Kaplan with Matt pulling him up to safety, leaving just only Rain. She is eventually confronted by the zombified JD, unable to pull the trigger due to the memories they had together as a squad, JD bites her on the neck causing Rain to finally shoot him in the head. She finally climbs on the pipes and reunites with the group. Matt points out a vent nearby the pipes. They all make way to it but the pipes supporting them gave out, sending Kaplan and nearly Alice to the undead below, but she was saved by Matt and Spence. Rain tries to save him but is unable to due to her eyes are now partially blind, an symtomp of the virus. Alice takes Rain's gun and makes a way for Kaplan to climb back to the pipes but is unable to reach the vent, Kaplan urges for the group to go without him much to Alice's protest and an single gunshot was fired.

Twenty-Three - Alice Abernathy VI[]

Alice and the group crawls through the vent shaft, angry at the thought of Kaplan killing himself with an single bullet. They manage to reach one of the corridors through the grate. Alice then remembers the blue and green vials when she reaches to a corridor, blue for the virus and green for the anti-virus. Alice was thrilled at the aspect that there was a cure and a chance to save Rain. They ran into the lab where the floods have now reduced to their knees due to Red Queen. Matt questions of her knowledge about this with Alice revealing that she was going to steal the virus and that she had been Lisa's contact, Matt demands her to tell the truth as he suspects that she have betrayed Lisa but Alice does not remember the events fully yet. Alice goes over the container and opens it only to find all of the vials have been missing, she is frustrated at this fact and the inability to cure Rain.

Twenty-Four - Spence Parks[]

When Spence looks at the vault door and the container, he fully remembers. He had been getting his plan together for weeks, ever since he had heard the T-virus from one of the other guys in Security. He got the codes and a buyer lined up. During Alice and Lisa's conversation at the gravesite, Spence had recorded most of it through a microphone and began to execute his plans. Spence had been the one to write the note in the beginning, where Alice first picked up. Spence had been the figure that retrieved the 14 vials and the one to cause the outbreak in the HIVE. He makes his way onto the train and rode back to the mansion, where he unplugged all the junctions and depowered the train but lost consciousness when the nerve gas hits him.

Spence grabs Rain's gun and holds the remaining group at gunpoint, he offers Alice to run away with him but she rejects his offer, pointing out that she wanted to destroy the company. The zombified Bolt leaps from behind and bites him in the shoulder but he manages to shoot and kill her. Spence then locks the door, trapping the group inside and begins to make his escape towards the terminus.

Twenty-Five - Matthew Addison II[]

Matt tries to pull the handle on the door but his efforts are futile as it was locked tight. The Red Queen then speaks to them from a speaker to a nearby monitor, where she showed the footage on the train. Spence was about to inject himself with the anti-virus but is eaten alive by the experimental creature from before, the creature mutates to an stronger form due to consuming fresh DNA. The Red Queen didn't tell them of its escape because she hadn't expected anyone to survive that long without becoming infected and use it as a back up plan. Matt spotted an door with a number pad on it and begins to enter random combination, hoping for the right one to open the door. The Red Queen offerd the group the code in exchange for Rain's life cause even with the Anti-Virus on the train, the t-Virus had infected her on a massive level and there was not any guarantee that the treatmentwould work. Alice objects to the demand but Rain relents. The creature then tries to enter the room through the window but the materials of the window stop it from entry for now. Alice swings the axe towards the monitor as retaliation, the lights then went out with an clicking coming from the door.

Twenty-Six - Bart Kaplan IV[]

After Kaplan had watched all of them escape back in the utility tunnels, he prepares to take his own life but relents as he shoots one of the undead instead. Kaplan manages to clambered into the crawl space behind him, which leads to a vent, which in turn leads to a grate in the hallway. He tries to search for the group by using heat signature scan and finds all three scans in one of the labs. He witness Spence's death on the monitor and tries to input the code to open the door but fails as the AI had changed to a different combination. Refusing to help, Kaplan fried her system.

The group is ecstastic to see him alive and they begin to head for the station. Matt eventually informs Kaplan of everything that had happened so far. Alice tells Kaplan to start up the train while she gets the anti virus to cure them. He witness Alice killing the zombified Spence, who was dragging along the floor with only his arms. Kaplan begins the train with everyone on board. Matt injects Kaplan with the anti-virus and bandaged up his wounds, Rain was then seen begging Alice to kill her should the treatment does not work, she removes the watch and hands it to Alice before slumping over. Assuming that Rain had died, Alice prepares to shoot her until she grabs the gun and tells her that she is not dead yet. Alice is relieved of this, knowing that no one is going to die again.

Kaplan was then startled by the wrenching of metal, which had echoed throughout the train. Matt demands him to get them out faster only for Kaplan to tell him that any more faster than the train would be derailed. Kaplan was then snatched away by the creature that ripped into him with its claws.

Twenty-Seven - Matthew Addison III[]

After witnessing Kaplan's death, Matt quickly shuts the engineer's cabin door but the creature manages to wounded Matt with its claws. Alice quickly grabs the gun and is cautious around her surrounding. He quickly latches the door but the creature knocks the door back and incapicitates him, Alice uses all the bullets on the creature but to no result. He gets back up and uses bundled metal tubes as a battering ram to slam to its head. Alice uses 2 of the tubes with the first, she slammed it down horizontally onto the end of the monster's tongue, holding it secured to the floor. With the second, she speared through both the tongue and the gridwork of the trapdoor, skewering it. She yells Matt to open the door. Matt heads for the button only to see an zombified Rain, who is recently turned. Matt shoots her in the head with Rain's gun which causes her body to fall backwards and slam onto the button that releases undercarriage. The friction from slamming against the tracks while travelling at high speeed caused the monster to get incinerated. He eventually severs the togune using the same button again.

The train disembarks and the pair arrives at the mansion again. Alice carries the case and they head off to dining hall toward the front door. She is eventually collapsed due to her inability to save anyone and her own survivor guilt, Matt reassures her that the company was responsible for the entire ordeal and that there was nothing else that she could have done. Matt's wounded arm begins to mutate and Alice, determined that she is not gonna lose him, prepares to inject him with the anti virus.

Twenty- Eight - Alice Abernathy VII[]

Just as Alice about to administer the anti virus onto Matt's arm, men in hazmat suits arrived to take Matt away with one of them wants him in the Nemesis Program. Alice tries to fight off her attackers and get to Matt but is sedated. One of the men demands her to be quarantined and taken to Raccoon City Facility then reopening the HIVE to find out the events that transpired there. Just before she fades into unconscious, she recognizes the man as Timonthy Cain, the Vice President in Charge of Operations.

She reawakens inside one of the rooms inside the facility and examines her surroundings. From here, she begins to remember everything from before. Using one of the wires that was attached to her, she disrupts the circuits which cause the door to open. She exits the facility only to fiind the environment ravaged and everything covers in blood but no bodies. She reads the newspaper which details the DEAD WALK headline, and knows that they have reopend the facility. She grabs a shotgun nearby and prepares herself for another incoming nightmare.

Plot Differences[]

Opening Sequence

  • In the movie, it's never made clear how the workers inside the elevator die
  • In the novel, the workers inside the elevator was asyphyxiated by the T-Virus in gas form through the door's narrow gap.

Arrival at the HIVE

  • In the movie, the HIVE is explained thoroughly by One to Alice and Spence
  • In the novel, the HIVE's explanation is overshadowed by the noise of the laser cutter to which Rain and the others used to open the entrance.

Lazer Room

  • In the movie, The Commando 1 is shown to have died from shock following the loss of his fingers but with his corpse untouched by the second wave.
  • In the novel, The Commando 1 (Named Vance Drew in the Book) also dies the same way but with the laser also sliced through him before it kills Warner.

Red Queen

  • In the movie, Red Queen is mentioned to have been designed by Charles Ashford and modeled after his daughter Angela Ashford
  • In the novel, Red Queen is desigined by Dr Simon Barr from Umbrella's Headquarters in London with its holographic image modeled after Angela for better interactivity.

Freeing the group

  • In the movie, Kaplan does not have any equipment on him by the time he frees Alice, Rain and Matt from the lab room besides the switch and it's unknown how he manage to locate them.
  • In the novel, Kaplan still has the equipment located at his wrist top which also scans for any heat signatures. This method helps him find the survivors trapped in the lab room.