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Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness - The Beginning, formerly known as Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness: The Graphic Novel is a 2022-2024 comic published by TokyoPop as a tie-in to the anime of the same name. It was written by Keith R. A. DeCandido, who had previously written three movie novelizations Genesis, Apocalypse and Extinction. The series is five issues long.


Before the events of the 2021 animated series, Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, Leon Kennedy is called in to investigate alongside Pittsburgh PD when a bomb kills a guard at the Carnegie Museum of Art. But when that guard rises from the autopsy table and begins a chain reaction of undead corpses hunting for blood, Leon is once again caught in a complex web of intrigue. A terrorist cult, a mysterious virus, and the corpses of the dead returning to life to assault the living....[1]


TokyoPop acquired a license for printing Resident Evil comics at some point in 2020, with them announcing an original story at the 2020 New York Comic-Con event in October of that year.[2] The series went through considerable change over its development, and was at once point described as "manga-style". It also suffered a series of delays. When originally announced Issue #1 was to go on sale in 2021;[3] this was pushed back to 8 March 2022, and then to September 2022 but is delayed again with its final release date being December 21, 2022. A graphic novel collection containing all five parts was released on February 13, 2024.


Issue No. Image Publication date
Issue #1 Infinite Darkness Volume 1 December 21st, 2022
Issue #2 ID - TB Issue 2 April 19th, 2023
Issue #3 RE - ID Cover -3 August 9th, 2023
Issue #4 RE - ID Cover -4 November 30th, 2023
Issue #5 RE - ID Cover -5 January 31st, 2024

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