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Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness - The Beginning #1 is the first issue of the Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness - The Beginning comic series written by Keith R. A. DeCandido with art from Valentina Cuomo, Carmelo Zagaria and Peach Momoko.

In 2023 TOKYOPOP return to San Diego Comic-Con at booth #4037 with a selection of exclusives for fans, including a exclusive cover for Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness - The Beginning #1 by Peach Momoko.


During closing time at the Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania which is set to open it's Greco-Roman Antiquities exhibit, Head of Security Jamal Hawkins invites the newly hired Mack Storm to look at the new overhauled security system ever since one of theirs had retired. When another guard, José, spots an open vent in the entry room for the Greco-Roman Antiquities exhibitions, Jamal radios nearby guard Monica Posey and sends her to check the suspicious site. Monica removes the unscrewed vent only to find a bomb hidden inside.

Before she can warn Jamal, the bomb sets off and kills her in the explosion. The following day after the incident, Leon Scott Kennedy is sent in at the request of the FBI into investigating the incident that had connections to his prior mission. Kennedy arrives and meets with the Director of the Museum Abigail Schwartz, Jamal and detective of the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police Joseph Pascazzi. Kennedy discloses to the personnel about the device being used in the bombing incident with its connections to his past case and how several perpetrators from it are still at large. Kennedy theorizes that the bomb was to be set off on the opening day but Monica inadvertently detonated it early by trying to warn Hawkins by radio.

Hawkins reveals that the security system did not catch the moment that the perpetrator. Pascazzi informs that the bureau cross-referenced with other law-enforcement agencies and yielded no significant results, prompting Kennedy to conclude that the bomb was planted with the help of an inside mole. An hour later, Kennedy checks the staff's personnel files in the break room only to find that Storm was involved in the past bombing case, Hawkins informs that Storm moved to Pittsburgh from Saint Louis on the recommendation from their retired staff, Philip Zelenetsky, and had been interviewed without raising suspicion following the aftermath of the bombing. Wanting to further question him, Kennedy and Pascazzi visits on his residential home in McKees Rock.

Kennedy and Pascazzi visit Storm's home on Church Avenue only to find that the house has not been occupied by anyone for an extended period of time. The pair comes across a freezer contains the corpse of the real Mack Storm. Upon hearing a noise from the front door, Kennedy and Pascazzi come across the gun-wielding guard from the night before who shoots Pascazzi in the shoulder and injures him. Kennedy gives chase but the fake Storm gets away in a van driven by accomplice, but not before Kennedy catches the van's license plate. Kennedy informs Pascazzi of the license plate, checks out the upstairs apartment and finds documents of the supposed tenant of that apartment named Frank Wright.

On the following morning, 2 dieners are working in the Allegheny County Medical Examiner's office on Penn Street and bring out the charred corpse of Monica. When the two leave to inform Dr. Agarwal that the corpse is ready for examination, Monica's corpse reanimates back into a zombie.