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Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness - The Beginning #2 is the second issue of the Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness - The Beginning comic series written by Keith R. A. DeCandido with art from Valentina Cuomo and Carmelo Zagaria. The issue was released physically on April 19th.


In the Allegheny County Medical Examiners Office, Dr. Agarwal and another diener are called in to inspect the charred corpse of Monica Posey. They arrive only to find her cadaver sitting up in the morgue, shocked by the sight, the two inspect the corpse only to get lunged at and have their throats torn out by the zombified Monica. Two security guards respond to the scene, with the female guard successfully downing the zombified Monica, however, they are both overwhelmed and killed by the reanimated corpses of Agarwal and the other diener, with their death, the infection soon spreads to the rest of the building.

After discovering the home of Frank Wright, the house is inspected by Leon S. Kennedy and the Pittsburgh Bureau's criminal investigation team. They discover traces of chemical residue that were used to make the bombs used at the Carnagie Museum of Art. Leon searches through the clutter and discovers a map circling Frick Park, where Wright had gone four days prior to the attack. Another officer inspects the password-secured laptop but is unable to access it through conventional means and thus, intends to bring it back to the lab to access it.

Leon leaves to examine Frick Park when he overhears a distress call coming from the communications of one of the officers, the call reports of an outbreak occurring at the Medical Examiners building. Leon rushes to the site and calls Abigail Schwartz to inquire her about any staff that were working on the night of the CMoA attack, but did not show up for work today. Schwartz responds that both Jamal Hawkins and José Santiago were absent, Leon urgently orders her to have Jamal and José checked into the hospital for possible t-Virus infection and contact the CDC and inform them of another potential outbreak having occurred. Kennedy contacts Lieutenant Greenwalt of the Pittsburgh Bureau and asks him to send officers to confirm Hawkins and Santiago's safety and escort them to the hospital and informs him of the potential outbreak.

Reinforcements arrive at the site to discover the building has been overrun with infected staff and guards, with an officer having her throat torn out by the reanimated corpse of the male guard. Leon arrives at the site and instructs the surviving officers to shoot all of the infected in the head. One officer hesitates as the corpse of his fellow officer reanimates, resulting in him getting bitten in the forearm. Nevertheless, the building is cleared afterwards. Leon urges the injured to haul back to the hospital immediately. Leon calls the officer inspecting Wright's house to check for residual t-Virus contamination. Afterwards, Leon is informed that the two injured guards as well as the remaining wounded are en route to the Allegheny General Hospital for treatment. Leon arrives at Frick Park and asks a nearby homeless man if he had seen Frank, from which he learns that a rally had also taken place at the park four days ago.

Elsewhere in Enlow, a small town located near Pittsburgh International Airport, Frank meets up with a man named Riley and informs him of the incident at the museum. Frank blames Zelenetsky's out-of-date intel regarding the security systems for the mishandling. Riley reprimands Wright and reminds him of their "holy mission": the reduction of the Earth's "excess" population. Frank reassures him that the other bombs are prepared to go off, to which Riley refers to the impending attacks as their "debut party".

At the offices of Fount Security Solutions in Washington, D.C., Chief executive officer Elois Fount converses over the phone about the failed operation in Pittsburgh. Unfortunately, as the device was set off early, all the casualties had been processed before they had a chance to test the Inhibitors. Elois informs the caller that the attack scheduled for that night will be conducted with civilians nearby, with the results expected to be brought back.[1]

In Willie Stargell Community Center, Rasheen Washington welcomes congresswoman Feliz to the center. When Rasheen is informed by Hector of the amount of chairs not enough for participants, Hector goes down to the basement where an bomb sets off shortly after.