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Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness - The Beginning #3 is the third issue of the Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness - The Beginning comic series written by Keith R. A. DeCandido. The issue was released on 9 August 2023.


The issue begins at the Willie Stargell Community Center in Knoxville. It is the second building in the Pittsburgh area to be bombed in the past week. Police have cordoned off the area while the fire department contains the smouldering interior. Many people have been injured, and those with less severe injuries are helping bring the more seriously-wounded to ambulances. The local Congresswoman and Rasheen Washington, leader of the community centre, confront a PBF lieutenant. For reasons he cannot get into, the fire lieutenant can only say that a bomb was found in the basement and four people are confirmed dead. One of the dead was found in the basement, whom Washington assumes to be Hector.

Back in the ruined building, an EMT approaches a police officer guarding the scene. Learning another EMT has already determined the body DOA, he goes to check on it anyway. Opening the bag, he feels something is wrong and, aware of recent events, wants to make sure. Distracted while talking to the officer, he is attacked by the body.

At Allegheny General Hospital, Leon is checking in on Hawkins and Santiago, who have been placed in isolation for what the hospital can only assume is a particularly unusual Influenza strain. Leon advises they send blood samples over to a federal lab for t-Virus testing. The hospital workers have limited understanding of t-Virus, but get right on it. Leon goes to meet Detective Joseph Pascazzi; he is on strong painkillers though awake enough to talk, and has been keeping-up on recent events. While Joseph knows about the shootout at the Medical Examiner's office, Leon brings up the community center bombing which he is to investigate right after.

Back at the community center, the other wounded have begin turning into Zombies and attack the police and EMTs. One police officer, Painter, instinctively shoots, killing four with blows to the head. Having been present at the medical examiner's office, he knows what is happening. Painter's Sergeant is also aware, though is bound to secrecy. The incident is witnessed by Washington, who interprets it as police corruption when Painter turns in his sidearm and is simply told to sit in his squad car. The following day, Washington meets with locals and the Congresswoman outside the community center. While he shifts talk from the bomb to Painter, he deteriorates rapidly and falls over along with another man.

Leon meets with Alec at the police technical services office. Alec has looked through Frank Wright's computer. It identifies two Mapquest searches made recently; one was for the community center, and the other is PNC Park, home of the Pittsburgh Pirates. Wright's emails link to a mailing list called "Overgrown", which offers links to articles on population trends, birth rates and food shortages. Leon deduces that as the museum and community center were targeted at maximum occupancy, PNC Park will be hit during the next Pirates game, potentially striking tens of thousands; they are due to play in the evening. Leon contacts Abigail Schwartz at the Carnegie Museum and asks to be passed on to the most senior CDC figure in the building, Dr. Lee, warning him about the community centre.

At the community centre, another EMT has arrived. He takes out an epinephrine syringe with the intention of performing an intracardiac injection on Washington, who is assumed to have had a heart attack. Washington soon wakes up, but is a Zombie and the EMT is surrounded by others. Leon arrives just as the zombies begin overrunning the cops, and contacts Greenwalt for backup. Meanwhile, police at PNC Park have found a bomb, set to go off in just seven minutes when the Pirates are due to play.


Further notes[]

  • During Leon's conversation at the hospital desk, the receptionist's limited understanding of t-Virus is that it is a "west coast thing and it was wiped out". This is a reference to DeCandido's novelisation of Resident Evil: Extinction, where the San Francisco becomes ground zero for a global pandemic after an Umbrella employee leaving Raccoon City is infected after his test passes.