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Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness - The Beginning #5 is the fifth issue of the Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness - The Beginning comic series written by Keith R. A. DeCandido. The Issue was released on 31 January 2024.


After Pascazzi reanimates, Leon solemnly puts him out of his misery and asks the nurse on the status of Jamal Hawkins and José Santiago.The nurse informs him that they were still being isolated though their condition steadily improves as the fever dies down and are still waiting for lab results. Before leaving, Leon tells the nurse to inform the hospital staff to wear hazmat protection suit when approaching bomb victims. Outside the hospital, Leon attempts to reach out to Abigail Schwartz to let her know about the condition of the victims but is informed that she had taken a sick leave. Upon hearing, Leon demands her phone number to which the person on the other end provided, Leon tries to reach contact but is left with automated voice message from the answering machine, he leaves a message and warns her that she was potentially infected with the virus and needs to seek medical attention immediately. Meanwhile in Schwartz's residence, Abigail had already turned and attacked her husband Russell Welsher to which she succeeds in killing him.

Afterwards, Greenwalt watches the broadcasted videotape from the leader of Population Control Movement (PMC) Riley Queen which was sent to every radio and TV station in Pittsburgh as well as the precinct's department. In the tape, Riley firmly stands in the movement's belief and declares that the attacks in Pittsburgh were only the beginning demonstration on how serious they stand by their cause and claims to have more bombs laid around and plans to make the world a better place. After Greenwalt and Leon watch the broadcast, the former is furious at them because of their cause and taking the lives of Pascazzi and others. Leon wonders on how the bomb had t-virus embedded inside them and Greenwalt remains frustrated at the lack of progress made on the case.

Elsewhere in Hertweck Hotel in Enlow, Pennsylvania, Frank Wright becomes increasingly sick and contacts Elois Fount who he informs of his condition. She offers her condolences and asks him about Queen's broadcast, Frank does not know the reason as to why it is broadcasted and had tried to reach out to him but is left with only voice mail. He suggests to go to the hospital to get himself treated but is warned by Fount who tells him to stay hidden as him going to the hospital will endanger the operation. Shortly after, Elois contacts Wilson and informs him that several agents were embedded with EMTs and the inhibitors were given out to half of the victims infected with the virus but succumbed to it's effects. However, Wilson reassures her that the operation was intended to obtain information related to the inhibitor's development but remains ire at Queen's broadcast statement. Elois assures him that PMC's actions will not be traced back to them, Wilson wires final payment to her as he had gathered all necessary intel on the drug's development.

Sometime later in Allegheny General Hospital, Leon is called by an officer who tells him the department had received a 911 call in a motel in Enlow. The EMTs recognised the virus's symptoms and had him transported to the hospital where he is placed in ICU and quarantined. Leon asks to interrogate Frank, the staff comply with his request under the condition that he wears a protection hazmat suit and urges him to hurry as they are not sure how long he will be conscious.

In a log cabin in Tarentum, Pennsylvania where it temporarily serves as PMC's Headquarters, Riley urges his associates to move with the plan of attacking the Three Sisters bridge in rush hour and have it to be the movement's biggest statement. During the meeting, one of the associate question Riley of sending the tape, he admits that the tape was sent before the Carnagie Museum's bombing and had hoped the attack on the bridges would have occurred by the time they had received the tape. Another asks on why the dirty bombs are turning the victims into Zombie instead of killing them, Riley covers up the truth and answers that it's only media propaganda. Finally, a associate questions on how the cops had known the PNC park attack beforehand with Riley having no answers as to how but reassures them that they had no knowledge of the operation. During the meeting, Leon leads a team of Pittsburgh SWAT and busts the meeting in which a fight occurs between the two factions. Leon kills some of the movement members before wounding Riley. Leon confronts him and reveals that Frank had given up the location of the meeting and had died from his infection before placing him and the surviving members under arrest.

Shortly after, PMC's arrest and terroristic actions are reported on the news with Wilson documenting the report on Pittsburgh attack as Operation: Iron City in which the inhibitor did not work as intended and required further research. In the police's press meeting, the chief recap of the movement's terroristic actions and the lives that they had taken. In addition, he reveals that the victims in close proximity are infected with the virus beyond those caught in the explosion. Greenwalt and Leon observed the meeting from above before Leon is summoned to the White House and is offered transportation to Washington, D.C. Leon and Greenwalt amicably departs and leaves for the White House on a helicopter.