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Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, known in Japan as Biohazard: Operation Raccoon City (バイオハザード オペレーション・ラクーンシティ Baiohazādo Operēshon Rakūn Shiti?), is a 2012 third-person-shooter video game with online playability for Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. It was developed by Slant Six Games and published by Capcom.[1] It is set at the same time as Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, but is unrelated to the main series storyline and is a "what-if" entry in the series outside of Mainstream canon.

Plot summary[]

The story focuses on two separate special forces teams - Delta Team and Echo Six - as they take part in missions for their respective commands. Delta Team, a Umbrella Secret Service unit, is assigned by U.S.S. Command with the destruction of digital data incriminating Umbrella to the biological outbreak, as well as destroying facilities and killing witnesses to prevent the US government obtaining further data. Such missions include the disabling of the city's power grid to prevent anyone using telephones.

Echo Six, who operate on behalf of the U.S. government, instead have orders to obtain sensitive Umbrella data to take them down, helping out isolated survivors along the way like Jill Valentine and Sherry Birkin.

As shown by the way the ending boss ("Parasite Super Tyrant") is created, the two campaigns are not connected, canonically, and instead ask "what if this organization had a firm grip during the outbreak".

Cast list[]

Name Affiliation English VA Japanese VA Face Model
Karena LesProux/"LUPO" USS Nika Futterman Masako Katsuki
"VECTOR" USS Andrew Kishino Yuichi Nakamura
Hector Hivers/"BELTWAY" USS Ramon Fernandez Jiro Saito
Vladimir Bodrovski/"SPECTRE" USS

David Cooley

Noboru Yamaguchi

Michaela Schneider/"BERTHA"

USS Lydia Look Yoko Soumi
Christine Yamata/"FOUR EYES" USS Gwendoline Yeo Yukana
USS Command USS Desmond Askew Takaya Kuroda

Crispin Jettingham/"Dee-Ay"

Spec Ops Robin Atkin Downes Shigeo Kiyama

Caroline Floyd/"Willow"

Spec Ops Rebecca Riedy Akiko Koike Adelita Espinoza

Marissa Ronson/"Tweed"

Spec Ops Tess Masters Aki Unone Rachel Lara Horton

Sienna Fowler/"Party Girl"

Spec Ops Cat Taber Yuka Keichō
Erez Morris/"Harley" Spec Ops Gregg Berger Naomi Fusumi
Lawrence Kimbala/"Shona" Spec Ops Imari Williams Masato Funaki
Spec Ops Command Spec Ops Jack Angel Mitsuaki Hoshino
Sherry Birkin Eden Riegel Hisako Kanemoto
William Birkin T. J. Rotolo Toshihiko Seki
Nemesis T-02 Gregg Berger None
GOBLIN 6 USS Unknown Unknown
Leon S. Kennedy R.P.D. Christian Lanz Toshiyuki Morikawa Jamisin Matthews
Claire Redfield Alyson Court Yuhko Kaida Alyson Court
Jill Valentine S.T.A.R.S. Michelle Ruff Atsuko Yuya Amra Silajdžić
Carlos Oliveira UBCS Gideon Emery Hiroki Yasumoto
HUNK USS Keith Silverstein Masaki Terasoma
Nicholai Ginovaef UBCS Rick Wasserman Kenta Miyake
NIGHT HAWK USS Jon Curry Go Inoue
Ada Wong H.C.F. Courtenay Taylor Junko Minagawa


Console release[]

The game has two editions internationally, although another special edition was released exclusively in Japan, which includes a concept guide of the game and an exclusive DVD called "The Secret Report".:[3]

Edition Content
Game disk Manual DLC weapons DLC alternate costumes Metallic casing Art book U.S.S. and SpecOps patches "Secret Report" disk
Standard Yes Yes No No No No No No
Special Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes No
Limited Edition (Japan-only) Yes Yes ? ? ? Yes Yes Yes



Special edition of the game

Customers who pre-ordered the game obtained two DLC weapons for the game, which varied depending on the retailer: Amazon, BestBuy, or GAME/GameStop.

Release dates[]

The release dates were confirmed to be:

Region Release date
North America March 20, 2012
Europe March 23, 2012
Australia March 22, 2012
Japan April 26, 2012

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