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Browser gaming and apps, Energy Drinks

Two browser-based games were developed by Sony to advertise the game. Undead Unleashed is a third-person shooter where the player takes the role of Alice, collecting weapons and ammo to fight a storm of Undead with a countdown timer. Street Invasion uses Google Street View for a First Person Shooter, allowing players to defend their real-life homes against the Undead.

There was also a limited time production of energy drinks made by Boston America Corp. to correlate with the film's release called Resident Evil T-Virus Antidote.


In the international distribution of Retribution, China reached agreement with the Hong Kong-based distributor, United Oriental Artism Culture & Media Ltd. over theatrical rights in China. It earned ¥110,510,126.16 (then $17,885,370) in the local box office. Under this agreement, United Oriental was to pay an agreed-upon share of the profits with Sony within 30 days of receiving their invoice. United Oriental, however, repeatedly avoided payment and was threatened with legal action one year later.[1]


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