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In the localization of Resident Evil: Revelations, the English translation was performed by Mark Reichwein and edited by Jeff Windham. Reichwein also worked on Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, Resident Evil: Revelations 2 and the HD re-release of Resident Evil.[1] Windham also edited the English translation of Resident Evil 6, moving on to re-join Reichwein for Revelations 2.[2]

Production errorsEdit

  • Many copies of the game have been sold with the word "Revelations" improperly labeled "Revelaitons" on the spine of the 3DS case.
  • In the game's manual, under Clive R. O'Brian's character profile, "BSAA" is misspelled "BSSA"

File and scriptEdit

The "National Security Council" and the "national biological defense laws" were mistranslated by the English localizers with "Wildlife Protection Committee" and "National Species Protection Act", respectively. Furthermore, the original script makes mention that the FBC was founded in 2001 - the English translation does not mention this at all.

The Japanese script refers to Morgan Lansdale's title as chōkan (長官?), establishing a Political title as 'Director General' or as a government secretary. As such, references to him with the military title of 'General' are inaccurate based on mistranslation.

Sources Edit

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