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Gameplay (camera, movement, aiming etc.) in Resident Evil: Revelations is largely similar to that of Resident Evil 4 and 5, but the camera can be switched to first person view in the use of firearms. Revelations restores elements of the series' "survival horror" nature as opposed to the "survival action" of Resident Evil 5. The pace of the game is slower, and has a higher emphasis on the management of ammunition and solving puzzles in comparison to simply shooting enemies.

The main enemies that are encountered in the game are Ooze, mutated zombies created by the t-Abyss virus. Baring a resemblance to the Regenerador from Resident Evil 4, these sickly monsters are adapted primarily for aquatic environments. As such, their flesh and bone is soft and malleable, allowing them to fit into ventilation shafts along the Queen Zenobia to get around in ways the player can't. In addition, the Hunter makes its return, with a new variant mutated with t-Abyss that allows them to become invisible.

The game introduces several mechanics entirely new to the series, the most notable of which is the Genesis bio-scanner, which behaves somewhat similarly to the scan visor of the Metroid Prime series. With it, hidden objects and enemies can be located. Also acting as genetic scanner, it can create vaccines by scanning a certain amount of enemies. Doing this will yield an herb to heal oneself.

There are no health bars or health ratings in the game. Instead, blood splatters on the screen depending how much health you have. For example, if you have full health, then the screen would be plain and clean. But when you're really low critical on health, the screen would be full of blood and the colors of the environment will look dull and almost black and white plus they will have their hand gripping their abdomen and will walk like they're about to collapse

For the first time in Resident Evil history, the player characters are capable of swimming, which allows them to navigate capsized sections of the Queen Zenobia. However, certain variants of t-Abyss monsters are especially adapted to underwater environments and can kill the helpless swimming player with ease, however, a new type of grenade allows one to stun swimming enemies whilst underwater.

The knife is now mapped to a specific button, making it easier than ever to utilize it. In addition, grenades are now mapped to the same button as the knife, requiring more specialized tactics to use them in tandem, but freeing up the use of weapons while using grenades, as well.

Returning from Resident Evil 3: Nemesis is the dodging mechanic. With it, players can avoid incoming attacks from enemies by either moving the 3DS' slidepad forward at the right time, or backward with the B button pressed at the right time.

Weapons can still be upgraded, however, there is no longer a currency system akin to the fourth and fifth games. Instead, players find upgrade kits throughout the environments or for meeting certain criteria in-game, and attach those upgrades to the weapon they desire. Upgrades are not permanent and can be added and removed to and from weapons at any time from a Weapon Box, which is similar to the Item Box from older games.

Item management and the map are controlled and displayed on the bottom screen. Management is far more intuitive through touch controls, and puzzles often make use of the touch screen as well.

Replacing Professional mode from Resident Evil 4 and 5 is Hell Mode. This fiendish new difficulty dramatically reduces ammo availability and increases and alters enemy placement. For instance, in a room where there were no enemies before, in Hell Mode it might be filled with them. In addition, the enemies have more health and deal more damage.

There's a Dying State in the game, but it happens very rarely. You'll know if you're in the Dying State if you're hit and then for a split-second, the colors of the environment will invert colors, then the player cannot run anymore, they will instead walk like they will double over any second

Raid Mode

Raid Mode is a new game type that is similar to the Mercenaries modes of past games. This mode too puts the player against swaths of enemies, but this time one is trying to reach the goal at the end instead of beating or outlasting the clock, as well as dispatch as many foes as possible, so it resembles the earliest incarnation of the mode seen in Resident Evil 3.

Raid Mode features a heavier armory than the single-player component and players are rarely without ammo. In addition, it also contains several persistent elements, such as being able to upgrade ammunition stocks and weapons. Each character one can play as is also given a level to determine their experience and toughness of enemies. Many characters from single player appear, from Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine to Morgan Lansdale and Clive R. O'Brian, most of which have second or even third outfits to unlock.

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