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Further notes
  • Resident Evil: Revelations is the first Nintendo 3DS game to use a 4GB cartridge, due to the game's massive size.
  • In the first Episode Jill Valentine is seen picking up a severed hand holding a gun, similar to the opening of Resident Evil where Joseph finds Edward's severed hand.
  • There is a preview of the events of Lost in Nightmares in the ending of Resident Evil: Revelations which was described as "horrific fate".
  • Resident Evil Revelation's storyline seems to have changed since the original trailer. Jill and Chris are not against each other, and the agent believed by fans to have been HUNK is revealed as just a Veltro Soldier.
  • There are numerous references to Dante's Divine Comedy in the game. Every Episode's beginning features a quote from the poem, Veltro quote several passages in their speeches and some of the bosses are named after characters from it (e.g.: Malacoda is named after a demon).
  • On that same note, on some of the soda machines in the game, the name "Trish" can be found, as reference to another Capcom game, Devil May Cry, loosely based on Dante's Divine Comedy.
  • Many copies of the game have been sold with the word "Revelations" improperly labeled "Revelaitons" on the spine of the 3DS case.
  • Revelations is the first game to feature audio selection in different languages.
  • In the game's manual, under Clive R. O'Brian's character profile, "BSAA" is misspelled "BSSA"
  • There's a Dying State in the game, but it happens very rarely. You'll know if you're in the Dying State if you're hit and then for a split-second, the colors of the environment will invert colors, then the player cannot run anymore, they will instead walk like they will double over any second
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