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Resident Evil: Revelations 2, known as BIOHAZARD REVELATIONS 2 (バイオハザードリベレーションズ2 Baiohazādo Riberēshonzu 2?) in Japan, is another video game entry into the Resident Evil franchise and second title in the newly formed "Revelations" series. Formally announced at Sony's pre-TGS 2014 conference on 1 September 2014, the game was scheduled for a Japanese release sometime in early 2015.[2] It was released episodically and eventually a complete version was released[3] and is available for the PS3, PS4, PlayStation Vita, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Steam and Nintendo Switch.

The first episode of the game was released on the 24th of February, 2015 in North America with the final episode along with the Retail Disc Version on March 17.[4]


English-language casting and recording was done through Formosa Interactive, while the Japanese was done by Tohokushinsha Film. Alyson Court did not reprise her role as the voice of Claire Redfield.

Character name English voice actor Japanese voice actor Motion capture actor
Claire Redfield Unknown (Credited as "James Baker") Yūko Kaida
Moira Burton Marcella Lentz-Pope (Credited as "Marcella Mazde") Ayumi Fujimura
Barry Burton Michael McConnohie (Credited as "Geoffrey Chalmers") Yūsaku Yara
Natalia Korda Gabriella Pastore (Credited as "Gabrielle Pastore") Aoi Yūki
Gina Foley Kris Zimmerman Salter Miho Shinada
Neil Fisher Yuri Lowenthal Eiji Hanawa
Pedro Fernandez Mark Mercado Yoshiasa Kameda
Gabriel Chavez Samuel Riegel (credited as "Sam Regal") Kōsuke Godō
Alex Wesker Mary Elizabeth McGlynn (Credited as "Lucy Todd") Rika Fukami
Evgeny Rebic Walter Rego Ben Hiura
Albert Wesker (Raid Mode) DC Douglas Jōji Nakata
HUNK (Raid Mode) Keith Silverstein Masaki Terasoma
Jill Valentine (Raid Mode)[5] Michelle Ruff Atsuko Yuya
Leon Scott Kennedy (Raid Mode)[6] Matthew Mercer (Credited as Matt Mercer) Toshiyuki Morikawa
Chris Redfield (Raid Mode)[7] Roger Craig Smith Hiroki Tōchi
Cipher Unknown Unknown
Red Queen Alpha Misty Lee Unknown

Game versions

The Season Pass contains all four main story episodes. In addition to Raid Mode and two bonus Episodes ("Little Miss" and "The Struggle"). There is no advantage to owning the disc version over the Season Pass anymore, as the inclusion of further Raid Mode extras (Such as the Raid Mode character Albert Wesker) is now DLC, with no difference in story content.


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