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Early development

BIOHAZARD REVELATIONS 2 Concept Guide - game concept art 1

Early concept art of crucified Afflicted.

BIOHAZARD REVELATIONS 2 Concept Guide - game concept art 2

The Island was a later concept.

BIOHAZARD REVELATIONS 2 Concept Guide - game concept art 3

Landfill and a railway bridge.

A new Resident Evil title was in the works at some point around Resident Evil Revelations' rerelease. Proposal art was made for the game, later designated Revelations 2.[1][excerpt 1]

Based on the BIOHAZARD REVELATIONS 2 Concept Guide, Sejm Island didn't come into existence until after the game was greenlit, with art instead showing a large city populated by older, large buildings against a river. The Afflicted appeared in one artwork, hung to trees in a forrest. In a third picture, a landfill was seen near a railway bridge, with the giant statue of an unidentified dictator dominating the skyline.[excerpt 2]


Capcom announced that the team responsible for Resident Evil: Revelations would be responsible for the sequel and a playable version of the game would be seen at Capcom's 2014 Tokyo Game Show booth. It was stated not only would Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine not be part of Revelations 2, but the game would also not be tied to Revelations. However, the Revelations title would be used as its own series of games, existing to fill in gaps in the mythology of the Resident Evil series and expand upon lore for the main title series. During Tokyo Game Show, Michiteru Okabe explained further that the main Resident Evil series will remain more action-oriented, keeping it aimed at a wider audience to try and interest more people in the Resident Evil world. However, Revelations as a series will be fan-driven, intending to revel in the older horror style. With the side series, they hope to aim at their long-time fans and keep them supplied with something similar to the horror experience they fell in love with.[2]

Much like the use of references to Dante Alighieri in Revelations, a teaser on the official website indicated the inclusion of inspiration from German philosopher and writer Franz Kafka.[3] An interview with producer Michiteru Okabe had him reveal their intent to edge closer to the line of survival horror, unlike Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6, and take into consideration a balance of fan feedback and their own desires.[4] Later interviews also revealed their decision to make the co-operative gameplay an offline-only mechanic,[5] with the exception of Raid mode.[6]

Okabe also admitted inspiration from Telltale Games' The Walking Dead as inspiration for the episodic release, enjoying seeing people discuss the game between segments.[7] He later confirmed the intent of episodic content was so that people unsatisfied with the game would have only paid for one part of the game.[6] Revelations 2 is supposed to play to the fans, not only with the inclusion of Claire, but Moira's presence will also bring about discussion and information on the Burton family in general. Dai Satō, scene writer for Resident Evil: Revelations who is returning to do the same for Revelations 2, was said to be a huge Claire fan and was adamant about her returning for the new game, coming to Okabe and others with a number of ideas on how to include her. The inclusion of Moira stemmed from the huge fan following for Barry Burton and interest into his personal life.[6] Moira, and the Burton family, is said to be a large focus of the story, though Okabe was hesitant to talk about Moira's sister, Polly.[citation needed]

Capcom confirmed Barry will make an appearance in his own chapters in December 2014, though a number of news sites had already picked up on a mention by the game's official ESRB synopsis of the ability for players to "assume the roles of an imprisoned woman and a father searching for his daughter on an island".[8] When contacted by Eurogamer a spokesperson for Capcom said they could not comment on speculation.[9][10]

During Tokyo Game Show it was announced that Yūdai Yamaguchi, a director and writer known for his mix of horror and "goofy gore" with manga-based inspiration, was brought on to the Revelations 2 team as cutscene director.


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