Translation errors
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Below is a list of translation errors made during the localization of Resident Evil: Revelations 2, and changes to the plot.

Error identification 'Key'

Spelling Wrong conclusion Missing information Additional information Original storyline Original continuity

  • Spelling - A localization error where words (or more specifically, character names) have been spelled incorrectly.
  • Wrong conclusion - A quick re-write by the localization team has led to an incorrect description of events via skim-reading, such as indicating someone to be alive when the script says "deceased".
  • Missing information - Content has been noticeably removed from the source, perhaps even an entire paragraph.
  • Additional information - The localization team has decided to "add fat" by adding in new sentences.
  • Original storyline - Completely original content has been added, perhaps replacing the file's intended content. An example of this is "R. Lambert", a character created by the localization team for Resident Evil 2.
  • Original continuity - A change has been made so that the file's content runs in continuity with a change made in another file (perhaps in another game). An example of this is subsequent replacements of "Sterilization Operation" with "Operation: Bacillus Terminate" to tie-in with the arbitrary translation of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis' pre-credits ending.



Error code File What it says What it should say Why was it wrong?
Cane Operations Report 1 "Accidents during work hours lower worker productivity" "When accidents take place at work, time is taken to the recruitment of personnel,"
Letter from Lottie 1 "I'm so sad I might tear my eyes out." [Nothing] An entire sentence was added in.
Letter from Lottie 2 "I can't feel my legs. I'm probably dying. Why do you hate me?" [Nothing] Three entire sentences were added in.
Letter from Lottie 3 "Maybe I'll drown myself. You should forget about me. Find a new friend." [Nothing] Three entire sentences were added in.


Speaker Chapter Localized line Original line (if mistranslation)
Moira 1 (when Claire said she was almost a sandwich)

"Did Barry tell everyone that story?"

"I would't want that sandwich"


Object Area Localization Original script

Name changes

Localized name Original script Comments
Zabytij Sejm Island zain (ザイン?) was used as shorthand in the Japanese script and it literally translates into "Existence", the translators instead replaced this with a new name, "Zabytij" (Russian: Забытый).
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