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Story in Chronological Order: Claire (1—4) → The Struggle → Little Miss → Barry (1—4).

Claire's Story


Claire Redfield, senior member of an anti-bioterror organization Terra Save, attends a commemoration party in the TerraSave Headquarters. Claire meets her new partner, Moira Burton, older daughter of BSAA advisor Barry Burton. The party didn't end well as planned, as a group of masked assailants raid the headquarters and have Claire, Moira, and many other attendants captured.

When Claire comes to, she finds herself stranded in a dilapidated prison with Moira. They are not alone, however, as mysterious savage human monsters begin to stalk them through the labyrinthine prison. On their wrists a bracelet was installed, through which a female known as "Overseer" directs them around the compound, reciting poetry-like quotes. Making their way to the prison's communication tower, they discover that the prison is located on an island, much to their shock and disbelief they even doubt the distress message they sent through the tower's radio system would reach anybody.

Escaping the prison area, the Overseer commands them to reach a neighboring town called Wossek, where a group of abductees; Neil Fisher, Gabriel Chavez, and Pedro Fernandez, took refuge and plotted an escape plan. Claire also spots a mysterious young girl running away from them. Catching up to her, Moira calms the girl down, to which she introduces herself as Natalia Korda. The escape plan, now set in motion by Gabriel by using an abandoned helicopter, went completely wrong when the Overseer turns on the town's alarm system, herding monsters to their location, and sabotaging the helicopter's controls. Both Pedro and Gabriel lost their lives in the commotion.

Meanwhile, without Claire and Moira's consent, Natalia is abducted by an unknown figure. He took Natalia to a large building, where the Overseer is watching and contacting them, as per the survivors' deduction.

They proceed to Kierling, or as the Overseer calls it, "the place where everything comes to an end". To their dismay, the Overseer's henchmen had previously devised deadly traps around the area which Claire and Moira must disable or outsmart to move forward. Beyond the Kierling lies their final destination; the Overseer's tower. Claire and Moira discover the truth behind their abduction; Neil Fisher, mole of the previously disbanded FBC, is the true mastermind of the events so far. He sold TerraSave members to the Overseer now known as Alex Wesker, in exchange for a sample of Uroboros virus. Much to his shock, Alex injects him the very virus he requested earlier. Willing to dispose off the unneeded spy, Alex leaves Neil and as Claire catches up on him, he mutates into a huge Uroboros Tyrant-like monster, leaving his fate at Claire's hand. He was eventually killed by Moira, having overcoming her fear of guns.

They later use an elevator to reach her hideout, unaware that Alex had begun her own experiment using Natalia, placing the little girl inside a pod and sends her into the bowels of the facility. Alex greets Claire and Moira with a seemingly sardonic speech, briefly mentioning her brother, Albert and his experiments before drawing her gun to Claire, and inexplicably commits suicide. In response to the Alex's demise, her facility compound is set to self-destruct in several minutes.

Despite almost making their way out of the tower, Moira is trapped under falling debris, and forces Claire to jump out into the ocean below to avoid being blown to pieces.

Barry's Story

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Claire was found floating around the island's sea, now known as Sejm Island. She is sent to the mainland's hospital, where Barry Burton attempts to question Claire about his daughter's whereabouts before she was immediately taken inside the intensive care unit, to no avail. 6 months later, with Moira's SOS message recording in hand, Barry heads out to the island, alone.

The first thing Barry encounters on the island is Natalia Korda, a mysterious but normal-looking girl who appears to lost her mind. Barry insisted that Natalia should stay on his boat just in case she's in danger, but soon learns that Natalia possess an uncanny ability to detect the B.O.W.s on the island, even the invisible ones. She directs him to a ruined tower where she claimed Barry's daughter went 6 months before. Upon arriving at the ruined tower, they found a painting between Albert Wesker and a blonde woman, Natalia points out that the blonde woman was Alex Wesker as a female hooded figure manages to disarm Barry and points at Natalia.

The hooded figure reveals to be Alex in her mutated state after she barely survives her suicide attempt six months ago. Barry demands to know where his daughter is as Alex tells him that she killed her and buried her and she summons several Revenant to attack them both. Barry and Natalia escape by shooting the broken ceiling. Barry later reveals his strained relationship with his daughter while he carries Natalia in a piggyback ride, he explains that Moira accidentally shot Polly while they were playing in the house and she got his guns from his cabinet and that he was responsible for making their relationship drifting apart. Since Barry didn't save his daughter, he decides to protect Natalia from Alex. Both soon find Evgeny Rebic's corpse at the sewers and he finds Moira's cellphone which she recorded six months ago. Barry proclaims that Alex had killed his daughter.

Escaping the ruins, they navigate their way through the mines and eventually the Wossek, where Alex and her creatures stalk them relentlessly. Alex finds an opening to kill Natalia herself, though by an unexplained cause Alex flees the scene in terror.

It appears that Natalia has awaken to her "Wesker" self, as she is able to guide Barry through places she remembers not. Aware of Natalia approaching her hideout, Alex sends messages to her bracelet, attempting to discourage the two from going deeper. Undaunted, Barry pressed on until they reach her hideout, where Alex already overdosed herself with a vial of Uroboros virus, initiating the final battle.

Alex briefly gains the upper hand before Moira, surviving after 6 months living with Evgeny, temporarily brings down Alex, giving an opportunity for Barry to take Natalia out. They were not safe, however, as Alex continues to mutate. By a seemingly good luck, Claire Redfield arrives to rescue them with a sniper rifle. Barry had the girls to ride the helicopter and, with Claire's assistance, fights the last of Alex's uncontrollable mutation. Barry instructs Claire to use a RPG-7 to destroy Alex. Claire successfully does so, mimicking how her brother, Chris Redfield, destroyed Albert Wesker years prior.

Safe at last, the four of them heads back to the mainland as BSAA troops arrive to exterminate the remaining B.O.W.s on Sejm Island.


In 2013, Claire Redfield drives to the Burton residence, bringing with her a gift for the girls. Claire receives a message from a BSAA agent that her brother, Chris, is heading to China to deal with a bioterror attack. Meanwhile, the Burtons are preparing to welcome Claire to their house, unaware that Natalia, now overtaken by Alex Wesker's consciousness, slowly succumbs into malice.