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|name=Resident Evil: Revelations Official Strategy Guide

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Resident Evil: Revelations Official Strategy Guide is a BradyGames guidebook released alongside Resident Evil 6.


Evil is On board!

Jill Valentine and her new partner, Parker Luciani, have been sent to an abandoned cruise ship in the Mediterranean to search for Chris Redfield and Jessica Sherawat. But, the duo soon finds out that the ship is far from empty. Danger lurks around every corner in the confined space of the ocean liner. Jill, Parker, and the rest of the BSAA team will be tested as they face a menacing new horror that emerges from the darkness. Can they survive?

Illustrated Maps

Our maps give you the precise location of important supplies and detail every hidden item. Everything is marked out for quick and easy reference.

A Journey into Terror

The walkthrough in this guide takes you every step of the way through this horror filled adventure. Don’t miss a single item to find or specimen to scan on your way to 100% completion.

Comprehensive Bio-Weapon Dossier

Tips and tricks for dealing with the most dangerous mutants and monsters. Learn strategies for dealing with every foe and discover their weaknesses, so you can take them out quickly and effectively.

The BSAA Arsenal

Get familiar with the tools of the anti-bioterrorism unit and make use of the customization tips. Never go into a dangerous mission unprepared.

And Much, Much More!

• Full Raid Mode coverage • Every hidden Handprint location

• Special game secrets


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