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A number of errors arose in the localization of Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles. Many of these can be linked to the poor development timing - the Project Manager failed to bring the script to the translators until a week before the deadline.

File and scriptEdit

Memories of a Lost CityEdit

United States Federal Police Department Internal Investigation Report - The letter omits the reference to Brian Irons having a history of having been accused of rape twice during his college years. This was presumably done as an act of censorship, due to the serious subject matter.

Brian Irons (file) - Brian Irons being twice accused of attempts at rape during his college years is replaced with his being twice accused of domestic violence against his wife during the same event. This was most likely done as an act of censorship, due to the serious subject matter. A similar edit had earlier occurred in Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles, via the file Brian Irons Profile.

Game of OblivionEdit

Operation JavierEdit

The file "The Waterside Village" refers to the community under the same name in the localization. However, the Japanese file refers to it as either "Waterside town" or "city of water" (水辺の町 Mizube no machi?).

The file "Hunter γ" mistakenly refers to the α and β Hunter prototypes as being 'amphibious' in nature. In reality, it is only the γ that is designed to live in water.

"Manuela Hidalgo" was altered to remove the mention of Javier Hidalgo as a drug lord, instead referring to him as "the target".

The character, Hannah who appears in Communication from Krausers 1; 2 and 3, experienced a namechange in the localization. She became "Ingrid Hannah", her first name referencing the more-familiar radio contact Ingrid Hannigan.

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