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The Darkside Chronicles plays very similarly to that of its predecessor: Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles. The game is an on-rails shooter that can be played in couch co-op. It re-tells the story of Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil CODE:Veronica from Leon's perspective, but there are several differences between how the story is told and what actually happened in the two original games.

Just like Umbrella Chronicles, Darkside features an all-new campaign called Operation Javier, this scenario's plot involves both Leon and Krauser searching a small town in South America to investigate reports of a new threat, the two end up finding a mysterious girl who turns out to be related to the man they were searching for, Javier Hidalgo. Javier was said to have had contact with "an american" who gave him a sample of the T-Veronica Virus.

Gameplay-wise, some key differences between DC and UC include:

  • There is now a reloading animation shown on-screen that displays the character's current weapon being reloaded.
  • Grenades must be equipped before being thrown, they are not always in the inventory anymore.
  • The perfect headshot hitbox is much smaller than it was in UC, and it will still get smaller the higher the difficulty is.
  • There is a new "Title" system in the game, these are small in-game achievements the player can earn by performing certain actions a number of times. Files also make a return to the game, this time including many more items to collect.
  • There are now costumes the player can unlock after certain conditions are met.
  • While Umbrella Chronicles featured a way to unlock infinite ammo to all weapons by getting an S rank on all chapters in Hard mode, Darkside Chronicles has no way to turn on a global infinite ammo and the only weapons with it in the game are the Handgun and Linear Launcher.
  • The "Star" mechanic that serves as a way to upgrade weapons has been ditched and instead replaced with a Gold mechanic where the player earns gold by destroying objects on the stage or picking Gold up in the environment.

Shooting a coin before it hits the ground makes it give way more Gold than usual.

  • There is a hidden "coin shoot" mechanic where, if an object is shot and a coin (Gold) is dropped, the player can keep shooting the coins to gain a huge stack on coins, there is a limit to how much Gold can be earned this way, but it's possible to get at least 5000+ Gold from just one coin.
  • There is also a hidden mechanic related to perfect headshots, where performing a perfect headshot while low on health gives more points than one done on full health.
  • The "Objects Destroyed" requirement in the Results screen has been ditched and instead replaced with a "point" system where destroying objects, killing enemies and getting a perfect headshot gives the player points.
    • Additionally, performing multiple perfect headshots in a row gives more bonus points as it can be seen by the red text that appears on the screen. (which is also new in DC)
  • Your partner's health bar will appear on screen even in solo mode and they can die as well.

(top) The game's western release displays the zombie's head exploding and bleeding after a perfect headshot was performed while (bottom) the Japanese version has the head intact.

When it comes to regional differences, the most notable one is how the game was censored in Japan, with perfect headshots not blowing off the enemy's head, but still making the same sound. The red text still shows up on-screen which is another good way to indicate it.

Darkside Chronicles also features a secret mode that plays differently from the rest of the game. That is The Tofu Survivor, a mode based on a minigame of the same name in the original Resident Evil 2.

In this mode, Claire Redfield is the only playable character and there is no way to play it on co-op. All enemies are replaced with Tofu that are aggressive against the player. The objective is to reach the Shopping district west while starting from the Police station front entrance with only a Handgun and Knife. There are no healing items or checkpoints in this mode, making it perhaps the hardest part of the game.

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