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Dr. James Marcus, a founder of the Umbrella Corporation, has a daughter named Alicia who suffers from progeria, a fatal disease that causes rapid premature aging. He scrambles to find a potential cure, and against all odds, Marcus finally finds the solution with the T-virus. It is a miraculous find that could cure thousands of life-threatening diseases. It saves Alicia's life, but it has unforeseen side effects. Another recipient of the virus treatment, a young boy, collapses and chokes to death on a cable car. He transforms into one of the Undead and attacks a nearby passenger. When the cable car reaches the top, all are either dead or Undead. In the fallout, Marcus and Isaacs argue furiously about what should be done with their invention. Marcus claims that it is too dangerous and wants the project shut down. Isaacs, expecting Umbrella to be ruined in such a fallout, has Wesker kill Marcus with a plastic bag. Alicia walks down the stairs to see what is going on, but Isaacs shoos her away, saying that everything is OK.

With Marcus dead, Isaacs has de facto control of Umbrella; though Alicia has inherited her father's stock, her young age prevents her from assuming such responsibilities and she is taken under Isaacs' guardianship. Umbrella transforms into a powerful, militaristic organization through continued T-virus research, and The Hive is constructed under Raccoon City, controlled by the 'Red Queen', a computer program who's AI is based on Alicia's appearance. The virus escapes from containment and soon infests Raccoon City, requiring the US government to destroy it in the hopes of ending the outbreak. It fails, and after ten years of ruin the few remaining uninfected humans head to Washington D.C. to make their last stand, unaware they are walking into a trap.

Alice awakes to find herself alone in the city, echoing the beginning of the first Resident Evil (film). The White House is in ruin, and no survivors can be found. Alice tries to drink water from the National Mall, but is attacked by a Javo and is only saved by the barbed wire surrounding the pond. Alice, without weapons, is forced to merely kick him away. She runs away and tries to find weapons. She picks up a few basic guns and is about to walk out when a Kipepeo rises from the rubble and attacks her. Alice finds a humvee and runs into it for safety. She gets it to start up and after a long pursuit by the monster, she finally kills it with a Claymore antipersonnel mine from within the vehicle. Shaken and stirred, she heads in an abandoned building to recover. She hears a siren and investigates the source, going into an underground bunker full of weapons but seemingly devoid of human life. The Red Queen, having been tracking her via a satellite, communicates via fax machine and computer screen.

The Red Queen claims that she has switched sides and is working against Umbrella now, and is willing to help Alice. She says that Alice has 48 hours before the last of humanity will die. She tells her to head to the Hive and resets her watch. Alice is wary and demands why she should trust her. The Red Queen says that inside the Hive is a cure for the T-virus, a potent airborne anti-virus that when released, will kill any T-virus infected creatures on contact, essentially stopping the pandemic. She also says that this is a chance for Alice to get revenge on Wesker and Isaacs, the former of whom has just arrived at the Hive. Alice is convinced and tells the Red Queen she will be there. She takes a nearby car and heads off towards Raccoon City.

While driving past some of the Undead in her car, Alice's tires get shredded by some barricades and her car crashes, rendering it useless. Alice groans as she looks at her watch and starts off on foot. While walking towards a nearby overpass, she spots a BMW motorcycle underneath it. She runs up to it, but is wary when she sees the Umbrella logo on it. She carefully approaches the motorcycle, but is suddenly ambushed by a Umbrella soldier hiding underneath the rubble. Alice steps back to dodge, but finds herself surrounded by four other soldiers. She sets off a trap, in which a rope comes down, pulls her upside down towards the ceiling and renders her immobile. The soldiers start beating her nightsticks, and Alice just laughs, asking if “that's all they got”. One of the soldiers rush her, and she quickly grabs him, using his gun to kill the other soldiers and free herself from the trap. With the coast clear, she hops on the motorcycle. She tries to turn it on but gets electrocuted by it, finding that it only works for authorized Umbrella personnel. She falls unconscious from the shock.

She wakes up in a small cell, accompanied by other prisoners, then questions where she is. Isaacs enters the cell surprising Alice that he is still alive. He reveals that the Isaacs she killed was a clone then begins to question her. When Alice refuses to answer him, he announces she shall be "cast out". When they do, Alice finds that her cell was within a giant Umbrella tank, which is being followed by thousands of the Undead. Isaacs then contacts Wesker questioning him about Alice's survival, claiming she has knowledge of the anti-virus. Her hands are attached to a rope tied to the tank, and she must continue running to avoid being grabbed by the Undead. There are two soldiers monitoring her from atop the tank and she tricks them by ducking underneath the back of the tank. When one of them leans over, Alice uses him to pull herself up, and in the process, pulls him down and throws him to the Undead. Another soldier investigates the noise, and is knocked off the tank.

Isaacs senses trouble from watching the cameras and climbs to the top of the tank to take care of Alice himself. They have a brutal knife fight on top of the tank, with both of them almost falling off into the crowd of undead several times. While fighting, Alice forces Isaacs to free her, then presses a switch on top of the tank, opening a compartment containing a motorcycle. Isaacs taunts that she will be unable to use it, so she simply cuts off his hand, uses it to turn on the motorcycle, and speeds away from the tank. Crying out in agony, Isaacs instructs the driver, Lee, to use the turrets and lock-on missiles to try and take her out. He misses and she is successfully able to get away.

Several hours later, she finally arrives at the outskirts of Raccoon City. She sees that the bridge leading to the city has been completely destroyed, so she has to go the long way around, through the rubble. As she approaches a spiral-tower like building, a light flashes from above and a heavy object comes crashing down, shattering her motorcycle and rendering Alice unconscious. Waking up, she finds herself tied up and surrounded by several armed people, all of them yelling questions at her. She is about to get shot until Claire enters the room and recognizes her. Claire orders her to be untied and introduces the people to Alice. Their names are Doc, Christian, Abigail, Michael, and Cobalt. They explain that they have been sheltering in the skyscraper for a while, essentially turning it into a fortress. Alice collapses from coughing and Claire takes to the makeshift hospital to receive treatment.

While there, Claire explains how she had escaped from Umbrella and got involved with the survivors in the building. Alice says that Isaacs is coming their way and explains her mission to get the anit-virus from the Hive. Claire is shocked and exclaims that Alice would die if it were released. Alice simply says “whatever it takes” and Claire grudgingly agrees to help her, but only if she stays to help the survivors defeat Isaacs. Alice agrees and they get to work on the skyscraper's defences. Alice finds that there isn't much weaponry available, but there is a lot of gasoline. Using this knowledge, they construct catapults to take out the tanks and the undead. Their work completed several hours later, Alice spots Isaacs and his army of Undead approaching the building. Alice tells the residents to brace themselves and they ready the catapults.

There are two tanks approaching the building and they catapult a flaming projectile at one of them, destroying it instantly. Isaacs is within the other tank and instructs his soldiers to bring out the “bait”. A survivor is released from the tank, with thousands of Undead following her and Alice instructs the residents to open the building for her. As the survivor is about to reach safety she is shot by a soldier and some of the Undead get into the building before they are able to close the gates. Isaacs sees his chance and instructs Lee to fire the turrets on the roof, where Alice and the survivors are staying. Meanwhile, Claire, Michael, Cobalt, and Christian were struggling to hold back the Undead on the bottom floor. Cobalt gets bitten by one while holding the barricade and dies. In horror, Claire yells to Alice that the barricade won't last any longer and Alice yells at them to come upstairs, having a plan of her own. Alice and Abigail pour gasoline onto the bottom floor from the roof, light it up with some torches, and incinerate all of the Undead on the bottom floor. With all of her companions safe for now, Alice ziplines to the ground and rushes to get to the tank. From within the tank, Lee spots her on the camera and opens fire. Alice hides behind some rubble and is able to get on top of the tank. She pours gasoline into it, lights a match, and watches as it explodes, seemingly killing everyone within it. However, Lee is somehow able to escape and knocks her to the ground.

The two have a quick fight, with Lee winning easily. Kneeling on the ground, Alice lets one of the Undead attack Lee from behind and he is able to dispatch it easily. This leaves him open to counterattack, and Alice seizes the moment, shooting him and seriously wounding him. Alice leaves him to die on the ground and meets up with the other survivors. Two prisoners from inside of the tank, The Thin Man and Scars, beg to come along with them. Alice lets them join the group and prompts them to get some gear. She urges everyone to follow her to the Hive and the group make their way to Raccoon City on foot. Unbeknownst to them, Isaacs is still alive and watching them from behind a pile of rubble. He seizes another Umbrella tank that is driving by, kills all of the occupants, and follows Alice and her companions to the Hive.

Alice and her group get to the edge of the crater that was once Raccoon City, climb down and move through the barren wasteland. From within the Hive, the Red Queen informs Wesker that they are extremely close to reaching the Hive and he orders the release of monstrous undead dogs ("Cerberus") to keep them at bay. The decaying dogs appear out of nowhere and attack Alice and her companions. They shoot at them and sprint as fast as they can until they reach a Cliffside, several survivors becoming casualties due to the ferocious, oncoming Cerberus. Without hesitating, they jump off of the cliff and land in the water. They swim to shore and continue onto to the Hive. Moments later, they finally find the entrance to it, but the dogs are suddenly in pursuit again. Alice yells at her companions to run and they finally get inside of the entrance.

The dogs stop chasing them once they get through the entrance, and Alice speculates that something inside scares them away. Hesitating to enter, the group is unsure of what to do. Watching the group on a camera, Wesker orders the entrance to be sealed, and the door starts closing. The group rushes through, despite the ominous nature of the place. While going through, Alice is suddenly attacked by one of the Undead. She is able to barely hold him off and escape before the door closes, crushing the Undead to death.

The group struggles on until they reach a podium, where the Red Queen greets them. She shows them a video of an Umbrella meeting where Isaacs is planning to stage his own apocalypse using the T-Virus, killing everyone on the planet except himself and other high-ranking Umbrella executives. The Red Queen explains that she has been programmed not to hurt others, so she is on their side due to the murderous nature of Isaac's plan. At the same time, she is unable to hurt any Umbrella employees, which is why she needs Alice's help. She gives Alice an earpiece so they can communicate wirelessly. Before they leave, the Red Queen informs her that there is a traitor within the group and Alice shrugs it off, proceeding into the Hive.

As they walk through the main hallway, they find that the power has been cut off and that there is a giant fan impeding their progress. The group groans and complains, but Alice simply walks through the motionless blades and instructs the others to do the same. The power re-engages and the group barely make it through. Watching remotely, Wesker orders the fan to be set to suck in air, which sends the group flying back. Luckily, they are able to hold onto some poles on the ground. Unfortunately, Abigail has lost her grip and only has Alice to hold on to. After a long struggle, the fan sucks Abigail in and shreds her to bits, and the power cuts out again. The devastated group watches in shock and glumly continue on. Wesker is satisfied that he had killed off yet another member of Alice's group and plans his next trap.

Alice and the group have found themselves within a vent and are crawling through it when the lights suddenly suddenly come on. Stopping in fear, they await what lies ahead. When nothing happens, they reluctantly move forward. Suddenly, a section of the floor opens up and the Thin Man falls into it. It turns out to be a shaft, too deep to climb out of. There is a clear opening underneath him and it opens up, dropping him. He hangs on to the opening, but the door shuts, breaking his fingers and dropping him to his death in a cavern hundreds of feet below. Now, only Alice, Claire, Doc, and Michael are left surviving. Trap doors open up for them as well, hurtling Alice down into a dark laboratory and Claire into a glass box.

Alice groans in pain and gets up, quietly walking around. She hears a noise, and is relieved to find that it's Michael. The two carefully walk around until Michael is attacked by a large bioweapon. He is killed instantly and Alice shoots at it and flees. She leads the monster to a chain, wraps him up in it and flees again, letting the chain go taut. The monster is choked by the chain, but still manages to attack Alice. She shoots it into submission, but not before taking another set of injuries. Tired and worn out, she seeks an exit, and meets up with Doc. Meanwhile, in the glass box, Clare uses gunpowder to blast a hole and escapes.

Alice and Doc enter the laser corridor on their way to the interior of the Hive, causing Alice to flash back to the bad memories of what happened the last time she was inside of the room. She tells Doc to hurry and they get to the other side, finding Kaplan's equipment from 10 years before still lying on the ground. Alice takes two guns out, and gives one to Doc. She inputs commands into the computer and it turns out to be an elevator, which they take to the bottom floor. During their ride, they spot thousands of bodies in cryogenic storage, which Alice angrily recognizes as high-ranking officials of Umbrella, waiting out the incident. She takes a bag of explosives that she found within Kaplan's bag and asks for Doc's help in rigging the Hive to explode.

In the control room, the Red Queen informs Wesker that Alice will be there soon. He instructs her to take Isaacs out of cold storage to prepare for her arrival. Back to Alice, her and Doc step off the elevator and find themselves in a cavern, the same one that the Thin Man has fallen into. They cautiously walk past his mutilated body and walk across an illuminated walkway across the water. A voice calls out to them from the other side and Alice recognizes it as Isaacs'. He leads them to a fancy bunker and demands that they drop their weapons. Alice drops hers, but she notices that Doc hasn't done the same. Revealing himself as the traitor, he points his gun at her and forces her to drop her gun and detonator. Claire walks in moments later, with Wesker holding her hostage. Isaacs shows them the antivirus and Alice looks around for any potential ways to hurt Isaacs. She looks at the table and finds a decanter, fountain pen, and a bust, but Isaacs laughs, telling her not to bother, because she wouldn't be able to get to any of them in time.

Isaacs explains that he is the original version of himself, plus cybernetic upgrades, and that the Isaacs that Alice had fought on the tank was a clone. Furthermore, Alice herself is a clone. Isaacs points to a cryostasis tube inside of the room and an old woman walks out onto a wheelchair. He introduces her as Alicia Marcus, the co-owner of Umbrella and the daughter of James Marcus. She is who Alice herself is based on. Isaacs explains that Alicia is not much older than Alice is, but that she suffers from progeria, which accelerated the aging process. Isaacs says that he has been waiting for years for her death, which is the moment when he would be able to assume complete control of Umbrella. Alicia exclaims that she still owns 50 percent of the company and scoffs that Wesker is just an employee. Wesker coldly claims that he is loyal to Isaacs and Alicia fires him, allowing the Red Queen to harm him. The Red Queen quickly lowers a blast door next to Wesker that crushes his leg, immobilizing him and causing him a slow but fatal injury.

Claire is freed in the process, and Isaacs runs away, heading back to the main computer to transfer complete control of the company to himself. Claire shoots Doc in the head for his betrayal and Alice leaves the detonator in Wesker's hand, knowing that once he goes unconscious, it will go off. Alicia gives the two the anti-virus and tells them that they must hurry and get to the surface to use it before Isaacs gets there. They head off in pursuit of Isaacs. They corner him in the elevator and find that he has inhuman strength and speed, allowing him to dodge all of their bullets. Claire becomes incapacitated, and she yells at Alice to go ahead.

Isaacs traps Alice in the laser corridor and turns the power on. She successfully dodges all of them and unamused, Isaacs rushes in to attack her himself. He lands several devastating blows on Alice and, sneering, cuts off her fingers using the laser grid. When Alice is on the edge of defeat, she laughs. She reveals that while Isaacs had been cutting off her fingers she had pulled the pin to a grenade inside of his pocket. The grenade explodes, bringing Isaacs to the point of death.

Alice sprints to the exit of the Hive and makes it out just as the detonator falls out of Wesker's hands and blows up the facility. She is about to release the anti-virus when the barely-alive Isaacs appears and catches it before it hits the ground and breaks. He holds her at gunpoint and is about to shoot her when suddenly, his clone rushes up to the two, having led an entire army of Undead to the area. The real Isaacs tells the clone that he is fake and in retaliation, the clone Isaacs viciously stabs the original Isaacs to death, allowing Alice to get the anti-virus. The clone Isaacs is bitten by an undead and Alice finally has the chance to release the anti-virus. It shatters and all infected individuals within the vicinity collapse and die instantly. Alice collapses, and the world goes dark...

Several hours later, Alice wakes up, finding that Claire had also made it out. She wonders how she is still alive because she had been infected with the T-Virus. The Red Queen appears and explains that the anti-virus had only eradicated Alice's infected cells, but left her healthy cells untouched allowing her to survive. It is also revealed that before she died, Alicia uploaded memories of her childhood for Alice, allowing her to have a semblance of her childhood back. Alice weeps at this and vows to continue her mission. Finally, Alice is seen riding her motorcycle, heading towards downtown Manhattan. She explains that it will take several years for the anti-virus to completely eradicate the T-virus, and until then, her mission is not over.


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