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Resident Evil: The Final Chapter is the sixth part of Constantin's Resident Evil film franchise, and was pitched as the final part of Paul W.S. Anderson's series of films. It was initially expected for an Autumn 2015 release date, but was delayed by over one and a half years.[1]


As the sixth instalment was not greenlit until after the release of Retribution, writer-director Paul W.S. Anderson made sure to end that film on a cliffhanger but with as much story resolution as possible just in case rather than prepare a two-part narrative that may never be fulfilled.[2][3] The film pitch was made to give Alice a conclusion, but keep the story open for a seventh and final instalment before an eighth would reboot the franchise.[4] Due to both having scheduling problems, the film was kept in pre-production for two years, initially planned for an early 2014 shooting due to Anderson having work on Pompeii. Following a vacation and visit to South Africa to location scout, Jovovich was found to be pregnant and the film was delayed further.

Shooting of the film was significantly delayed past its early-2014 production. This was initially due to the commitments of both Milla and Paul Anderson to other film projects, with Anderson having just completed the film Pompeii in January. Jovovich would find she was pregnant in August, causing further delay.[5]


The general idea for the film was conceived of by September 2012,[6] though due to the scheduling conflicts the first draft was only completed in June 2014.[7] Having already pitched the idea of it being Jovovich's final film, Anderson made much of it into an origin story for the Alice character, who's life before the Hive outbreak was a mystery. While it was originally planned Alice would die at the end, Jovovich changed this so that she would survive the Antivirus, and be rewarded with an archive of Alicia Marcus' memories.[8]


Due to the length of time between the greenlighting and scripting, there is much confusion as to what the casting plans were early on. In late 2013, Jovovich reported on her official website that Michelle Rodriguez was to be in the film.[9] Actress Sienna Guillory meanwhile was not approached to reprise her role as Jill Valentine, and confirmed as such on her Twitter account in 2015. Due to a political issue between China and Japan, Li Bingbing's refusal to attend the Tokyo premier of Retribution led to Sony banning Bingbing from reprising her role as Ada Wong. In the final script version, the returning characters were Jovovich's Alice, Ali Larter's Claire Redfield, Iain Glen's Alexander Isaacs (albeit 'different' Isaacs to the previous films) and Shawn Roberts' Albert Wesker. The role of Red Queen was given to Ever Gabo Anderson, daughter of Jovovich and Anderson.

An assortment of new characters was devised for the film. Among these was Joon-Gi Lee, a South Korean taekwondo champion, as the role of Commander Chu.[8] The majority of Undead extras were YouTubers who were attending a convention in Capetown at the time of shooting.[citation needed] As many as 200 were required at one point to capture the realism in a sequence where Undead breach the Raccoon City base camp.[10]


Principal photography began on 18 September, with most shooting taking place in and around Cape Town, including Belhar.[11][12][13][14] Ever Gabo was initially given an ADR role as Red Queen's voice actress, but the special effects team instead pushed for her to appear on-set and be digitally altered in post-production rather than a more traditional CG character added into the scene.[8]

Some stunts were not scripted, with storyboardist Brent Boates having to leave them blank. In the case of the upside-down fight, this was an original scene imagined by Jovovich herself.[8] In the case of the Umbrella Troop Transport fight between Alice, the Undead and the Isaacs clone, this was partially improvised.[8] Similarly, the laser room fight was also planned out as it happened, with only the idea of Alice losing her fingers planting a grenade being written.[8]

The Pit sequences took place in a South African quarry with a lake in, with the chase sequence being done with the cast running from totally CGI dogs. The "Cerberuses" were the first time entirely-CGI dogs were used in the series.[8] The Hive's South Entrance turbine sequence was filmed with the use of wires. Rather than using stunt doubles, Jovovich and Ruby Rose both went through training to get the scene right as they were to be hoisted in the air to simulate floating.[10] As this sequence was just after the quarry scene, the actors had to be soaked in water before each take for continuity reasons.[8]

The "Killing Room Floor" set was used on 3 October, and required one of the tallest stuntman available in South Africa to take on the role of the Bloodshot. In spite of this, he was found to be too short, and Jovovich and the crew had to focus on the empty spot above the performer's head.[8] In the fight with Isaacs in the laser room, Jovovich made sure to do the splits to avoid a laser, then turn her face to prove to audiences it was a stunt she had performed and not a double.[8]

During filming, British stuntwoman Olivia Jackson was seriously injured when she collided with a camera arm while recording a motorcycle scene, and had to have an arm amputated.[15] It is presently unknown if this was the U.S. Route 64, Raccoon City, or U.S. Route 495 sequence, as a motorcycle was used in all three. Another accident occurred on 3 December, in which a platform carrying a prop BSAA Hummer gave way and fatally wounded crewman Ricardo Cornelius.[14]


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