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Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, otherwise known as Resident Evil: The Final Chapter: The Movie Novelization, is a movie novelization written by Tim Waggoner. A Japanese translation is to be published by Kadokawa, titled BIOHAZARD THE FINAL. The novel mainly follows the perspective of Alice with few chapters dedicated to Alexander Isaacs (clone), Becky, Claire Redfield, Jeff Moran, Michael, Red Queen and Alexander Isaacs.



As the only survivor of what was meant to be humanity's final stand against the undead hordes, Alice must return to where the nightmare began—Raccoon City, where the Umbrella Corporation is gathering its forces for a final strike against the only remaining survivors of the apocalypse. In a race against time Alice will join forces with old friends, and an unlikely ally, in an action packed battle with undead hordes and new mutant monsters. Between regaining her superhuman abilities at Wesker's hand and Umbrella's impending attack, this will be Alice's most difficult adventure as she fights to save humanity, which is on the brink of oblivion.

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Dr. James Marcus, a founder of the Umbrella Corporation, has a daughter named Alicia who suffers from progeria, a fatal disease that causes premature aging. He has already lost his wife to the disease and scrambles to find a potential cure. Against all odds, Marcus finally finds the solution while working with his partner Dr. Alexander Isaacs: the Progenitor cell. The miraculous find induces rapid cellular regeneration and can cure defects. The treatment saves Alicia's life, and Umbrella begins marketing their product.

In Cape Town, South Africa. School teachers Dominic Robertson and Rachel Sulelo lead a class trip along a cable car up to Table Mountain. A student named Callan Williams collapses after choking on a peanut, which Robertson assumes triggered an asthma attack despite his family having been notified the school that he had taken an Umbrella drug which should have cured his asthma. Robertson is able to dislodged the peanut from his throat but Callan isn't recovered from the attack. Robertson attempts to perform CPR on the student, but his lips are bitten off when Callan transforms into one of the Undead, attacking the other students and Rachel. Umbrella successfully covers-up the incident under Dr. Isaacs' orders with the undead occupants killed by the police.

Back at Marcus' house, he and Isaacs argue furiously about what should be done with their invention. Marcus claims that it is too dangerous and wants it to be contained and destroyed. Isaacs, on the other hand, wants to profit from it and use it for military purposes. Marcus refuses to support Isaacs' plan and states that they created the company to help people, not hurt them. Isaacs scoffs, saying that he has changed and nods at Wesker, who is hiding in the corner. Wesker quickly rushes up behind Marcus, puts a plastic bag over his head, and watches as he suffocates to death. Issacs quickly leave the house with Alicia overseeing his departure from an upstairs window.

Isaacs is now essentially in complete control of Umbrella, with only Marcus's young daughter Alicia in the way. She is too young to realize her responsibility of owning a large company, so he makes all of the decisions. Working with Dr. Charles Ashford, Isaacs uses the Progenitor cell to develop the T-virus, a weaponized disease that can practically create an army of Undead overnight. Within a few years, Umbrella grows into one of the most powerful commercial entities in the world. To help control the company, Isaacs develops an AI as a tribute to Alicia, which he calls the Red Queen. Ten years later, the Raccoon City Outbreak occurs and while the city is destroyed, it is not the end of the terror as the Global T-Virus pandemic sweeps across the world in just weeks, decimating humanity and leaving its few survivors scattering across the Earth.

Present day[]

White House Battle[]

Following Alice's recovery from the Umbrella Prime facility, She and her fellow survivors Jill Valentine, Ada Wong, Leon S. Kennedy and Albert Wesker armed themselves with weapons from the makeshift armory inside the White House. Alice, Jill, Ada, Leon and Wesker along with soldiers attack other Undeads and various mutated beings from breaching the barricade wall and invade their base. Shortly after, Lickers starts to charge towards them but stops once an V-22 osprey flies overhead which causes all the other creatures to stop their tracks and looks upon the transport, helicopters move in to confront the aircraft but gets shot down with its arsenal weapons. Alice attempts to use her psionic ability to bring down the craft but gets interrupted and distrusted upon Wesker insisted that she brought it down. Suddenly, an female voice emits from the vehicle with Wesker explaining that Dania Cardoza from Umbrella's Research and Development department is his rival and are after his position.

Jill realizes that the battle is never meant to be the last stand for the humanity rather that it was an attempt of taking out his rival Dania with Alice realizing that the real reason Wesker had given her abilities back is to assist him in the battle and the creatures are all having mind-controlled devices behind their right ears. Dania offers Wesker his surrender or else wipe out everyone in the vicinity but Wesker stands his ground and the battle resumed. The winged monsters or Infectors begins to shoot out flechette-like spines onto the hordes with those struck begin to change and break out in huge oozing pustules and fused with each other in odd angles. The military personnels begin to resume their attack on the mutated being following with gunfire erupted from Jill, Ada and Leon. The Melange soon mutates into an single blob entity resembling that of an amoeba with everything it touches, fuses with it. The Melange spreads its tentacles onto the tanks and helicopters and absorbs it's occupants, with Leon soon getting whipped and dragged into the entity.

The former Umbrella operative Ada is also surrounded by the tentacle and tries to pulled her in but Jill manages to grab hold of the tentancle that holds Ada hostage and tries to dislodge it. Her attempts are fruitless as Ada also gets absorbed by the Melange, with Jill questioning on why Alice aren't doing any attempts on stopping the creature. During the entirety of the battle, Alice has been concentrating on the V-22's propellers and brings down the transport with her psionic ability, killing all of its crew inside including Dania. She then uses its flames and spreads it across the Melange which causes it to thrashed and bucked around. Alice realizes that Wesker had used her and her abilities to which he does not deny, Alice attempts to kill him but simply gets beaten down by Wesker. Wesker then explains that the injection he had given her also contains the cure which activates after she exercises her telekinetic abilities.

After realizing Wesker's betrayal, Jill attempts to kill him but is stopped when his index finger transform into an mollted tentacle and plunges into her left eye, drilling through her skull. Wesker then takes Alice and brings her close to the Melange's grasp where he hopes that it will kill her, Wesker quickly leaves the premises. Rushing to save Becky in the White House, Alice musters her strength and gets away from its grasp only for tentacles to grab hold of her and attempts to rip her apart but an severely injured Jill manages to sever its grasps, freeing Alice. An new tentacle suddenly sprang forward and grabs Jill by the neck, pulling her into the masses. In its dying state, the Melange attempts to absorb Alice with tentacles shooting from all sides and slowly flowing towards her but Alice manages to spot an metal hatch and crawls inside, locking the hatch just in time.

Aftermath of the battle[]

After the battle, Alice ascends to the ground, having found the dissolved contents from Melange and the White House in ruin with her hope of finding Becky alive amongst the ruins, she starts to approach their former base but is unable to enter deep inside due to its bad condition and encounters many fallen comrades bodies but no Becky. She groggily stands up and stumbles upon Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool where she tries to drink. Suddenly, she is attacked by a deformed Undead that rises up out of the water and Alice struggles for it to loosen it's grips onto her, she kicks it off and is reliefed as she notices that its leg has been chained by razor wires, making it immobile. An siren begins to emit somewhere from her surroundings with it scaring the deformed Undead away and Alice begins to follow it's trace. As soon as she traces it to the source, the siren stops when she soon hears an clattering noise coming from an nearby bunker. Alice investigates the bunker where she notices an inkjet paper repeatedly printing the words of "Hello Alice".

Alice meets the Red Queen once again with her face appearing on all of the montiors. She claims that she wants Alice to trust her and to stop her from wiping out the remaining 4472 humans in 48 hours with their main locations primarily on Kyoto, Paris, New York, Berlin, and Raccoon City and each settlement contains an traitor loyal to Umbrella, task seeing to their genocide. The Red Queen informs Alice of an developed and potent airborne anti-virus situated deep inside the HIVE for that when released, will kill any T-Virus infected creatures on contact, essentially stopping the pandemic but her programming restricted to not harming any Umbrella employees or its leaders hence the reason she seeks out Alice's assistance. The chance also offers Alice opportunities to get back at Wesker, who had recently just landed back in the HIVE. Alice also implores the Red Queen on the location of Becky only for her to announce that she has not detected any sign of her ever since the battle and tells her that she will continue her search and direct Becky to an safe location until Alice's return from the mission. Intrigued by the deal, she prepares to head off to Raccoon City with the Red Queen pleading her to right their mistakes.

While driving past some of the wreckages in her car on Route 70, her tires get shredded by spike strips and her car crashes against another vehicle, rendering it an liability. Alice continues her walk to Raccoon City as time quickly passes with each second. While walking towards a nearby overpass, she spots an relatively pristine motorcycle underneath it. She runs up to it but is wary when she sees the Umbrella logo embedded on it. She carefully approaches the motorcycle, but is ambushed by Umbrella soldiers hiding the surrounding areas. Alice steps back to dodge but finds herself sets off a trap, in which a rope comes down and pulls her upside down towards the ceiling and renders her immobile. The soldiers tries to incappacitate Alice using nightsticks with Alice managing to provoke one of the soldiers. The soldier rush at her but she quickly grabs him using his arsenal to kill other soldiers and frees herself from the trap. With the coast clear, she hops on the motorcycle and tries to turn it on but gets electrocuted by it upon the vehicle reading her handprints as unauthorized access, finding that it only works for authorized Umbrella personnels. With it comes an electrocute shock knocking her unconscious

First Battle With Issacs[]

She wakes up in a small cell, accompanied by 8 other deformed prisoners with them have been taking turns and used as bait to lead the hordes from the back of the tanks and realized her captures are meant to be acquiring fresh bait to lure legions of undeads. She questions of her whereabouts to her fellow inmates only to be told to silence as to avoid the wrath of their captors but this triggers an loud ruckus to which the man finally comes down. She is surprised to find out that Issacs is still alive and recognized that the Issacs she had killed back at the weather station was a clone. Issacs informs her that the cleansing operation would have been finished an year ago had it been not for her meddling and begins to interrogate her with him coming to the realization that she had knowledge about the anti-virus that only a high command would have known about it. Upon getting no answers, he casts Alice out as the bait to be running behind the vehicle with hundreads of other undeads follows close pursuits with Alice noticing the other tank running side by side with hordes running closely behind. Issacs tasks the guards of watching Alice and informs him when she is willingly to talk.

Issacs then contacts Wesker who chastises him for his failure mission in getting rid of Alice and informs him of Alice's knowledge. Upon hearing this information, Wesker orders the Red Queen to set the HIVE security to its maximum and considers of opening the two cryro chambers with one of the shadow resembles an wheelchair but relents upon hearing the AI telling him that it's only for the case of utmost emergency.

Alice notices that her time is slowly coming to its end but awaits patiently when the opportunity arises which came at the form of obstructions up ahead of its route. Noticing the transport is slowing down and the slack on her chain, she takes the opportunity of climbing aboard the vehicle and takes down the guards tasks of overseeing her. Hearing the commotion up on the vehicle, Issacs investigates the sound with another trooper. Alice engages with her aggressors, managing to take down the trooper but has a hard time with Issacs as a result of her shackled hands. They have a brutal knife fight on top of the tank, with both of them almost falling off into the crowd of undead several times. While fighting, Alice manages to take Issacs hostage and commands him to release her which he complies, she finds the motorbike from before with Isaacs taunting her that she won't be able to use it but Alice cuts off his right hand and uses it to turn it on and speeds away from the tank. Crying out in agony, Isaacs instructs the driver, Lee, to use the turrets and lock-on missiles to try and take her out. He misses and she is successfully able to get away and heads for Raccoon City.

Back at the tank, Issacs gets treatment for his stump and upon being informed of her escape, he commands them to let her think that she has able to get away and that act is according to God's will. Afterwards, he resumes torture towards the prisoners with 5 captees killed as a result. Wesker oversees of Alice's progression, now 72 miles closer to the HIVE. Upon hearing the information, Wesker thought he had detected subtle hint of excitement in her voice but lets the suspicion slide off as to her AI nature.

Dania confronts Wesker[]

Somewhere behind Wesker, Dania carefully approaches him from behind with an prototype sonic disrupter which had been proven effective against the more powerful mutations created by the Tvirus with the weapon resembling as a silver handgun with a parabolic reflector attached to the muzzle. Dania plans her move carefully to avoid detection from Red Queen and her interference with the masker which have been designed to jammed electronic signals but not rendering its wearer invisible to anyone who is physically present and its battery charge only lasts for few minutes. She fires at Wesker's head with it exploded to million pieces but did not kill him. Dania shockingly realizes that he is still alive as he transfers his brains to his rest of the body with multiple chemical backups of his memory stored in different organs, Wesker reveals his vertical seam running from his throat to his navel with pointy teeths protruding. Wesker also informs her of his knowledge about her plans for the attack which was to fool him into thinking she died back in DC and assassinate him in the HIVE as her clone actually perished in the White House Battle. Wesker then devours her whole with his mutated mouth.

The Peak[]

Several hours later, she finally arrives at the outskirts of Raccoon City. She sees that the Raven's Gate bridge has been completely destroyed, so she decides to go the long way around, through the rubble. As she approaches to an abandoned skyscraper, gleam of light flashes from the edge of the crater, temporarily distracting her until pole held together with lengths of cable comes down and shatters her motorcycle and renders Alice unconscious from the impact. Waking up, she finds herself tied up and notices an man about to inject unidentified fluids into her body, Alice immediately helds the man hostage which causes other survivors to storm into the room, threatening to shoot her. They get into an intense stand off till an woman steps into the room with Alice realizing that the woman is Claire Redfield.

While there, Claire explains that during the battle of Arcadia, she was separated from her brother Chris (Chris Redfield fate is unknown) and taken to an place called the HIVE with Umbrella intending to torture her for information but she manages to loose herself and killed the pilot which caused the aircraft to crash into Raccoon City, the survivors there had saved her from the wreckage and turn the skyscraper into an fortified sanctuary called The Peak. Alice meets with various survivors with the most notable ones being Doc, Christian, Abigail, Michael, and Cobalt. Outside, Michael spotted the incoming hordes from Issacs armored vehicle to the east with the large cloud of dust closing in by the minute. Alice explains that Issacs is on his way with Claire's surprise of him being still alive and that she needed to reach for the HIVE and tells her people to leave the premises before the attack. Claire rejects the idea as the newborns and elderly wont have a chance on the road and suggests to make an stand against the incoming raid. Suddenly, Alice collapses from exhaustion with Doc and Claire take her to the makeshift hospital to receive treatment.

During treatment, Alice informs Claire of her knowledge about the airborne anti-virus inside the HIVE and warns her of an potential traitor inside the sanctuary as she felt someone was watching her and had not called out or warned her about the trap. With her plan now is to save the people then ventures into HIVE, Alice works together with the group to prepare the defense with a huge amount of gasoline and Abigail's talent in turning cranes to catapults and a trebuchet. Wesker oversees the progression after having regenerate an new head when devouring Dania and informs of Issacs who he informs of Alice's preparation into battle.

Their work completes several hours later with Alice spotting Isaacs and his army of Undead approaching the building. The group returns to their assigned stations with Abigail's team preparing the projectiles which consists of a lump of concrete wrapped in blankets and soaked with gasoline.

Defending from Issacs's attack[]

Two tanks slowly approaching the building with Abigail's team catapult an flaming projectile at one of them, destroying and killing its occupants instantly upon impact. Isaacs is within the other tank and instructs his soldiers to release the “bait”. The Emaciated Woman from before is released from the tank, with thousands of Undead following her and Alice instructs Claire, Doc, Cobalt and Christian to defend and open the entrance for her. Unfortunately, she is shot by the mounted guns upon reaching close to the gate which causes some of the Undead get into the building before they are able to close the gates. Isaacs sees his chance and instructs Lee to target the turrets onto the roof. Meanwhile, Claire, Michael, Cobalt, and Christian were struggling to hold back the Undead on the bottom floor with Cobalt getting bitten while holding the barricade and dies from the vicious attack. In horror, Claire yells to Alice that the barricade won't last any longer and Alice tells them to come upstairs, resort to using gasolines. Alice and Abigail pour gasoline through its makeshift gutter system onto the bottom floor from the roof and light it up with torches with columns of flame incinerating all of the Undeads on the bottom floor. With all of her companions safe, Alice ziplines to the ground and rushes to the tank. From within the tank, Lee spots her on thermal imaging and opens fire. Alice is able to get on top of the transport's turret. She pours gasoline into the vent, lights a match, and watches as it explodes, killing 2 personnels inside. However, Lee and 2 troopers are able to escape with the hatch but Alice kills one trooper and engages in a fight against Lee.

The two have a quick fight, with Alice emerging victorious as she dislocates Lee's elbows. The other trooper surrenders himself to Alice with her questioning of Issacs location as he is nowhere to be found. She rescues its two remaining prisoners The Thin Man and Scars with her tying Lee and the trooper to the back of the tank, luring undeads away from The Peak's vicinity with Lee dying almost immediately. The survivors greets them inside with Abigail urgently ask Alice to come to the rooftop. Alice notices another Undead horde approach the settlement with Abigail spotting another horde. With the defenses gone, Alice ventures into the HIVE with Claire, Doc, Abigail, Christian and Micheal as well as Scars and Thin Man.

As Alice and her group beign to descent the crater that floors shaft of illuminated light that was part of HIVE, Issacs carefully stalks their group from a concealed spot in the rubble at the edge of the crater, momentarily experiencing lasp of faith but determines to kill Alice as he thoughts he is being tested.

Venturing into the HIVE[]

Alice and her group get to the edge of the crater that was once Raccoon City, they descend and move through the barren wasteland with Claire taking point. From within the Hive, the Red Queen instructs Wesker that they are extremely close to reaching the Hive and he orders that the HIVE's defenses to be entirely handed by him and release the Cerberuses to keep them at bay. The dogs appears from the surrounding areas with Alice urging her companions to run for safety as there are too many to handle. During their attempt of escape, Scars is killed as he is torn in half by the beasts with Alice and her group continuing to run in circular motions. They sprint as fast as they can until they reach a cliffside. Without hesitating, they launch themselves off the cliff and land at the lake below. They swim to shore and continue onto to the Hive with the landing had make Micheal and Christian lose of their weapons. Moments later, Christian is surprised attacked by the cerberus hiding among the debris and is dragged away and killed as the creature snapped at his head. Soon the dogs begin to close in on them with Alice urgent them to run and they finally arrived at the entrance in its circular structure. Seeing the group had finally made it through the entrance, Wesker orders the Red Queen to seal the HIVE.

The blast doors slowly begin to close in with most of the group make through of its narrow crevices .Oddly, the dogs stop chasing them once they get through the entrance with something inside had frightened them away. While going through, Alice is suddenly attacked by the reanimated Christian with her barely holding him off and escape before the door closes, crushing the Undead Christian. Wesker oversees of their progress and is enjoyed at the fact that two members of her group had died when they barely reach the entrance to the HIVE until the monitor and the Red Queen's avatar are severed as the result of erractic power supply but the convenient timing has Wekser further increases his suspcion of the AI.

Struggling to catch their breath, they continue until they reach a podium, where the Red Queen greets them and tells them that she had arranged the power outage as to not allow Wesker to eavesdrop their conversation and further warns them that she cannot help them as Wesker had taken control of the facility's defenses. She shows them an video of an Umbrella board members meeting dated 18 months before HIVE's outbreak where Isaacs is planning to orchestrate his own apocalypse using the T-Virus, killing everyone on the planet except himself and other high-ranking Umbrella executives similar to Noah's Ark in the Book of Genesis. The Red Queen explains that she has been programmed to serve the corporation but to also value humans life, she had tried to stop the reopening of the HIVE but fails as Issacs had the HIVE reopen deliberately. As her programming prevents her from being able to hurt any Umbrella employees, she needs Alice's help into stopping Isaac's plan due to its murderous nature and warns her that when the time runs out, the attack on the settlements will be carried out at the same time as to prevent from warning one settlement from warning another the existence of a traitor. She gives Alice an earpiece so they can communicate wirelessly. Before they leave, the Red Queen informs her that the settlement in Raccoon City had repelled its first attack which confirms that the traitor had not enact their plans and is still currently within their group.

As they walk through the main hallway, they find that the power has been cut off and that there is a giant fan impeding their progress. The group walks past through the blades and notices that the lights begin to illuminate one section at a time with lights coming closer, signaling the power turning back on. Most of the group make it through with the exception of Abigail, who is halfway through and stuck upon the holster got caught on one of the fans. Alice and the group manage to set her free with all at the other side of the fan. Wesker notices of the progression and orders the Red Queen to reverse polarity on the turbine which she complies. The blades begin to spin the opposite direction, sucking the air and the survivors. They manage to root themselves to the ground but Abigail loses her footing which sends her backwards. Alice manages to grab ahold of her with Claire's help as anchor to them both but Abigail slips away upon her backpack strap ripped apart as she is pulled into the blades and reduces to nothing more than a red mist with her death overseen by Wesker, who is satisfied upon another member's death. The blades begin to slow down as the turbine engine died with the group continues of their journey and Alice swearing that the action of releasing the anti-virus will be fulfilled in the names of her fallen friends and comrades who gone mssing over the ten years of her journey.

Alice and the group have found themselves within a vent and are crawling through it when the light suddenly comes on. Stopping in fear, they await what potential trap lies ahead. When nothing happens, they reluctantly move forward. Suddenly, a section of the floor opens up with the Thin Man falls below and him trying to ease his free falling until he painfully lands on the metal grate. Upon the grate's electronic lock open, he manages to grab onto the grate's edge. Before he could climb back on, the grating closed, trapping his fingers between the grate and the shaft, sending him deep below the abyss and eventually crushes against the stone hard floor. Claire, Doc, Micheal and Alice witness of this and before the group moves forward, Alice and Claire suddenly fell to the trap doors.

Claire's trap door leads her to trap inside an box made with the plexiglass material with the outer view being obscured with grime and the inner surface scratched and marred whereas Alice's trapdoor leads her into an room surrounded by darkness. Alice groans in pain and gets up, quietly walking and observing around with her sensing that something is also in the area with her. She hears a noise but is relieved to find that it's Michael who had also dropped into the room from the ceiling duct. The two carefully walk around until Michael is attacked by a Bloodshot with its clawed hands grab ahold of Michael and sinks its teeth onto his face, ripping the skin and muscle away from Michael's skull. Alice shoots at it but it manages to deflect her using its quick speed and retreats back into the dark corners of the area. She distracts the monster with her flashlight and hooked it with a chain. After Alice gains some distance away, the monster is torn open by the chain when it is pulled taut, gutting the creature. Tired and worn out, Alice proceeds to find an exit and is surprised to meet up with Doc, who had been standing few meters away from the Bloodshot's corpse. The two then exits the room with Wesker enraged at Alice's survival in the Disassembly Room to the point of almost losing control of his body. Considering the possibility of Alice might succeed her mission and with no other options left, Wesker orders the Red Queen to awake the two cryro chambers present in the room. Meanwhile, Claire comes up the idea of escaping the box with the use of her 4 remaining bullets.

Elsewhere, Issacs aboards one of the two armory tanks with him commanding Brenner to change the course to the HIVE as opposed to Raccoon City. Upon being rejected of his demands, Issacs kills Brenner and takes control of commanding the vehicle.

Back at the HIVE, Alice and Doc enter the laser corridor on their way to the interior of the Hive, giving Alice memories of what happened the last time she was inside of the room. She tells Doc to hurry and they get to the other side, finding Kaplan's equipment from 10 years before still lying on the ground. Alice takes two guns out, and gives one to Doc. She accessed to the final level of HIVE below by inputting commands to the computer with the floor turns out to be an elevator, which they take to the bottom floor. During their ride, they spot thousands of bodies in cryogenic storage in the shape of hexagonal tubes, which Alice recognizes as high-ranking officials of Umbrella, waiting out for the apocalypse. She takes a bag of explosives that she found within Kaplan's bag and asks for Doc's help in rigging the Hive to explode.

Wesker opens up the first cryro chamber which contains the original Alexander Issacs, revealing that the religious Issacs that had been attacking the group is another clone of him. Issacs is angry at his awakening with the cleansing operation have not done executing and immediately knows that someone had betrayed them as he had anticipated.

Claire uses her 4 bullets and discards all of its gunpowder to a single shell with the duct tape use to seal the open end of the cartridge and use length of shoelace from one of her boots and forced it through a hole in the tape. From there, she puts the makeshift bomb against the corner of the wall and blows it up, allowing her to escape her confinement. After leaving the box, Claire is encountered by something swiftly moving. Meanwhile, Alice and Doc step off the elevator and find themselves in a cavern, the same one that the Thin Man has fallen into. An walkway then presents itself to her with the original Issacs greeting her and orders her to put her arsenals down. Upon doing so, she realizes that Doc is still armed and knows that he is the traitor assigned to the Raccoon City settlement with Wesker arriving shortly after, holding Claire hostage with her now knowing of his status as the traitor. Isaacs shows them the antivirus and Alice looks around for any potential ways to hurt Isaacs. She looks at the table and finds a decanter, fountain pen, and an sculpture but Isaacs tells her not to bother with any of them because she wouldn't be able to get to any in time.

Isaacs explains that he is the original version of himself, and that the Isaacs that Alice had fought on the tank was a clone. Furthermore, he points out that Alice herself is also an clone. Isaacs points to a cryostasis tube inside of the room to which an old woman walks out onto a wheelchair. He introduces her as Alicia Marcus, the co-owner of Umbrella and the daughter of James Marcus with Alicia is who Alice herself is based on. Isaacs explains that Alicia is not much older than Alice is, but that she suffers from progeria, which accelerated the aging process and that the progenitor treatment had not work. Isaacs says that he has been waiting years for her death, which is the moment when he would be able to assume complete control of Umbrella as Alicia is still hold 50% of the company. Alice is shocked from this revelation as her fear only confirms true as the Red Queen explains that Alice and the AI are made based on the image of Alicia with Alice's DNA tweaked to avoid the wasting disease that afflicted her and her avatar built upon the likeness, voice, and core brain patterns based on childhood recordings of Alicia. But Alicia interjects, telling Alice that she is more than what Alicia could have been and urges her to complete her mission. Using the 50% of ownership, Alicia fires the man whose loyalties lies with Issacs which allows the Red Queen to target Wesker by crushing his right leg with a heavy blast door.

With the AI's action, Issacs flees with the vial in hand and Claire is freed from his grip with Doc attempting to kill Alice but is surprised to find out that his weapon has no ammo and realizing that she had switched out the cartridge before they descend below. Doc's act of betrayal leads Claire to shoot him in the chest, killing him. Meanwhile, Wesker starts to suffer blood loss as the T-virus in his blood begin to fleeing away from his corpse in multiple rivulets spreading to different directions, Alice pressed Wesker's hand against the detonate switch with her warning him that as long as he held it depressed, he keeps Umbrella's dream alive. Alice pleads with Alicia to come with but she rejects, stating that she will only be slowing them down in the process and tells her the act of releasing the anti-virus will also have deadly affect at Alice as she still has the virus inside her albeit in an inert state even with her powers had been taken away by Wesker. Knowing the consequences, Alice and Claire take off after Issacs with the countdown nears its end.

Meanwhile, the Issacs clone still takes control of the tank and drives into the HIVE with its crew deserted him upon hearing of Issacs plan. The second transport would shortly abandoned Issacs when the deserters had informed the commander about it and it's respective hordes merges with Issacs hordes. The tank arrived at the crater where he is forced to abandoned the transport upon the tank getting stuck and the hordes marching nearer, Issacs decides to use himself as bait and lures the horde deep inside the crater. Back at the control room, Wesker pleaded Alicia to help him but she sees through his ploy, recognizing that he had only wanted her closer so he could devour her genetic material, stabiling his cells long enough for him to be free of the door's grip and heal his wounds. Following their conversation, the Red Queen helps Alicia to record of her memories all the way from her childhood.

Second Battle With Issacs[]

The original Issacs runs towards the elevator door where he activates the override code, letting him to have all functions of the facility under his control with the Red Queen taking herself offline. Alice and Claire boards the shaft where they begin to fight Issacs but he easily incappacitates Claire and defends himself from Alice's attacks. He hurls her towards the laser corridor where he activates the security systems which forces Alice to avoid the beams and fight Issacs simultaneously. Issacs gains the upperhand as he slices her left fingers with the laser beam and victory seemingly at hand, he deactivates the grid. But Alice reveals to him that she had attained the vial and switches it with an bomb from the equipment carriers. The trick proves successful as Issacs is seemingly killed when the bomb goes off at his abdomen and Alice rushes to reach topside with only 2 minutes left. Issacs eventually wakes from his injury as his bio implants had stopped the bleeding and were repairing the damage caused, he pursues Alice by clinging on to the cables on the underside of the platform.

From there, Alice sprints to the exit of the Hive and makes it out with her preparing to release the anti-virus but the vial is caught by the still alive Issacs before it hits the ground and breaks. The Issacs clone then arrived at the scene with hordes raging behind, rushing up to the two. The real Isaacs tells the clone that he is fake and in retaliation, the clone viciously stabs Isaacs to death with him believing that the murdered Issacs is an clone and the attack too much for the system to bear. The crazed clone is then yanked backwards and devoured by the hordes he had let. With their deaths, Alice begins to pull the vial away from his hand. Back in the control room, Alicia had finished uploading the memories with the Red Queen thanking her for making the AI who she is, Alicia witness Wesker's body as his mutated genetic structure began to break down, melting like wax slowly slid away from the bone with his grip loosen and detonates the trigger which results in the eradication of the entire HIVE facility and its flame consuming Alicia. Outside, Alice drops the anti-virus vial with its effect spreading in an rapid rate, killing the hordes and the Cerberuses before seemingly also killing Alice.

Several hours later, Alice wakes up, finding that Claire had also made it out of the facility. She wonders how she is still alive with the Red Queen appearing and explaining that the anti-virus had only eradicated Alice's T-Virus cells, but left her healthy cells untouched allowing her to survive and free of her infection. the AI revealed that before Alicia died, she had uploaded memories of her childhood for Alice, allowing her to have semblance of her childhood back.

During the White House battle, Becky is led into an safe room inside the building with the help of an female personnel, who had promised that someone would get her soon but never return. Becky manages to crawl outside of the room and starts to look for her mother albeit hiding from the monsters sight. Becky walked through the ruins of Washington where she witness some of the undead had died as the result of the anti-virus effect. Finally she is reunited with Alice who shows her the avatar projection of the Red Queen who now wishes to be called as Ruth with her consciousness now resides in a series of satellites orbiting the planet with one of the satellite used to pinpoint Becky's location. Alice and Becky along with the disc projector containing Ruth's avatar heads back to their home Raccoon City.


Miles beneath the ruins of the Hive, Wesker's escaped blood are safe from the effects of the anti-virus where it would slumber for many months, centuries till the surface is habitable for them again where they would make their way upwards, where the fun truly begins.

Plot Differences[]

Opening Sequence

  • In the novel, the students on the excursion trips wear the standard school's uniform.
  • In the movie, the students on the excursion trips wear casual clothes.
  • In the novel, the male chaperone attempts to save the kid by performing Heimlich Maneuver and CPR.
  • In the movie, the male chaperone only performs CPR.
  • In the novel, the boy bit on the chaperone's lips.
  • In the movie, the boy bit on the chaperone's jugular veins.
  • In the novel, the cable car arrive at the top of the mountain with its door held shut.
  • In the movie, the cable car doors open once it reached the top.

James Marcus's death

  • In the novel, Alicia notices Issacs departure from the Marcus residence after the murder of her father.
  • In the movie, Alicia encounters Issacs downstairs shortly after the murder of her father.

White House

  • In the movie, Jill, Ada, Leon and Becky are not mentioned and the status of the group is left unknown.
  • In the novel, Jill, Ada and Leon are killed by the mutated creature Melange which is released by Dania Cardoza with Becky having been hidden away by an staff member deep inside the White House.

Meeting With The Red Queen

  • In the movie, prior to their meeting, Alice fights off against one Kipepeo.
  • In the novel, the fight is absent with Alice meeting the Red Queen right away.

The Peak

  • In the movie, Claire never mentions of Chris's status after Arcadia with his status unknown
  • In the novel, Claire mentions that she and her brother were separated during battle with Claire hoping that Chris is out there somewhere.

Aftermath of The Peak's battle

  • In the movie, only 2 personnels exits from the tank with Lee only used as the bait
  • In the novel, there are 3 personnels exits from the tank with Lee and another trooper used as baits

Doc's Death

  • In the movie, Doc is shot in the head.
  • In the novel, Doc is shot in the chest and straight through the heart.

Lazer Corridor

  • In the movie, when Issacs activates the security defensive measure, Alice dodges the beams of lights and fights Issacs after.
  • In the novel, when Issacs activates the security defensive measure, Alice is forced to dodge the beams and fights Issacs simultaneously.
  • In the movie, Alice secretly places the bomb on Issacs pockets and takes out the vial after
  • In the novel, Alice switches out the vial with the bomb and places it on his pocket.

The eradication of HIVE

  • In the movie, Wesker's body is still intact moments before the bomb goes off.
  • In the novel, Wesker's body is dissolving with his skin melting like wax due to his mutated genetic structure break down which is caused by the amount of blood loss and the T-Virus in his cells leaving his body.


  • In the movie, Alice heads to Manhattan to continue her mission of eradicating the virus with Kipepeos chasing after.
  • In the novel, Alice heads back to DC and reunites with Becky and the pair heads off to Raccoon City which she designates as their home now.

List of characters[]