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Resident Evil: Underworld is a 1999 novel by S.D. Perry. The fourth in an alternate continuity parallel to the games, Underworld was published alongside the third in the series, Resident Evil: City of the Dead. It is the second completely original story in this continuity. Initially owned by Pocket Books, rights to the novel has since passed on to Titan Books.

Official summary[]

"Leon Kennedy, Claire Redfield, Rebecca Chambers, and their companions take on the awesome power of Umbrella, the mysterious megacorporation that is creating terrifying biological weapons, as they set out to find the key to stopping Umbrella forever."


Leon S. Kennedy, Claire Redfield, and the survivors of the Caliban Cove incident are en route to Europe to rendezvous with the other surviving S.T.A.R.S. members for further operations against the evil Umbrella Corporation. While in the air, their plane is redirected by the mysterious Trent, an enigmatic figure who has been guiding and manipulating events throughout the entire series of novels. Trent informs the group of an Umbrella facility in Utah, used to test and train the company's experimental biological weapons. The facility's overseer, a man named Reston, is one of three people in the world in possession of a codebook which would allow access to all of Umbrella's most secret documents. Trent wants the group to infiltrate the facility, steal the codebook, and take down Umbrella once and for all.

Reluctantly agreeing to Trent's plan, the group makes their way into the Umbrella facility. They soon find themselves trapped within the facility's testing area, forced to trek across four massive, artificial environments (called The Planet) while evading Umbrella's deadliest new monsters...


  • Rebecca Chambers - Survivor of the Mansion incident. Returns from Caliban Cove with John and David.
  • John Andrews - Ex-S.T.A.R.S. member returning from Caliban Cove.
  • David Trapp - Ex-S.T.A.R.S. member returning from Caliban Cove.
  • Leon Kennedy - A police officer and survivor of the Raccoon City outbreak returning from City of the Dead.
  • Claire Redfield - Chris' sister. Survivor of the Raccoon City outbreak returning from City of the Dead.
  • Jay Reston - Head of The Planet, an Umbrella Facility containing B.O.W.s. he is killed by Fossil at the end of the novel.
  • Trent - The mysterious man from the previous novels. Gives John, David, Rebecca, Leon, and Claire a new mission to get a book from Reston. At the end of the book, the origins of Trent and his vendetta against Umbrella are finally revealed.
  • Henry Cole - Electrician who works in The Planet. Cole eventually joins up with Leon and John in an attempt to escape the twisted mazes that Umbrella had set up at the compound. Cole is attacked while trying to escape from the maze by a Hunter. He suffered deep lacerations to the back from which he dies.
  • Chris Redfield - Survivor of the Mansion incident. In Europe trying to take down Umbrella HQ there. Only mentioned.
  • Jill Valentine - Survivor of the Mansion incident. In Europe trying to take down Umbrella HQ there. Only mentioned. As an interesting side note, according to the next novel, she's actually still in Raccoon City. This error is never reconciled.


  • Dacs - Tremendous birds with wingspans ranging from 8 to 10 feet. Their nickname comes from the Pterodactylus, and their stage of the Planet is a wooded area.
  • Scorps - Oversized, sand-colored scorpions ranging from 5 to 6 feet in length. They are essentially immune to basic firearms, as their blood can quickly coagulate, sealing any wounds it receives. However, they are especially damaged by grenades. Their stage of the Planet is an expansive, sand dune filled desert.
  • Spitters - A mutated creature with the combined genetic structures of a goat and a reptile. They are capable of spitting red acidic slime. They are exceptional climbers, and their stage of the Planet is a mountainous area.
  • Hunters - Reptilian creatures, similar to the Hunters from the game. However, these models have chameleon-like camouflage techniques, rendering them nearly invisible. Their stage of the Planet is a city recreation. They are extremely weakened by light flashes.
  • Fossil - A type of Tyrant that is housed in the Planet. It resembles a humanoid Tyrannosaurus and, due to its simplistic mind, its only goal is to eat.