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The film was announced on October 15, 2015 in a mission statement on Marza Animation Planet's official website. It was referred to as a "reboot", though in regards to the staff being different from the first two, and not in terms of plot.[1] The official title was announced on March 25, 2016,[2] being formerly called "BIOHAZARD CG3".

Japanese filmmaker Takashi Shimizu served as the Executive Producer for the film. Shimizu is known for his directorship of such films as 2002's Ju-On: The Grudge and its 2004 American remake.

The film featured a promotional campaign, for Ducati Motor Handling, to feature their latest motorcycle, the XDiavel, which will be used by Leon in the climax of the film.[3]

Writing Edit

The film script was written by Makoto Fukami.

Casting Edit

Art and Animation Edit

Motion capture Edit

Motion capture production was outsourced to Dynamo Pictures, Inc. Cosmo Space Mira-St provided the studio for the recording sessions, while performers were provided by Bang Zoom Entertainment.

Music Edit


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