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The "George A. Romero script" was a 1998 pitch for what became the 2002 Resident Evil film. Half a dozen drafts were produced,[1] with one leaked online dated at 7 October 1998. The film was an ambitious, gory film very loosely based on the 1996 Resident Evil video game, though a resulting argument over the violent content led to it being scrapped by Constantin. Following a failed pitch by Urban Legend director Jamie Blanks, Constantin collaborated with Impact Pictures, who were in pre-production of their own zombie horror film; the resulting agreement led to Paul W.S. Anderson's film The Undead becoming the filmed version of Resident Evil.[2]


Live-action TV and film rights for Resident Evil were secured by Constantin in December 1996 following negotiations by studio head Bernd Eichinger. Eichinger pictured the film as a horror-thriller, and put Robert Kulzer in charge of producing it. At the time Constantin was the only production company involved, and intended to fund the project through pre-sales on condition of retaining exclusive German distribution rights.[3]

The initial attempt at this film was with writer Alan B. McElroy, who conceived of a loose adaptation of Resident Evil with an all-star team of ex-soldiers recruited to investigate an incident a government facility. McElroy was dropped in early 1998 following the release of Resident Evil 2 in what Kulzer later claimed was a necessity to allow a fresh perspective on the film on the belief at the time that the first game had outlasted its welcome.[2] By mid-1998 Constantin reached an agreement with Romero-Grunwald Productions, a partnership between George A. Romero and producer Peter Grumwald. Romero's idea was similar to McElroy's, being a loose adaptation of the first game but this time with S.T.A.R.S. as a US Army special operations team sent out to rescue surviving lab workers at a lab run by a Pentagon weapons contractor. Visually Romero was drawn to his earlier film, Day of the Dead, and wanted Resident Evil to be claustrophobic with the ever-present danger of Zombies around the next corner.[1] Capcom was supportive of the film, and provided Romero with story notes to enhance the story though he was not required to honour them. Recognising the limitations with the game's narrative, Romero expanded the overall size of S.T.A.R.S. with original characters and kept them largely together throughout the film. Not liking Capcom's depiction of Albert Wesker, Romero's iteration of him - now a Colonel - was to be a Gulf War veteran offering a cut of the rewards for recovering the Tyrant prototype, forcing the cast to choose between loyalty to their government or to morality. The biggest departure by far was that of Chris Redfield, who is portrayed as a Mohawk ranch-owner who quickly turns into an action hero and the true leader of the band of soldiers.

"With George, we could have done a great zombie movie for a very, very limited audience. We could not have shown it to a regular theater, we could not have shown it on television and the video would have been sold in the X-rated section. Then you can make a $2-million movie, but not a big event movie."
— Robert Kulzer on the pros and cons of Romero's film.

Although the script was well liked by Kulzer, production was halted on orders from Eichinger, who opposed to the graphic content in Romero's script. Scenes calling for people's faces to be melted by acid and violently decapitated risked an NC-17 or X-rating in the United States, and an FSK-18 rating in Germany. From a business standpoint, the film was deemed unprofitable for both Germany and any prospective American investor, and revisions to tone down or remove the violence was demanded.[2] This led to a stand-off between Eichinger and Romero, who had developed a reputation for his uncompromising attitude to filmmaking and by 1999, the script was dropped and he himself was fired as a director. Romero would later describe in interviews the personal insult of the ordeal; having been the victim of ghosting, he only learnt he had been fired when asked by fans who were following production news online.[citation needed] In the words of Romero, he felt Eichinger "wanted something prestigious" instead of a video game adaptation.[1]


The story begins at a top-secret laboratory in Pennsylvania's Arkley Forest. Chief researcher Dr. John Marcus alerts his superiors to a biohazard and pleas with them not to send rescue as he is torn apart by his colleagues, driven mad by the infection. Meanwhile, Mohawk ranch owner Chris Redfield is out feeding the eagles when he is disturbed by an unusual creature in the distance. He returns to his girlfriend Jill's apartment and they have sex; meanwhile, Chris' ranch is attacked by a pack of hyper-aggressive dogs which terrify the horses before mauling a ranch worker named Rake.

Later in the morning, news filters over to the Army about the outbreak, and Col. Albert Wesker, CO of their S.T.A.R.S. special operations team, begins preparations for a rescue operation. As S.T.A.R.S. is based 500 miles away from the lab, the four soldiers of Bravo Team have been undercover in Raccoon City for the past six months as a first response team. Among these are DiSimone, Russo, Williams and Jill Valentine herself as team leader. Jill puts on her uniform and rushes out to meet with the team, deciding not to warn Chris of the situation. Bravo Team drives out into Arkley Forest and reaches the Arkley Mansion, the surface façade of the laboratory. Before they can get inside, however they are attacked by the guard dogs and all but Jill are killed. With one of the dogs swallowing a tracking beacon, Wesker orders the entire city be evacuated while his own Alpha Team, consisiting of Barry Burton, Rebecca Chambers, Joseph Frost, Forest Speyer, Kenneth Sullivan, Rosie Rodriguez, Richard Aiken, Ridley, Fox, and Marini, takes on Jill's responsibilities.

Chris leaves Jill's apartment to see the evacuation operation taking place. The Pennsylvania Army National Guard is unable to reveal the true nature of the emergency, and when the cover-up that a military transport plane crashed is debunked by the local Sheriff as the evacuation turns violent. During the struggle Chris commandeers a jeep and drives out to the ranch, where he finds it destroyed. A mortally wounded Rake warns him of monsters before dying, pointing out their direction at the Arkley Mansion. Chris puts down his racehorse, Lucky, before heading out to investigate.

Chris arrives at the mansion just as Alpha Team arrives, watching through the bushes as they recover Jill's bloody dog-tags. The dogs return to attack Alpha Team, with them losing Joseph Frost and almost Wesker himself. Chris is almost exposed, but takes the opportunity to sneak in through a tunnel to spy on them. Alpha Team enters the mansion, where Wesker explains their mission: they will be entering an underground laboratory complex to rescue Marcus and any other surviving researchers. Wesker splits the team up to search the mansion. His own team finds the body of a man recently killed by Jill in a corridor, though Barry is confused by his necrotic flesh which suggests he were dead far longer than his wounds suggest.

Meanwhile, Ridley disobeys orders and checks out the kitchen, where the tunnel Chris entered leads. The kitchen is decorated with plant-themed wallpaper, but Chris notices that real vines are growing out from somewhere which begin rubbing against him. Ridley is distracted by Chris' attempts to break free of the vines and is mauled by a Zombie security guard, which Chris kills with his Winchester. Rebecca comes in to investigate and spots Chris, who jumps down through a laundry shoot. As other team members arrive, they find the vines trying to drag Ridley away, but when Aiken intervenes they retreat down to a hole.

Back in the corridor, Wesker's team considers the similarities between the man and the dogs outside - that they are different in some way, monstrously resilient and can only be downed with a bullet to the brain. Jill points her gun at Wesker, suspecting he knows exactly what is going on and his refusal to share information led to the demise of her team. When asked how at least she escaped, Jill explains she climbed through a kennel hatch and sealed it up so the dogs could not enter the mansion. Sullivan intervenes in the conversation to alert them to the new situation.

The surviving STARS team regroups in the kitchen. Examining Ridley's body, the size of the bite marks suggests he was mauled by a human rather than a dog. It is as the subject shifts to talk of the vines that Wesker finally reveals their true mission: the mansion houses a laboratory in which viral weapons research is taking place. There was an outbreak, spread by the water supply and is a threat to the team only through biting. They are to rescue Marcus, specifically, as he alone has access information on the treatment. When he is finished, he raises his pistol and shoots at Ridley, who has gotten up and is shambling over to Rebecca.

After jumping down a shoot, Chris is now making his way through a crawl-space used for ventilation; looking down through an opening he finds himself in an animal testing lab in complete disarray. Spotting a man writing on a notepad, Chris calls out to him only to find he has no face and has rotten away, with only a single eye remaining, barely attached. At this moment the STARS team enters the lab and kill the deformed zombie. Chris spots a second Zombie crawling on the floor, headed for Speyer's legs, but when he calls out to them he is mistaken for an attacker and is almost shot by Vickers.

With the vent broken by the gunfire, Chris tries to escape into the next room, falling into an aquarium. The aquarium is populated by six deformed sharks, which Chris tries to scare away with his Winchester; one is superficially injured . He turns around to blast a whole in the aquarium instead, and finds Jill on the other side, having rushed into the room to catch their apparent attacker. The two find the glass is reinforced, but Jill eventually breaks the glass with M-16 fire, and the sharks are killed by the STARS team as the water drains away. The facility's automated systems sound into action, sealing the team in the lab and preventing travel between floors to prevent an outbreak. The attention shifts now to Chris Redfield, who explains he used to play in this mansion as a child and the laboratory was at one point a laundry room. He and Jill argue over their apparently fake relationship, which ultimately saves his life as the summary execution of the trespasser would collapse morale.

While searching the animal testing room, Barry recognises that the faceless Zombie was the Marcus they were looking for. The reason for their mission is now lost, but Wesker refuses to let them leave without an antidote. Vickers finds a map of the facility when investigating a computer, and Wesker determines they must go down three floors to level D. While he gathers any more useful data, Rebecca notices Vickers is bleeding from his foot and attends to him.

Chris leads the STARS team back through the crawl space to evade the lab's lockdown procedures. They make their way above Level B, which houses the lab's mainframe. It is a steep drop with only way back up is to stand on a desk and be pulled in by the others. Intent on releasing the locks, Wesker drops down with Vickers, with Marini and Fox as his protection. While looking through the computer, Vickers spots a video filmed by a woman the day prior, which includes footage of an unseen monster lifting up a man, ripping claws down his back and throwing him across the room. While he watches the video, Zombies begin forcing their way into the mainframe, mauling Fox in the process. Marini helps Vickers into the vent before being rescued himself. Wesker tries to save Fox, but he shoots himself in the head to prevent zombification, and he is dragged up by Barry alone.

Believing the Zombies may be capable of rational thought, Chris becomes distressed at the possibility of them climbing into the vent after them. He jumps down with his Winchester intent on killing the Zombies, but is unable to shoot them, forcing Jill to jump down and cover him, killing two in the process. Pushing the desk away to prevent the zombies from following, they are no longer able to get back up. As the strongest in the team, Barry drops down and physically lifts Jill and Chris up towards the vent where they can be dragged in. As he makes his own attempt to jump for the vent, Barry is grabbed by a Zombie who rips his trousers but fails to maul him as he makes his way into the vent safely.

The team continues on towards a storage area on Level C, and down from a steel access ladder. The whole team use this opportunity to relax for the next five minutes, but with morale falling they begin arguing amongst themselves. Speyer and Marini don't want to be in the lab any longer and would rather head back to the helicopter, which cannot be done without Wesker's access card for the elevator. To prevent this becoming a mutiny, Wesker reveals he has the detonator for a massive bomb built in the lab, powerful enough to destroy everything in a 20-mile radius. Using a complicated dead-man's switch using his pulse reading, should he die unexpected the bomb will detonate prematurely; his survival is crucial for the mission. Wesker is able to stop the team radioing in their helicopter; Laguardia contacts their base asking if she can land to check on the team, but Holden prevents any such attempt, keeping her in the air.

Having diffused the situation, the five minute break ends with Wesker leading the team. They are starting to run low on ammunition, having not planned for their situation, but Wesker would rather they quickly complete the mission than looking around for the ammo storage room. As they make their way through a service corridor, Wesker spots that it requires a blue access card but as he was only provided with a green card they are forced to pry the door open and drag a crate in the way to prevent it from closing.

The team makes their way into the Systems Center, where the facility draws its power from. The room drowns in darkness, forcing the team to rely on the beams of their flashlights. The facility is defended by an elaborate laser grid, which does not appear to be harmful at first. As they make their way through, they are distracted by sounds of machinery. Marini is attacked by a Zombie, who mutilates his face. As he screams in pain, he inadvertently trips the security grid and a jet of highly-acidic steam shoots at him. Marini dies in agony as he is dissolved by the acid. As his body falls, it trips off another laser, which causes minor injury to the team, though a Zombie is killed setting off another. Inspired by Sullivan, the team begins dismantling an air duct to escape the room; although the team is effective against the zombies that continue to enter the room, it is too dangerous to remain. Chris is grabbed by a dying zombie, which melts before his eyes with the flesh of its arm boiling away, and is saved by Jill when the acid cooks his Winchester. Wesker is attacked by a Zombie which results in his detonator is almost destroyed.

The team, minus Marini, make their way into the air duct. Rebecca checks everyone for acid burns. While there, Wesker lets it slip that Raccoon City has been evacuated to prevent the spread of infection with Chris realizing the US Army plan to destroy the area and blame it on a plane crash, and Wesker will have to detonate the facility in order to complete the mission. He tries to break from the team and searches for the bomb on his own, intent on deactivating it to prevent a cover-up. It is here that the air vent is attacked by vines, the same ones encountered in the kitchen.

With the air vent snapping, Chris, Rebecca, Aiken and Sullivan fall into an arboretum, where the plant test subjects were being housed prior to the disaster, including Plant 42. Wesker orders the others - Jill, Speyer, Barry, Vickers and Rodriguez - not to intervene and reasons that if the room is dangerous then they cannot be saved, and should the room be harmless then they will rescue them later. Realising the threat that the plant imposes, Chris' group try to avoid its moving vines and pistils, but Sullivan is soon held in place with his blood is sucked out of his body. Pulling out the cables, Chris tosses them into pool of water Plant 42 drinks from, which gives it an electric shock. Angry at his friend's death, Aiken takes out his knife and swings at the plant, but soon finds himself to be slicing a giant copperhead which was resting underneath. The snake reacts to the wound by turning to bite back, crushing Aiken's ribs before swallowing him whole. With a rope, Chris makes a lasso and uses a ceiling beam, hangs the snake's head up to prevent it moving further. Seeing Aiken is still alive trapped inside the snake, he picks up his discarded knife and begins carving a hole on the snake's body. Aiken is badly wounded and suffers collapsed ribs and acid burns. He begs to be killed to end his pain. The snake meanwhile escapes the rope and sets its attention to Chris, who pulls the pins on Aiken's grenades with the explosion ensure both of their deaths.

Meanwhile, Wesker leaves his group to talk with Holden, who is now in a meeting with other Umbrella officers. He assures them of his impending success. As the others catch-up to him, they find they were being followed by a pack of six Hunters. Despite their ammo shortage, the group opens fire. Chris and Rebecca make their way through another scrawl space and approach the sound of gunfire, but the Hunters are alerted to their presence with one jumping up, attempting to break open their vent. Chris and Rebecca soon catch up and jump down next to Jill. Getting a closer look at the creatures, Chris correctly determines their limbs are their weakness rather than their heads, which Jill finds it to be protected by a metal casing beneath the skin. The Hunters are quickly incapacitated, but not killed. Two of the Hunters charge at the team, with one ripping a hole in Speyer's chest. Rather than attacking the others, the other Hunters begin consuming Speyer's body. A silent alarm is set off which ends with most of them and Speyer fall down a hatch into the room below, where they are destroyed by a grinder.

Still trapped in the corridor, the team is rescued by Ada Wong, the woman whom Vickers saw on the video earlier. She explains she activated the booby trap, but was unfamiliar with the controls so couldn't help them earlier. The team is directed into an office, with the door being sealed to prevent other Hunters catching up. Ada introduces the team to the other surviving scientists - Benjamin and Toshiro - who were rescued by a scientist sacrificing himself by luring Hunters into the same trap. She explains that facility operations were highly compartmentalised, to the extent that Marcus, the lead developer of T-virus, was purposely kept unaware of its bioweapon applications. Wesker is not interested, and demands access to the lab on level D. Rebecca interrupts to warn them of Vickers' deteriorating condition, which he finally admits was from a shark bite. Ada takes out a gun and threatens to kill him.

While Ada is kept at bay, Wesker and Barry head out into Lab D, with Wesker becoming obsessed with recovering the research. In the lab they find the body of a man contained within a glass container, "Tyrant". Wesker is aware of the creature, and explains only the two of them and Holden are aware of it thanks to the outbreak. He brings forward his proposal - that they evacuate with Tyrant and hand it over in exchange for a massive bonus so it can be cloned for the production line. In his moment of triumph, he reveals there is no antidote to T-virus and had made it up to raise morale. The other survivors enter the room where they overheard the proposal. He offers the same to each of the members with anyone who helps him take the Tyrant out gets a cut.

Following a brief debate, Rodriguez and Toshiro join Wesker. Barry remains silent, but Jill reluctantly walks over. This is a trap, however, and Jill rips out the detonator, setting off the bomb's timer. They have only 15 minutes left to escape. With his plans ruined, Wesker initiates a stand-off. He aims his M-16 at Jill, but Barry turns on his friend and aims his own gun at him. Ada runs up and snatches the Tyrant's data disk from his hand; as he turns to kill her, he is knocked down by Jill who kicks him repeatedly the head.

The team has less than fifteen minutes left to escape the lab, but their actions have unintentionally stirred up the Tyrant. As klaxons sound, the lab begins an emergency shut-down to contain it. Rodriguez helps Ada and Benjamin to keep the doors open to let everyone out, but Vickers appears on the other side and mauls Benjamin's neck before being shot dead. Ada is forced to kill Benjamin to prevent his own zombification. The Tyrant breaks a hole in its tank and crushes Toshiro's head while frozen in fear, but is still having trouble freeing itself. As the others escape, Barry offers to stay behind to distract the Tyrant but Wesker arrives and a shoot-out ensues between him and Barry as the others escape; Barry is wounded and Wesker focuses his intention on trying to kill Chris before the doors close. Now trapped in the room with Barry and the Tyrant, he intends to shoot his friend than turning on the Tyrant, but finds himself out of bullets.

Ada, Rodriguez, Rebecca, Jill and Chris make their way up the lab as she directs them to a freight elevator that can be accessed with a red card key. Ada hands over the card, and chooses to stay behind with her role as the last surviving scientist on the project, her death will erase Umbrella's research for good. Chris and Jill try to convince her otherwise and points out that she still has responsibilities to make sure the outbreak doesn't spread.

Back on level D, the Tyrant breaks itself free from the chamber but loses strength in the process. Barry tries firing at the creature. Although Wesker has details on its anatomy, he is convinced of its indestructability and offers no help as he shifts his attention in trying to force the door open by jamming Vickers' boot under.

Chris and the others head through level C where Ada reveals a secret doorway leading to the freight elevator. As they step into the service corridor, they hear moaning echoes from the many Zombies that are still hunting for them. They find the elevator is only designed to transport crates. The elevator which is built like prongs on a forklift truck with each set going up, around the top and back up from the floor. Rebecca and Ada got on first which leaves Chris, Jill and Rodriquez behind to wait for their turn. A mass of twenty or thirty Zombies arrive at the bottom of the corridor, and a firefight ensues. Jill goes on the next prongs, followed by Chris with Rodriguez the last to go as she almost gets dragged down when she aboard the lift.

The Tyrant, starting to regain consciousness and gets ready to begin fighting. Meanwhile, Wesker is still no closer to opening the door with his arm receiving deep cuts as the result. Still confident in making it out, Wesker rushes to a computer and orders it to record T-virus data onto another disc. As Barry prepares to toss a grenade at the Tyrant, Wesker grabs his M16 and shoots him in the gut in an desperate effort to protect the console. The Tyrant runs for Barry's body and inspects it; determining he is dead it loses interest and toss his corpse away. Wesker succeeds in getting a new data disc and rushes back for the door; using his M16 he tries to force the door left slightly opened by Vickers' boot. The door slowly begins to rise, setting off a security alert which distracts the Tyrant and allows Wesker to get through but the Tyrant penetrate its claws through the metal and impale him on the other side. A second stab decapitates Wesker as it destroys the door.

Meanwhile, Chris's group are still ascending the elevator shaft, slowly making their way to level B. Instructed by Ada, they keep their guns ready at all times in case Zombies are on the other side of each corridor. Upon Rebecca's inspection, she finds level B to be cleared of hostile entities but finds the crows have made roof of the area their home. She fires up, killing two birds which fall down the shaft. Ada is hit by one of the carcasses, which falls to hit on Rodriguez as well. More beginning to make their way up from the bottom of the shaft with Rodriguez surrounded and bit on the cheek. The lift begins to break as one of the surviving Hunters has taken notice of the shaft and tries to drag the chain of prongs back down. Rebecca and Ada are able to escape to Level A, but Rodriguez who is closest to the Hunter has to jump down to a lower prong to escape its claws. Before it can grab her, however, the Hunter is impaled by the Tyrant. The Tyrant loses interest in its kill and throws it down the elevator shaft. The Tyrant curiously looks up and spots Rodriguez and stops the chains. Finally, Rodriguez gives up and jumps fully intent on killing herself but the Tyrant catches and crush her to death with its inhuman reflexes

As the rest of the survivors reach level A, they find themselves back in the mansion that Chris recognises. He leads them into an East Indian-style powder room where there is a ceramic tiger head hiding a secret door mechanism, which Chris twists to reveal an new passage. As they make their way out of the mansion, they are spotted by Laguardia, who refuses direct orders not to intervene. Their relief is cut short however when the Tyrant bursts through the wall. Larguadia orders her radio operator to drop a Stinger missile launcher to destroy the creature, while a ladder is dropped quickly to rescue the people on the ground. With the Stinger tossed down, Jill tries firing from the ladder while Chris dodges claw swipes but gives up as she can't get a steady aim. Jill pitches it to Chris, who catches the rocket launcher and fires as the Tyrant stands on top of him. Chris is uninjured as the rocket explodes on its chest.

With the Tyrant dead, Laguardia lower the helicopter, allowing Chris to grab hold of the ladder and be escorted out safety. Under two minutes left. Chris has the helicopter circle over the mansion once more for an full view of Raccoon City and the surrounding countryside, giving him one last look at his home before the mansion explodes, destroying his farm and the city itself.


  • S.T.A.R.S. members:
    • Aiken - Is swallowed by Yawn in the arboretum and is killed when a grenade is set off inside its stomach.
    • Barry Burton - An 18-year Army veteran who fought in Grenada and the Gulf War. He is a childhood friend of Wesker's, but turns against him. Barry is shot, with the Tyrant grabbing his body to examine.
    • Rebecca Chambers - A medic and the youngest member of Alpha Team.
    • DiSimone - a Bravo Team soldier killed by guard dogs outside the mansion.
    • Fox - Shoots himself after being mauled by Zombies in an animal testing lab on Level B.
    • Joseph Frost - Killed by the guard dogs outside the mansion.
    • LaGuardia - Alpha Team's helicopter pilot
    • Marini - Killed by highly corrosive steam which melts his face in the systems center.
    • Radio - The helicopter's radioman, who drops a ladder and the Stinger at the end.
    • Ridley - An Alpha Team member, killed in the kitchen early on.
    • Rosie Rodriguez - Infected at the end and is killed by Tyrant during a suicide attempt.
    • Russo - a Bravo Team soldier killed by guard dogs outside the mansion.
    • Speyer - Killed and eaten by Hunters on the Level C runway. His body falls into a grinder.
    • Sullivan - Is attacked by Plant 42 in the arboretum and has his blood sucked out of him.
    • Jill Valentine - the leader of the S.T.A.R.S. Bravo Team, and Chris' girlfriend. She escapes into the mansion and saves Chris from danger on multiple occasions.
    • Brad Vickers - A Computer expert who is bitten by a Neptune and deteriorates over the course of the film, becoming a Zombie during the climax.
    • Albert Wesker - An Army colonel and CO of S.T.A.R.S. He leads Alpha Team into Raccoon City, and has ties to Umbrella. He is impaled and then decapitated by the Tyrant.
    • Williams - a Bravo Team soldier killed by guard dogs outside the mansion.
  • Benjamin - One of the few surviving researchers found by S.T.A.R.S. He tries to hold the door open so people can escape the "D" lab, but is killed by Vickers.
  • Holden - an Umbrella executive working as a liaison between the Pentagon and Umbrella.
  • John Marcus - The chief researcher at the Arkley Mansion lab, who S.T.A.R.S. is sent in to rescue.
  • Rake - A farmer who runs Chris' ranch. He is killed by zombie dogs, and becomes a Zombie later in the film.
  • Chris Redfield - a ranch owner of Mohawk descent and the supposed protagonist of the film.
  • Toshiro - One of the few surviving researchers found by S.T.A.R.S. - he sides with Wesker in the "D" lab, and is killed first by the Tyrant.
  • Ada Wong - One of the few surviving researchers found by S.T.A.R.S., and John's girlfriend.

Further notes[]

  • The mansion is named after Arkley, an alcoholic beverage bootlegger who built it to use as a safehouse during the Prohibition Era. He was even responsible for the mansion's secret passages.
  • Through the script, there is only the use of colorful magnetic card keys in the Arkley Mansion and the lab.
  • The S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team arrives at the Arkley Mansion in the morning.
  • Chris is a civilian rancher with no relation to S.T.A.R.S. or the RPD. His involvement in the Mansion Incident happens after his ranch is ravaged by zombie dogs and he goes to investigate the mansion on his own.
  • Jill and Chris are romantically involved, but Jill uses this relationship as a cover for her investigation.
  • Barry is described as "a muscular black man, as big as a grizzly, with the heart of a Teddy".
  • Barry and Wesker are childhood friends.
  • Plant 42 roars like a lion, more specifically the MGM's mascot.
  • The Hunters are described as "ape-like... and lizard-like... with ferocious eyes that glare from beneath an insect- like carapace...". They are capable of climbing walls and have metal armour grafted onto them beneath a synthetic skin.
  • The Yawn is a failed T-Virus experiment on a copperhead snake left to reside in the greenhouse with Plant 42.
  • Ada Wong is altruistic, having once believed the research on t-Virus would be beneficial to mankind.
  • The Tyrant is encased in a frozen tube. Its exposed heart is an implant from rhinoceros.
  • The Arkley Lab explosion also takes down Chris' ranch and Raccoon City, already evacuated but occupied by some zombies.
  • Forest Speyer mentions George A. Romero's Night of the Living Dead movie, admitting knowledge about zombie horror fiction.
  • The script dialogue often makes jokes about the expression "So... we live here now", Rosie Rodriguez's catchphrase


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