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Resident Evil is a German-American television series created by Andrew Dabb and Martin Moszkowicz of Constantin Television. The series is set in its own continuity separate from either the previous Anderson film series or the 2021 film Welcome to Raccoon City.[3] the setting of the series being the lead-up and the years after a global T-Virus pandemic.[4] The series revolves around Billie and Jade, half-twin sisters created as part of a secret project by their adopted father, Albert Wesker. It consists of eight 60 minute episodes, filming for which began in February 2021 and wrapped in July,[5] The overall budget of the series was $80 million.[6] On August 27, Netflix announced the series would not be renewed for a second season.[7]

Plot summary[]

"Nearly three decades after the discovery of the T-virus, an outbreak reveals the Umbrella Corporation's dark secrets. Based on the horror franchise."
— The official Netflix summary from August.

The series' main plot is spread out over two periods in time - 2022 and 2036, separated by a gap of some 14 years.[5] The "past" plotline deals with the struggles of 14 year old half-twins Billie and Jade Wesker, adopted children raised by Al Wesker, an Umbrella senior researcher. Their lives take a dramatic turn when Al is transferred to the company's headquarters in New Raccoon City, South Africa, a planned community entirely under the control of the company. While there the two girls stumble onto the dark secrets behind Umbrella's dark legacy after Billie falls sick after an animal attack. Al meanwhile is dealing with a T-virus outbreak in Tijuana and the launch of the new drug, Joy.

In the present of 2036, the virus has long since spread across the world, mutating most of the population into creatures called "Zeroes". Human civilization has been reduced to tens of millions of refugees living in a series of isolated city states, with the most powerful remnant being controlled by Umbrella's paramilitary. Billie and Jade have spent the pandemic living separately, with Jade fleeing to Europe and becoming a leading expert on Zero biology and Billie growing up in Umbrella's domain. While Jade has long believed her sister to be dead, Billie has risen to a senior rank within the corporate hierarchy and is involved in a global manhunt for Jade.


Actor Character
Siena Agudong Billie Wesker (2022)
Tamara Smart Jade Wesker (2022)
Ella Balinska Jade Wesker (2036)
Adeline Rudolph Billie Wesker (2036)
Lance Reddick Albert Wesker
Paola Núñez Evelyn Marcus
Connor Gosatti Simon Marcus
Ella Zieglmeier Bea
Ahad Raza Mir Arjun Batra
Turlough Convery Richard Baxter
Pedro De Tavira Angel Rubio
Ayushi Chhabra Dr. Amrita Singh
Anthony Oseyemi Roth
Candice van Litsenborgh Mother Zero
Haseena Allie Tammy Isaacs
Matt Newman Mark
Danny Ross Paolo
Bjorn Steinbach Felix Mort


A total of eight episodes were made, directed in four production blocks by Bronwen Hughes, Rob Seidenglanz, Batán Silva and Rachel Goldberg. Writing for the series was handled by Andrew Dabb, Mary Leah Sutton, Jeffrey Howard and Kerry Williamson. Young Adult novelists Tara Knight and Alex Brown were assistants to Dabb.

No. Title Writer Director Airdate
1 Welcome to New Raccoon City Andrew Dabb Bronwen Hughes 14 July 2022
2 The Devil You Know Mary Leah Sutton Bronwen Hughes 14 July 2022
3 The Light Shane Frank and Garett Pereda Rob Seidenglanz 14 July 2022
4 The Turn Kerry Williamson Rob Seidenglanz 14 July 2022
5 Home Movies Lindsey Villarreal Rachel Goldberg 14 July 2022
6 Someone's Little Girl Jeff Howard Batán Silva 14 July 2022
7 Parasite Mary Leah Sutton Batán Silva 14 July 2022
8 Revelations Tara Knight & Andrew Dabb Rachel Goldberg 14 July 2022



Resident Evil: (Soundtrack from the Netflix Series) features the show's original scores composed by Gregory Reverent with collaboration from Deadmau5 followed by singer Wikipedia:Skylar Grey Skylar Grey. The soundtrack was released on July 15, a day after the show's release, by Milan Records.

The show also features the use of several songs not included on the score, including (arranged by chronological appearance):

Artist Song
Billie Eilish Oxytocin
Ghost Faith
Best Frenz Ugly Ending
Two Feet Devil
George William Cooke I've Got the Joy Joy Joy Joy Joy In My Heart
X Ambassadors Beautiful Liar
Sex Pistols Bodies
Halsey The Tradition
Mazzy Star Into Dust
(Rag 'n' Bone Man cover) Human
Aespa Next Level
Dua Lipa Don't Start Now
Jamiroquai Feels Just Like It Should
Conan Gray Maniac
Reuben and the Dark ft. Frederik Thae Out of My Mind
Broods Piece of My Mind
Ludwig van Beethoven Moonlight Sonata
Yonaka Get Out
Ludwig van Beethoven Symphony No. 5
Jagged Edge ft. Nelly Where the Party At
deadmau5 ft. Skyler Grey My Heart Has Teeth
Yelle Noir
Dua Lipa Don't Start Now
Perfume Genius On The Floor
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Queen of the Night aria Die Zauberflöte, K. 620, Act II: Der Hölle Rache kocht in meinem Herzen
Billie Eilish When I Was Older




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