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Resident Evil is a 2002 Horror film starring Milla Jovovich (Alice), Michelle Rodrigue (Rain), and Eric Mabius (Matt). The film was written and directed by Paul W.S. Anderson. It is the first film in the Resident Evil film series. This Resident Evil movie holds a higher than average 6.6/10 on IMDB; this is the highest rating in the series.


The Umbrella Corporation is the most powerful and influential commercial entity in the world. It holds its public dealings in medicine and health care. Secretly however, it holds its goldmine in military applications and bioweaponry.

Beneath Raccoon City is a secret underground lab, The Hive, owned by Umbrella for viral research and development. After a viral weapon known as the T-virus escapes into the air vents and infects the scientists working there, the Red Queen, a massive supercomputer running all electronic units in the Hive, seals them in and eradicates everyone to keep the virus from spreading.

Five hours later, Umbrella's biohazard team arrives to shut the Red Queen down and escape with their lives.


Note: Names are presented in the credits' Order of Appearance. Names provided in the DiCandido novelizations will not supersede.

Character Actor/Actress
Mr. Grey Ryan McCluskey
Mr. Red Oscar Pearce
Ms. Black Indra Ové
Dr. Green Anna Bolt
Dr. Blue Joseph May
Dr. Brown Robert Tannion
Lisa Heike Makatsch
Clarence Jaymes Butler
Mr. White Stephen Billington
Ms. Gold Fiona Glascott
Alice Milla Jovovich
Matt Eric Mabius
One Colin Salmon
Kaplan Martin Crewes
J.D. Pasquale Aleardi
Rain Michelle Rodriguez
Medic Liz May Brice
Commando 1 Torsten Jerabek
Commando 2 Marc Logan-Black
Spence James Purefoy
Red Queen Michaela Dicker
Unnamed doctor Jason Isaacs
Narrator (uncredited) Jason Isaacs


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