Translation errors
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Below is a list of various translation errors and deliberate alterations made by the localisation team working on Resident Evil 0.


The "Billy's Memory 1" and "Rebecca Rescue 2" cutscenes contradict one another due to alterations made in the script. In the context of the two, Billy's Marine unit suffered casualties from the spread of a jungle disease as well as attacks by guerrillas, and concluded with their CO ordering the massacre of a village. In the English localisation, the disease is replaced with heatstroke. The localisation of "Rebecca Rescue 2" suggests there were no guerrillas at all - contradicting Billy's earlier claim some of the men were felled by them - rather than the village not being the guerrillas' camp.

The Queen Leech speech at the end of the game was altered. In the original script, he proclaims that the world shall "burn in the fires of hell" as part of his vengeance on Umbrella. In the localisation, he instead proclaims it to "burn in an inferno of hate".[excerpt 1] This was likely deliberate to avoid offending Christian fundamentalists in the West. In the same speech, he states that it took "many years" for the Queen Leech/Marcus fusion to be complete. It was instead changed to the more-specific "ten years".[excerpt 2] In addition, during the Delta Team cutscene, the localisation had Birkin directly mention the Ecliptic Express when expressing confusion on the spread of the t-Virus, when in the original script, it was implied he had been referring to the train the whole time.


The file, Marcus' Diary 1 was altered in its September 19 entry, departing noticeably. Whereas the original text described Marcus' thoughts on developing new viral strains through the Progenitor Virus, with the t-Virus serving as a successful example of an improved mutation to Progenitor, the translation simply announces his successful development of the t-Virus, adding in that the "t" stands for "Tyrant", a fact that did not appear in the original text (though was confirmed elsewhere). Marcus confirms having used leech DNA in his virus development in both.

There was confusion over the list of inmates in the Correctional Institute Inmates List. S. Clarke became "A. Clarke".


  1. Excerpt from "biohazard 0":
    I vowed to take revenge on Umbrella. I'll bring evil onto this world, and everything will burn in the fires of hell! (私はアンブレラに復讐を誓ったのだ / この世に災いをもたらし… 全てを地獄の炎で 焼き尽くしてやろうとな! Watashi wa anburera ni fukushū o chikatta noda / konoyo ni wazawai o motarashi… subetewo jigoku no honō de yaki tsukushite yarou to na?)
  2. Excerpt from "biohazard 0":
    But... a miracle happened. With the t-Virus, the Queen Leech breathed new life into me over the years. (だが…奇跡は起こった / 女王ヒルの持つt-ウィルスが 長い年月を掛けて 私に新しい命を吹き込んだのだ Daga… kiseki wa okotta / joō hiru no motsu t - u~irusu ga nagai nengetsu o kakete watashi ni atarashī inochi o fukikonda noda?)
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