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The game was well received by critics and has sold 1.25 million copies worldwide.[15] However, this didn't stop criticism from being a regular occurrence. Mark MacDonald of felt that the series had become a cliché of predictability, with "crate-pushing puzzles" and the "self-destruct countdown during the final boss fight" already appearing in earlier titles, coupled with a "lame" backstory. Regardless, the work done by the backgrounds team was praised along with Zero's item-dropping feature, achieving a "B+" ranking.[5] Giancarlo Varanini of GameSpot put much time to discussing the player-zapping feature and, while pointing out its successes in strategy and in puzzle solving, he believed that "the mechanic [didn't] really feel very innovative or interesting", mostly describing its uses as puzzle-related, though based around keeping one character stood still or sending items up a dumb-waiter to the other. As with MacDonald's review, Varanini criticised the puzzle-planning further, noting similarities to those of previous titles.[11]


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