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The Resident Evil 2 remake is a re-imagination[1][2] of the original PlayStation console release in 1998, completely rebuilt from the ground up.

There are no loading screens in the game apart from the first build up; it's all in one seamless experience.

Camera & Character controlEdit

The game uses the same over-the-shoulder view from Resident Evil 4 through Resident Evil 6 which is dubbed as "Behind View" here, but mixed all three game's mechanics into one.

For instance, the character control resembles that of Resident Evil 6, with the player being able to move freely toward any direction without needing to face it first. The player can also move while aiming but that will increase the weapon's spread, although some of the weapons are exempt from this mechanic.[3]

Inventory & Resources ManagementEdit

The game uses the RE Engine, which is the same engine that was created and used to develop Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. Not only are the graphics in both games similar, but its UI and even item design have a striking resemblance. For example, the Handgun Ammo icon in the remake uses the same model that was used in RE7.

Inventory StorageEdit
RE2make knife mechanic

The knife can be used as a defensive weapon similar to Resident Evil (2002) and can also be acquired back if the enemy is defeated.

The inventory in the game is similar to Resident Evil 7: Biohazardwhich start out with 8 slots but can be expanded to the maximum of 20 slots by collecting the Pouch scattered throughout the game. 

Ammo no longer stacks up to 255 as the original, each of ammo type have the maximum stacks of their own. For example, Handgun ammo only stacks up to 60 bullets per slot.

The Item box returns from previous game to store the items.

Health & healing itemsEdit

In general, the healing mechanic is similar to its original counterpart. A new herb combination is available in the game: Red Herb + Blue Herb. This gives the character invulnerability to poison and makes their defenses stronger until the effect wears off.[4]

Game SavingEdit

The game can be saved without using Ink Ribbons. However, higher difficulties will behave like the original game where Ink Ribbons must be used in order to save.[5]

Windows Boarding Edit

A new gameplay mechanic that wasn't featured in the original Resident Evil 2 but is similar to the one in Resident Evil Outbreak File #2 "Desperate Times" scenario is the inclusion of Wooden Boards. These boards can be used on windows to block zombies from passing through them, and there are several throughout the game that can become quite handy once the player knows which windows spawns zombies when they walk by them and when the zombies would break in.

Weapon Parts UpgradeEdit

The weapon are upgradable by finding weapon parts as the game progressed, they can be added in or removed by player's choice. 

Gun powders

A mechanic return from Resident Evil 3, it doesn't require a Reloading Tool to make ammo however. Player simply have to combine two gunpowders item together. The outcome depends on the type of gunpowder.

Combat MechanicEdit

As with Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, a lot of the action aspects of RE4-6 have been toned down or completely removed from the combat system. For example, the player cannot melee zombies after stunning them or putting them on the ground.


Weapon are scattered in the map, some would requires player to solve a puzzle to get them. There're some unlockable weapons in game as well as DLC weapons available for purchasing on the stores.

Defensive weapon

Another feature based on an earlier Resident Evil game is the return of defensive items. If the character is grabbed by an enemy and they have a defensive weapon in their inventory, a prompt will show up on-screen and if pressed the item will be used as a defense weapon which takes the enemy off of the player. The defanse weapons are equipped without going into the inventory menu provided there's no previously equipped defensive item before it.

There're currently two types of defensive weapon: Knives and grenades.

Also See: Combat Knife (RE2_remake)

The knife also has a new gameplay mechanic with a durability rate, similar to the non-knife, melee objects used in Resident Evil Outbreak and Resident Evil Outbreak File #2. In the inventory screen, below the knife icon, there is a small gauge that represents how much the current knife has been used. Once the gauge is empty, the knife will break and a new one needs to be acquired.  However, in this game, the knife can always be acquired back by killing the enemy that was stabbed and interacting with it, something that wasn't always possible in the other remake.

There's a special knife with unlimited use if player fulfil the game requirement. 

Also see: Hand Grenade and Flash Grenade

There're two types of grenade in this game: Flash grenade and Hand Grenade.

Grenades are perished upon use, when using as defensive items, their blast is reduced to affect on the the grabbing enemy. There's only a limited supply of them in game. While Hand Grenade can instant kill most of enemies in its blast. The flash grenades only disable the enemies for a short while.


Compared to the original, no new enemy is made in this reimagination. However, their gameplay mechanic are heavily altered. In general, most enemies can grab and attack the player. When the character is being grabbed, the camera will zoom into them.


The zombies are also a bit different from past games. They have more health and are able to get up multiple times after lying on the ground for a while. They don't spawn a small pool of blood when dead anymore and if they detect the player, they are able to chase the character from room to room.

Crawling zombies are also less, but are still dangerous to the player. When grabbed by the feet, character doesn't stomp/kick their heads like in the original game, and will just kick them out instead.Also, if not taking action seriously, the crawling zombie is able to pull the character down with them, make it harder to push them out. 

RE2 remake tearing off limb

An example of tearing off a zombie's limbs.

Thanks to the RE Engine, features such as photorealistic visuals are possible; enemies react in real time taking instant visible damage, limbs can be ripped off of enemies and the character shows bite marks when they take damage.

Similar to Resident Evil 0, more than one zombie can grab the player at a time. 


Lickers also return, they detect players by sound and too fast to outrun. As a result, it is recommended to sneak past them. Some weapons are designed to reduce the sounds and can be take advantaged of to distract them from the player.  

Ivy ZombiesEdit

Ivy zombies gameplay is unique is that once grabbed, without defensive item, the character will be killed instantly. It's recommend to keep distance from them. They can only also be killed completely by burning with the incendiary weapon like flamethrower or Fire rounds.


This creature is now able to poison the character. Their weakness is on the eyeball like William Birkins. Unlike the original, in which it is only a sub-boss, this creature is now prominent enemies.

The TyrantEdit

The T-103 Tyrant, dubbed unoffically as Mr.X by fans, return with a new mechanic as pursuer to the player. He can't be killed, but can be temporarily disabled when enough damage is done on him. He will continously pursue the player once encountered. The player will be alerted by his heavy footstep when he's nearby.

Map Navigation & ExplorationEdit

Playable character uses a flashlight that behaves similarly to that of Resident Evil: Revelations. It will turn on automatically when the player gets to a darker place, and turns off by itself when the player is in a brighter environment. The flashlight cannot be manually turned on or off by the player. Both Leon and Claire can physically hold a flashlight similar to that of the scrapped Resident Evil 3.5; additionally, having the flashlight on won't stop the character from aiming their weapon, even if they are using a bigger weapon such as a shotgun or grenade launcher.

The layout of the maps have also been changed and even brand new areas have been added while also remixing item locations. Both veterans and new-comers alike will have their share of new challenges and scares.

Most enemies can pursue you from room to room. Only some rooms or area are flagged as "safe" when it's for saving or having important puzzles, even the Tyrant cannot enter these rooms and will leave once they player enter the room.

Other gameplay element

Difficulties modes Edit

There thre difficulty modes: Amateur, Standard and Hardcode. 

  • Enemies are tougher in harder difficulties.
  • Saving is limited.
  • Ammo and Health Items are scarer.
  • There is no change in puzzles between these modes.
Extra modes Edit

There is a 2nd scenario available after the first one is finished, the differences are the represent of a new type of handgun, item placement, puzzle solution, the starting point and ending point of gameplay. Plotwise, The Zapping is no longer take account. The other character experience the same event no matter what was previously done in the 1st screnario.

The 4th Survivor and The Tofu Survivor are also unlockable in this game[6] after the main game is completed.

There are a free update called "The Ghost Survivor", they have some unique gameplay as new enemy types appears.

Premium featureEdit

One of the features from the Deluxe Edition, Collector's Edition and Premium Edition of the game is a "Soundtrack Swap" option where the game can be played with the original game's soundtrack. 

Another feature that is purchasable on the store was to unlock the all of the unlockable weapons.


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